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Category: Romance
Annie Wembley had a plan. She hadn't spent years working at Gardenia just to be a secretary to Jeremy White, whom she viewed as arrogant, corrupt, and inhumane.

Nursing a grudge, she seized an opportunity when Trent Mars, a rival of Jeremy's, offered her substantial pay to gather intelligence on Gardenia Inc. Annie took the job earnestly, aiming to bring down her boss and his company.

What Annie hadn't anticipated was falling deeply in love with Jeremy during her mission to seduce him and extract information. She grapples with conflicting feelings of betraying her cause and uncertainty about whether Jeremy is truly as cold-hearted as she had believed.

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නෙත්සර||(non-fic bl) [ONHOLD]

"වෙල් ඩන් නෙතුෂ.." අකීල් කිව්වේ ශේක් හෑන්ඩ් කරන ගමන්.. අනේ ඒත් මට වචන එන්නේ නෑ.. මම ඇස්වල සතුටු කඳුළු පුරවන් එයා දිහා බලාන හිටියා.."හේයි.. මං දන්නවා ඔයාට හැපී කියලා.. ඒත් අඩන්න එපා.. කදුලු ඔය ලස්සන ඇස් වලට ගැලපෙන්නෑ සුදු මැණික.."අකීල් මගේ කදුළු දැකලා අල්ලන් හිටපු මගේ අත එයාගේ මහපට ඇගිල්ලෙන් යාන්තමට අතගාන ගමන් එහෙම කිව්වා..ඒ අන්තිමට කිව්ව දේ මැච් එක වින් කරාට වඩා මාව ෂොක් කරා.. ඒ උනාට මට එයාට ඒක පෙන්නන්න ඕන උනේ නෑ.."තැන්කිව්.." ●සාරන්‍ය අකීල් සූරියසිංහ ○නෙතුෂ රෙයාන් සමරදිවාකර ~ඔයත් එනවද, මාත් එක්ක.. ඔවුන්ගේ මගහැරුණු සොදුරුතමයන් නැවත එක්වෙන හැටි බලන්න...~#නෙත්සර#
The Queen's king |✔️

Chitra, has always been the forgotten princess, neither the king nor the kingdom remembers her, probably as her mother was never a royal. Her life was never peaceful with all the royal drama in it and all she ever dreams is an escape from this palace and the love and respect she never got.Arjuna, king of a strong and powerful kingdom Abhiras. All he ever requires is power and prosperity of his kingdom and love? Such words doesn't exist in his life. But the kingdom requires a Queen and he requires a queen as powerful as him. With a greater love comes the strongest weakness. A story of true love of a forgotten princess and a valorous king, can their love withstand the palace politics? Can the princess prove herself to be righteous and a brave queen? ~•~#2 in Historical Fiction ( 5-9-2020 )#1 in India (15-8-2020)#1 in WattpadIndia (9-8-2020)#2 in husband ( 4-5-2020 )#2 in Wife ( 13-6-2020 )#3 in Indian ( 5-6-2020 )
Older Brothers | ✓

When the fierce and bitchy Lila Alfonso is suddenly thrown into the custody of her five elder brothers, will she be able to forget the past differences and live like a perfect family or will her exceptionally big ego ruin it like always?
Paper Dolls

When the most popular Kpop idol on the planet falls to her death, an aspiring singer is thrown into the spotlight, attracting the attention of an obsessive fan who claims to know the truth.***Kpop girl group Sweet Poison is undeniably the biggest girl group in the world, and lead singer Dalia the most popular idol on the planet. But at the peak of her career, no one expects the idol to throw herself off a thirty story building on what will become a historic day in entertainment history. Ruled as a suicide, her death shocks the industry and millions mourn the unexpected demise of their favourite celebrity. Just as suddenly, trainee Kang Jina is thrown into the spotlight when her childhood association with Dalia is leaked to the media.Stifled by the newfound attention and stress of her debut, Jina feels as though she'll drown under all the pressure. That is until she receives a most shocking letter from Dalia's sassaeng (obsessive fan) claiming that she was murdered instead.
stray kids Little space

boy x boy Little space - self harm (few)- fluff- angst - cursing
Three Dots (A Continuation of AGGGTM)

A continuation of A Good Girls Guide to Murder (cuz Mrs. Holly Jackson three dots is in fact of a cliffhanger) Pippa Fitz-Amobi has spend the past two years in isolation. Alone in her dorm room, she waits for the moment the bomb ticks off, exposing her truth. When the news of Max Hastings verdict breaks through, she can finally breath again, the taint secrets of her past disappear, revealing new fabricated truths. A text from Ravi is all she needs to find herself back in her hometown. But how safe can the town that once left Pip's life in pieces be? !T.W.! Mentions of murder, death, blood, drugs and guns Swear words (Pls note that I do not own these characters or the original plot lines. They are all works of the wonderful Holly Jackson) *Spoilers from all three books* Enjoy!
Stubborn and the Mutt

Copyrighted 2023A stubborn brown girl who wants nothing to do with him, and will make sure he knows just how much she despises boys. A white mutt who wants everything to do with her, and will make sure she knows just how much he will have her as his mate.(experimental book; there will be a lot of mixed emotions from the audience)Started:3 Jan '23Ended:22 Nov '23

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June's just had the best six months of her life. Six months without any inkling of the supernatural, that is until the night before senior year is to start. An unexpected attack the night of Senior Scribe brings a slew of teenage disappearances and a supposed old friend, along with a team of doctors that June isn't quite sure have any up-to-date medical degrees. June just hopes that her friends, her boyfriend, and her magic are enough to get her to the other side of senior year. More importantly, she hopes she doesn't lose her mind in the process.Season 5 of Teen Wolf

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FAST AND FUTURE - George Russell

|| completed || "He is good for her, and she has no idea the effect she has on him."George Russell x Daniella Michaels (OC)In the series/AUs1. Race - Lando Norris (2021 season)2. Race 2 - Max Verstappen (2022 season)3. And It Continues (sequel pf Race 2) (2022 season)4. Fast And Future - George Russell (2024 season)

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We all know of the movie Suicide Squad, but do you know the Lyrics to the songs. All the song Lyrics of the Album in one place.

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Alive or just breathin'

Bin ich am leben oder atme ich nur und lebe vor mich hin? Diese Frage stelle ich mir jeden Tag. Was hat das Leben für einen Sinn, wenn ich nichts oder niemanden habe, für das oder den es sich das Leben lohnt. Dabei geht es nicht um Suizidgedanken, sondern darum, dass viele - auch ich- das Glück in der Zukunft suchen und nicht im Hier und Jetzt glücklich sind. Man meint erst glücklich sein zu können, wenn man einen Freund oder sein Abiutur hat. Aber ist das Warten, bis man bei einem bestimmten Punkt angelangt ist der Sinn des Lebens? Was ist mit den Tagen, die sich vor diesem bestimmten Punk liegen? Sollen wir sie ausnutzen und leben oder ist das verschwendete Zeit? Und wer garantiert uns, dass wenn wir an diesem bestimmten Punkt angelangt sind, dass wir dann glücklich sind?Um dieses Thema geht es in meinem Buch. Ich will euch eine Geschichte der 16 jährigen Lucy erzählen.

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The Bro Code (Wattpad Books Edition)

WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION.Some rules were made to be broken.As a certified stand-up bro, Nick Maguire knows that some things in life are sacred: Do not skip ab workouts. Never back down from spicy foods. And always accept the outcome of Rock, Paper, Scissors. For these are the revered doctrines of The Bro Code, rules of conduct that have been passed down through the ages from bro to bro. Heading into his senior year, Cassidy High's star soccer player has his priorities straight and intends to spend his time playing sports, hanging out, and living by the code. But when his best bro Carter's sister Eliza returns from studying overseas, the awkward, academic girl Nick remembers is different. Carter might be Nick's bro, but Eliza becomes his whole world-and he has to make a choice between them. Is being with the girl of your dreams worth breaking the most important rule: never date your best friend's sister? Somehow, Nick never expected that following The Bro Code may have even bigger consequences than breaking it.

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son of chaos - changing destiny

AU set after the titan war. Percy is betrayed by everyone he knows except a few. An ancient being offers him a chance to relive his life and to take revenge on all those who wronged him. This is a Pertemis

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The Seventh Tale: Never Fallen

Passing through the ashes of an as if enchanted library after her dreams crushed right in front of her, Phoenix finds herself stuck between the pages of a vintage book-somehow quite literally.Discouragement, sorrow, and betrayal, yet she's the queen, the seventh tale-therefore, she shall not be fallen.Written by Amethyst: Stars Ambassadors in celebration for the 19th Monthsary of Writers High. All rights reserved. Writers High 2022

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[Fanfic] Cảm ơn vì đã đến bên anh

7 năm ở cùng nhau trong cô nhi viện...5 năm sau chúng ta lại gặp nhau, nhưng khoảng cách giữa 2 chúng ta lại là quá lớn, ở 2 thế giới hoàn toàn khác nhauAnh là Jeon Jungkook-thành viên của 1 nhóm nhạc toàn cầu BTSCòn em chỉ là 1 người hầu cho gia đình khá giả và bị mọi người xung quang kì thị.....Sau 4 năm trở về, liệu khoảng cách giữa 2 người có thu hẹp

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