The Insult book

The Insult book

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Based on true events...

Have you ever got insulted? The embarassment and humiliation found its pages now. Flip the pages... To find a compilation of insults. It NEVER meant, this book is gonna entertain you. Be aware.

Some content may be voilation for certain readers. Go further with your own consent.

Until then, wait for an insult.

@The Insult book

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**Third book of the Gift Chronicles. Direct sequel to the Alpha and the Vigilante. Takes place during the same time as ONYX**••• When the Moon Goddess created the first werewolves, she split one soul between the two of them, thus creating a perfect soulmate for every werewolf thereafter, known as their mate. Upon the birth of a werewolf, she assigns them with a supernatural ability, known as their Gift•••Three months after the scarring events in "The Alpha and the Vigilante", Ares and Cain struggle to return to normalcy. Ares' trauma is fresh, as is Cain's thirst for vengeance. While they deal with the threat of impending war and old enemies, they also grapple with being the challenges that come with being mates.
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it's about The iris attack the solar system when iris captured Neptune be his servant after iris control Neptune. After that iris saying what words Neptune will listen iris permission .

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Tae : i guess you like it when i call you wifey.. good name isn't it ?Y/n : HELL No !! Oh.. s-sorry i didn't meant to raise my voice. I mean.. don't call me that.Tae : what ? Wifey ?Y/n : hmm..Tae : then that's what i am calling you from now on.. wifey !She is so flustered right now that she isn't even looking in front . I secretly let out a smile took a look at her and again focused on driving.When i realised, what am i doing. No... She is doing something to me....A story where Y/n, who is just 17, was forced to marry Kim taehyung, the cold CEO of kim enterprises. Read to know their story as they live their married life. ...warning -Mention of blood, suicide and gore.Mention of Intimacy.#27 fanfiction#8 taehyung#4 kim taehyung#8 Jungkook#65 btsscenarios#80 btsfanfic#120 lisa
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The reader wakes up to a new life as a monster skeleton. In a new world, that's filled with monsters, humans, and magic. But instead of living their new life to the fullest, they will have to survive Gaster's experiments and war with humans. Just because Asgore became mad for absolute control over his citizens and the humans. Will the reader and his brothers find their freedom and a place to call home or die trying?
الكُوخ +18 || تَّ،كُ

كيم تايهيونغ و جيون جونغكوك يقرران بشكل رسمي الإستقرار معا ، بعيدا عن صخب المدينة وذلك بشراء كوخ لطيف في منطقة سيكويا بشمالي كاليفورنيا !ماذا إن تحولت حياتهما الهادئة إلى أكثر كابوس مرعب ؟المسيطر : كيم الخاضع : جيونالمحتوى مثلي ، رومنسي ، رعب ، عنف ، غير مناسب للبعض !كل الحقوق محفوظة @Vkohae
My Step Uncle!!!

*sneak peak* I can't help it, he is so hot. This story will have a lot of smut.
Wicked in Love

In a sick way, I prefer nightmares. I hate good dreams because I know when I wake up, she won't be there. Book 3 in the In Love SeriesORDER OF BOOKSSpitfire in LoveReckless in LoveWicked in Love

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Arion, a servant in the Loridus Castle lives as usual as a servant. Until, he found a glistering, dark stone.

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CHAELISA- Another Chance At Love

Park Chaeyoung is a 24 year old, unhappy, pre-med student struggling to pay her rent. When one day she fell through her mirror and experienced her life in another universe. Would she pursue the woman of her dreams and live the life she always wanted?Note: I have everything planned out so the chapters will come out fairly quickly but I might adjust according to you guys! <3Enjoy!

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George goes to a flower shop to get orchids for his mother for Mother's Day. But he meets someone... Someone who is very pretty!-------------------------------This is a Dreamnotfound fanfiction. Again, this is a FANFICTION. This does not mean that Dream and Georgenotfound are in a romantic relationship! This is not related to the DreamSMP lore in any way!------------------------------Inspired by @astr0nomika and her story, "Flowers from 1970." If the author doesn't want me to have any of the references made in this book in it, I will take them out!

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[ CURRENTLY AIRING: EPISODE 3 ] 0 out of 36 slots remaining a survival show applyfic all about different girl group concepts!36 girls, each sorted into whatever their strongest concept is will compete to make it into one multi-faceted girl group!This applyfic will not have group missions and will be easier on your time

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