the cursed forest

the cursed forest

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Category: Adventure
Emilina is a 15 year old who one day moves to a new town that her mom used too grown up in but she fled when she was only 17 , when she starts too unravel the secrets of the town and the the very creepy forest that is magical with fae, curses and a high court that hates her, and someone wants her powers to unlock the secrets that have have been hidden for almost twenty years.

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Every generation two lycans are born. One boy and one girl. They are more powerful than other lycans. They are always twins. This is why the are usually killed at birth. They have the ability to turn at will. If a lycan is strong enough to kill them they become the alpha and they also take on their ability. Sapphire is one of those lycans who has been kept hidden for years but now she must go out in search for the twin she never knew she had, matters become complicated when she meets Chad a lycan who has been sent to kill her... Can she find her twin before it's too late?

In his former life, Sun Bohai was an omega who couldn't reproduce. Since society believed that an omega's only function was to reproduce, it was genuinely ironic. It was found that his hormones were the source of the issues. He suffered from PCOS, a condition that disrupts hormone balance. He was a highly rare case and couldn't be healed since PCOS was common among betas but rare among omegas. Because hormones were like a live source for omega, his health soon declined, and he passed away on a rainy day alone.He thought he had died, but instead, he woke up in the body of Luo Xiu, a ger in ancient china. Luo Xiu had just married over as a second wife and a stepmother.But before he even had the time to panic a system suddenly introduced himself. With no choice, he could only accept and move forward for both his and the children's survival.With the father absent, the paternal family ignorant, and Sun Bohai who was like an alien in ancient china how will they survive?Cover done by: @Veleon
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When devastating circumstances caused Scarlett Hudson to leave her home town she never imagined that another tragedy would force her to return three years later and the past she had tried so desperately to bury would start clawing its way out. If all that wasn't enough, her former bestfriend Hunter Adams, the person whose betrayal had cut her the deepest three years ago, seems hell bent on doing everything in his power to win her trust again.As secrets from the past begin to unravel Scarlett is forced to question everything she once believed in.
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Kim Taehyung is the charming basketball captain of Kirin boys high with the record for dating the most number of girls in a year. However, now he seems to be genuinely in love with an artistic girl from the nearby high school named Kim Ara, whom he follows on a summer art camp to the national park. But, at the camp, he happens to meet another girl, Choon Hee, who he soon finds out is not a girl. He is just about to reveal the impostor named Jeon Jungkook to everyone, when he notices the boy's big doe eyes and his cute bunny teeth. From that moment on, things started to change for Taehyung.A Taekook FF
turning 21 (Completed)

8th Poetry Anthologyhere are the poems I wrote as I take a step further away from my youthful days. my 8th anthology... turning 21 🤍✨Date Published: April 21, 2024
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"I still don't see why we can't just say vampire"Steph focused him with an exasperated glare."Because vampires are mythical creatures of dark magic. We're real creatures and there's no such thing as magic, dark or otherwise." A vampiric, blood-thirsty serial killer is stalking the streets of Redgate and the only ones with a chance of stopping them are other creatures of the night. Vic is brand new to the world of Chiros, but he has already found himself embroiled in a hunt for a supernatural murderer. With the help of Steph, a seasoned detective who constantly finds herself at odds with those in power, Vic will have to navigate blood-sucking politicians, spies and painful memories in order to track down a killer before an army of vampires are unleashed on the city.
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Crown Prince Min Ji, a fervent archer, ventures out during a lantern festival for an archery competition in disguise as Hong Jin Gi. He faces and defeats Tzu Yu, who wrongly orders the capture an innocent spectator Han Ni, daughter of the Right State Councillor. Min Ji intervenes to save her. Fate reunites them when Min Ji, investigating food shortages, encounters Han Ni again. Bonding over their shared passion for archery since childhood, they find love amidst royal duties and societal expectations.Disclaimer:This work is a fictional story set in the historical Joseon era. While inspired by historical contexts, it is a product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to real persons or events is coincidental. The story should be regarded as a work of fiction rather than a factual account of historical events.
Untitled Anthology for the 20 somethings

Moulding myself into something I'm not. a love letter to all the sweetly gorey things and afflictions that are a part of being a young adult like love, insecurities and vulnerability in 15 parts.Image: "Connected, Communicating" Noah Kocher.

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Former friends Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi have been together for almost a year now. So far, the boyfriends' relationship has gone pretty well, but will they stay in each others good graces forever or will the once best friends inevitably break apart, leaving their friendship permanently damaged?

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mastermind Saiouma + Dr v2

shuichi saihara: mastermind | ultimate despair detective | psychopath | helper and traitor|he is the type to drool when it comes to despair and manipulate stuff behind close doorshis eyes change to red if his manipulating purple if his crazy/ weirdand yellow in act or just his normal eyeshe mostly helps in the class trial but when you turn your back he got a more crazier side and is betraying you he also comes out every end of the gamekokichii ouma: mastermind | ultimate liar of despair| psychopath | manipulator |his the type to manipulate the situation in hand and no be too crazy but more excitedhis eyes change to red if his not showing mercy purple if his in an act or manipulating but also normal eyes and black if his serious he mostly makes everyone his enemy and in the class trials he mostly lies to make the trials longer and harder for everyone he always comes out after shuichisecretly is protective of shuichithey both have access to security cameras so its easy to know if they're gonna die and if there's a chance they just make a junko follower to dress up as them and die and if they got caught on them being the traitor then they just execute all the students they have a watch called the monowatch to talk to each other and see the cameras like a smartwatch i guess

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Cleopatra Valencia leads a complex and unique life. A street racer, a business owner and a member of two high powered families . Her Father is a notoriously feared man and her Mother is the future queen of the country. Her world is split into two and neither side know about the other. When a past threat forces her to move to the royal side and enrol into a private school she is desperate to escape. Until she meets a private school boy who she cannot get rid off. Just when she starts to embrace her new life the threat returns. She and her family work endlessly to protect each other and end their enemies actions. She forms new alliances and gets caught up in a deadly love triangle which can only end one way. She battles between the royal boy and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but learns not everyone is who they say they are.Will she learn to balance her life? Protect her family? Find love in the process? And keep her two worlds from colliding?

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Johnny Lawrence doesn't have an easy life.His abusive stepfather is turning his teenage years into hell on earth.Johnny's escape: Karate training, hanging out with his friends and a movie called "The Moment Of Truth".Johnny's secret: An innocent crush on the famous actor and hero of his favorite movie, who helped Johnny find his way out of loneliness and helped him to become the confident jock he was today.A tough guy, who just had a weak moment when he decided to write a fan-letter to Daniel LaRusso, the boy of his dreams, confessing his feelings.The actor would never read it anyway, right? So there was nothing to worry about....Right??Well...

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Mais Uma Vez

Já percebeu a quantidade coisas que vemos todos os dias? A quantidade de cheiro que sentimos? Ou quantas pessoas conhecemos, esbarramos ou simplesmente trocamos olhares? Eu sei que se fôssemos parar para contar tudo isso provavelmente ficaríamos loucos. Mas faz quase 3 semanas que me pego reparando em tudo que está a minha volta. Como o degradê de cores que uma única folha pode ter, na textura do chão ao colocar os pés descalços nele, ou nas imensas árvores que complementam a paisagem da casa dos meus pais até a do meu irmão. Sim, talvez eu esteja enlouquecendo, mas tudo isso faz parte do processo "Não pense naquilo", que talvez esteja mais para negação, que no meu caso foi um dos sentimentos protagonistas ao passar por isso. Eu sei que era cedo demais para dizer Adeus, mas infelizmente eu não tive escolha.

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Spy x Family: The Mission Goes On

The Forger Family's story continues. From going on a vacation, identities exposed, to becoming a real family.. read on or you will miss a big part of the Forgers life. Well, I dont want to give away more spoilers so yeah start reading now! Even if this is just fanmade, I hope you will enjoy it readers :) Edit: Thank you for all the views!!~ I appreciate all your support:3

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𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞

Panchali married the five Pandava brothers and did become a dutiful life to each one of them. She treated all of them with equal respect. Yet, when she falls down from the Himalayas first, when the six of them were on their final journey to heaven.The great emperor and follower of Dharma, Yudishtira points out Agnija's love which was slightly partial towards Arjun.So, here's presenting you the saga of Dhananjay and Draupadi~

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Just some pictures of characters, ships etc, that I absolutely adore.

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Crush To Boss. ✓ [Editing]

"Take it."He mumbled. I obeyed him.His lips were at one end while mine at the other.I felt the heat surround us.He slowly bit the stick leaning closer.I panicked a little."Hurry."He mumbled. I obeyed once again, slowly biting it. And then it was a centimetre gap between us.My breathe hitched.I placed my palm against his shoulder hoping he would pull away.But he didn't, instead he wrapped his hands slowly around my waist.After 10 years, Elle Miller, meets her childhood crush at an interview and he is her...BOSS! She loved him a alot. Loved. But in her eyes, he never noticed her presence as much as he did to her mates. Enzo William meets that cute and shy girl from his childhood at an interview. And she is Elle Miller, now his PA. He always admired her from afar but never went for her.When Elle and Enzo spend more time with each other they discover their true feelings. Day by day they spend more time with each other until one day they were finally in love. But will they ever end up together? "They say crush lasts only upto 4 months but mine did for years and counting.. this is love.."Cute love story.#1 : boss ❤️Mild strong language ✓No smut scene ✓Cute ✓✓•Cover made by me•

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