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Storia basata su hunkar e fekeli due persone che si amano da 40 anni

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Lost (hunk x reader story)

I don't wanna spoil but this involves some angsty shit, this is the idea I had if I were to be in Voltron, it would kind be my story arc.This will also be fluffy and the reader is artsy,I really hope you enjoy (I love hunk too much, I wish he were real)This is all one story btw

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School Hunk || Felix Lee

{이필릭스}✿.。. A Tale of young love .。.✿"Such a show-off."Felix Lee, also known as the School Hunk is really popular in his school. All the girls like him, all the boys admire him. But his heart is reserved for nothing else and no one else but his love for music. His dream is to one day be a musician, a musical artist or even a dancer. But there are always obstacles in life right?~~~~#1 IN FELIXLEE~~~~WARNING: Mild coarse language~~~~(CC) Attrib. NonComm. NoDerivs 2019 by chaquotte

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fat one-shots | lovechunk

Shorter works with some of my original characters. Stuffed, NSFW, or just plain ol' fatness. Good stuff :333

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♦♠ Draw of a Card ♣♥ HUNK

"Why do you have the Joker in the deck?" he inquired, and probably hopefully blowing away her childish trick. - 5-part ficlet series based on a challenge from Quizill

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You're Mine

A love story between an dominant omega Taeui who doesn't like how other alpha treat omega has a mate Ilay who is more dominant and possesive than he can ever imagine......Fan fiction about Taeui and illay I just can't get over this couple.... 😣😣I'll upload new chapters on Wednesday and Saturday so look forward to it!!!!!!!

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HunKai starlight 🌱

book ini isinya cerita singkat HunKai, Oneshoot and twoshoot.HunKai boys love, BL, bxbBy : J.A

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The School Hunk is Taken  | L.K Adaptation

In all my life, I've only made two mistakes that I regret. The first was filling out my entrance exam application wrongly, and the second was offending Jeon Jungkook. If I had to use an idiom to describe the impact of my mistake, it would be simply, 'Life is no better than death'. And if I had to use an idiom to describe Jeon Jungkook's offenses to me, it would be simply, Too many crimes to record'. And yet, for as evil and wicked as he was, he attracted girls the way that flowers attracted bees and butterflies.It happened that one day, for some reason, I taunted Jeon Jungkook, "The Kind of Hell sent you to torture some more people, didn't he?" Without a change in expression, he replied, "In order to torture fewer people, I decided to just choose one person to torture for the rest of my life". I asked him, "What do you mean?" He smiled at me and answered, "If you don't go hell, who will?"OA: Jiu Xia QiIt's LK AdaptationDisclaimer: All Credits to the rightful owners

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Forgotten (Keith x Reader) {COMPLETED}

Y/N McLain. Top student at Garrison School of Art and Music.She didn't want to fly, like her parents and brother. She becamed ignored, unless the golden child Lance came home. She performed in back alleyways in her spare time.She ran away multiple times, the most recent time was a day before Golden Boy came home."They're looking for you.""That's a first.""You going home?""Not a chance in heck.""You got a room at my place.""Thanks, Keith."

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Group Chats - Voltron

[COMPLETED]basically just lance, keith, hunk, pidge, shiro, allura and coran in a group chat talking about random shitdisclaimer: i do not own voltron or any of the characters/settings in voltron. the plot/storyline belongs to me (@peacefulpidge on wattpad)

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Voltron One Shots

Just read the title you benchCover made by the lovely @Aliyagaming

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you've seen the poster up for "find the gold digger- chunkz edition". You've been watching chunkz your entire life and have always found him cute. You saw this as a great opportunity to go and maybe get with him. Except you want to be the one that's there for love... You signed up as soon as possible and you were the lucky girl chosen. Today is the day you're gonna finally go to the shoot.. see what happens next..

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Space Mom Lance

This is just a little story about our favorite Cuban boy in Voltron. Lance the sweet, caring guy he is takes cares of his family no matter what form or who is in it. In this fanfic it's just some ways Lance is like a spacemom to each of the members of the team. It's pretty easy to get into it, this is around the 2nd season. Also the artwork is not mine so please don't sue me!!

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Disney Voltron x reader

Disney scenarios with reader and Voltron characters i suck at summaries!

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Stupid Deep// Klance Au

[COMPLETED] Lances anger flushed away with that smile, Keith's eyes holding deep secrets and soft truths, and Lance wanted to unfold all of it, but he also felt a strong urge to protect him. He blinked, trying to shake the feelings out of his head. But they were already indented in his heart. ~~~~~~~Keith is a siren seeking his purpose. Lance is a fisherman waiting for change. When the two meet, they both find out there's more to this world than the next wave. Cover done by @damnallgoodnamesgone

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Hunk x Lance

I won't update very often this is a highschool AU and I will ask for suggestions every now and again please enjoy or don't.

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Just a Week // Langst

Description: Everyone was too busy to realize what was happening to him.Trigger Warnings: depression, suicide attempt, and self harm.(A/N - This fanfiction can be read as the Hance ship, or it can be seen as a friendship. No art used is mine! Please tell me if you know the artists so I can give them credit! For now, credits to the artists spiritually. I hope you all enjoy!)

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Voltron One Shots/ Boyfriend Scenarios

Short stories of you and your favorite Voltron characters:)- Sorry for the crappy grammer, this was my first book I had written

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Thea (and the hunk)

This is a story about finding love as a transgender female, and perhaps finding yourself as well. In many ways it is rather aggressive and abrupt, but it's still a love story.There are sardonic touches, wit and irony, and of course, discovery. It's quite short, everything happens quickly.

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Counter Attack - A TBATE FanFic

Arthur Leywin, surviving through many ordeals and achieving enough power to stand against the odds that crushed him and his loved ones before. Setting out to realize his promises and responsibilities, as he travels back to his continent with his companions.

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Heavenly [Voltron x Reader Oneshots]

[ second place @voltron-wa winner 2017, oneshot category ]❝Lately, I've been tossing, turning every night, thinking bout if I should call you up. Oh, but then I remembered that you told me that you needed time.❞Some people fall in love with ocean, some fall in love with the stars, but they fell in love with you.

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The Stars In Her Eyes

Katie has been living in space ever since they found the blue lion. Lance has been secertly hiding his emotions for a girl that he admires. It isn't until they are kidnapped that they realize that they have feelings for one another.

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HUNK Male reader x Yang. Resident Evil x RWBY

The Leader and Lone Survivor of Alpha Squad HUNK A.K.A Mr. Death or The Grim Reaper has found himself in an interesting situation.

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Keith/Voltron Stories ✔

Random oneshots of Keith and the team.Credits to artists' work used.

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Poisonous - Shidge

The Galra want to take over Voltron, the only option they have is to take the black lion but in order to do that they must take the most precious thing away from the Black Paladin...... PidgeStarted: 3rd July 2017Finished: 11th July 2018

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Changes ~ Chunkz

Nestled in the vibrant streets of London, Em and Sarah's cafe radiates comfort and charm. But when Chunkz and his friends waltz in, it's not just the aroma of coffee that fills the air-it's a whirlwind of unexpected encounters and newfound connections. As Em navigates the bustling cafe scene alongside her best friend Sarah, she finds herself drawn to Chunkz in ways she never imagined. Join them on a journey where friendship, laughter, and the occasional spilled latte pave the way for something truly magical to unfold.Chunkz X female oc

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