SOMEWHERE by the Sea

SOMEWHERE by the Sea

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Category: Romance

Nestled in a cove on Oregon's coastline, the town of Somewhere is charming, picturesque, inhabited by townsfolk who love their community-and teeming with mystery. You are invited to join the heroes and heroines of Somewhere as they solve mysteries, discover romance, experience inexplicable phenomena, and fight injustice-just the usual stuff!


Is there somewhere to mend a broken heart?

Faith Bennison suffered a tragedy that changed her life in unimaginable ways and she fears she will die of a broken heart. In an attempt to salvage her sanity, she leaves her home in the Midwest and travels to the small Oregon town of Somewhere. As she settles into day-to-day life at Hope Bed & Breakfast, she makes friends and even meets a man who jump-starts her battered heart. Strange happenings, however, have her questioning her sanity as she tries to make sense of an unfathomable encounter.

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