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Category: Teen Fiction
[Completed] {Book 1}

Her life is a living hell. There's no doubt in that. People think her life's rainbows and unicorns, but in reality it's hell. One secret you have to keep away from everyone, not so difficult because you have no friends, but what happens when you bump into the biggest bad boys of the school. She hides all her problems with smiles and laughs, with only one friend to worry about. She's isn't shy,quiet, or weak. She's the quite the opposite, loud, funny, strong, and independent. She stands up for herself at school, but never at home.

When people see him they run, when they hear his name they shiver, but what happens when he bumps in Miss Sarcasm. She's a whole different kind of story, she helps him open his eyes again. Everyday he finds himself falling for her. But when things don't turn out like he expects will he fight for her or give up?

Read go find out what Nichole and Ryder are up to.

*Not edited*
*Various mistakes*
*A little cliché*
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[[Book 2 (FINAL book) of "One Lifetime is Never Enough"]]"I would have waited for you forever." The lament of a faraway voice that she had missed - that she had been longing to answer to - echoed in her mind."But, you are no longer here."The despairing sigh was a muted murmur - clawing at her, begging for her to respond.But she was there, here, wherever the voice was. But then again, she might as well was not. She could no longer see, could no longer reach him. The voice sounded so near, but it was also as far as another world she could no longer be in.Nevertheless, she could still feel, in the darkness that was cradling her non-existence; the agony she felt in her non-beating heart, in her dormant soul, it was all due to her longing.For the owner of the voice. For him.The voice kept begging in agony - tormenting her, tormenting himself. And she could not do anything."Please wait for me.""Please remember me.""Why... why can't I see you?""Won't you wait for me?"-----------------For you, I will wait for eternity. This time, I will wait.This time, it is my turn to wait.So please, please just let me find you. Please, be there when I find you.Please, tell me that you are still mine. That I still exist, perhaps not in your memory, but etched in your very soul.Like you have been deeply engraved in mine, lingering like a beautiful illness I will gladly bear and succumb to.Because, I will search to all corners of this world, and wait until the end of days. For you.Because, this world will always be wretched without you.And then, I will always, forever, bloom. For you.-----------------
Lucy Bronze x Reader

When two rivals become teammatesIt's about the gorgeous Lucy Bronze and y/n Zárgo.Y/n Zárgo plays for Spain and transfers to Barcelona after her last match. I can't write much here so just read the story if you love Lucia
A Beginning To Her Ending

A story of a girl who disguised herself as a boy to protect herself from dangers of life. She is a kind thief if that is even possible. She is just living her life, she might have ended it long ago but one promise with her mother always stops her from taking that step.In this journey she will meet many people and one of it might be the one who will stay with her forever. but the problem is she doesn't belive in forever and love... it is out of question!
𝐆𝐎𝐋𝐃                              house of the dragon

❛ the devil is not a man with red horns, sometimes, it's a girl with golden eyes ❜ ❪ hotd!oc 𝙭 celeana targaryen!oc ❫ ❪ house of the dragon ❫ @𝗦𝗔𝗧𝗨𝗥𝗡𝗥𝗨𝗡𝗘 ━━

Kaya mo bang pigilan ang sarili mo na wag maTUKSOng tikman ang mga asawa at anak ng inyong mga nakakatandang mga ate?Ating subaybayan ang istorta ng ating bidang si Dan ,sa pagharap niya sa mga TUKSOng mahirap iwasan
The Beta's Baby Sister

Sapphire Jacobs is the Blood Moon Pack's Beta's baby sister, but unless you were part of the pack, you would never know. Sapphire has been bullied since her brother turned at age 13, following the promise of the Beta title. Rejection is all she's been faced with, receiving it from kids at school, the pack, her brother, and even her own parents. Cameron Valentine is the Alpha of The Blood Moon pack. He saw how mates made his pack members turn to mush and his ego will not allow that. Due to this, Cameron has no interest in finding a mate.What happens when Sapphire is rejected by the one made to love her, none other than Cameron? She runs and runs until she gets caught passing through the another pack that is a state from her old pack, the White Claw pack, the biggest pack in the states, second in the world. Seeing her vulnerability, they take her in.When Blood Moon calls White Claw for help years later, is Sapphire ready to go back? Is Cameron ready to see her again?---This story recently underwent major editing/rewriting. Please nicely comment if you notice anything that needs changing--
four x reader - [bfb]

"We'll be together right?""Yes, Four-ever."^|(This did not happen in the story (yet))a casual four x reader.bfb owned by jacknjellify (Micheal and Cary.)-Inspiration : people who made four x readers... yeah.

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Vampire and slime back in time [Rimuru X Luminous]

while fighting with chronoa, Rimuru asks Luminous to hold her down as he have figured out how to stop her rampage.while Luminas held chronoa down, Rimuru, or more accurately, Raphael, started to entire her consciousness. but a fatal error happens, which leads both Remuru and Luminous to go back in time and in a state weaker than they were at.2023/1/29. 1st place in romance2023/5/27. 1st place in "shizu" I do not own any of the characters (unless I make an OC)ok, so this's basically a Rimuru x Luminous story. with a lot of wholesomeness. I wanted one, but I couldn't find any good ones, so I chose to do it myself. unlike just about every other 'Rimuru goes back in time' fanfic (actually most tensura fanfics, even the nontime travel ones), where Rimuru is hella strong and is god. or that he went to another world and is almost at top of the power chain (most other world ones are after the end or after he became demon lord) this one would have both Rimuru and Luminous very weak, like way weaker than in the original. aka they are hardcore. and despite me wanting wholesome, it will be hella dark, compared to most other ones at least. why? cuz my mind is too fucked to make a wholesome thing. there must be pain and suffering. so deal with it.

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यदि आपको वैरिकाज़ नसें हैं तो क्या होगा?

वैरिकाज़ नसों को त्वचा की सतह के नीचे बढ़े हुए, मुड़ी हुई नसों के रूप में परिभाषित किया जा सकता है। सतही नसें वे हैं जो आमतौर पर वैरिकाज़ बन जाती हैं। हालांकि, पैरों में वैरिकाज़ नसों का सबसे अधिक अनुभव होता है, क्योंकि लंबे समय तक चलने या खड़े होने से शरीर के निचले हिस्से में नसों पर अधिक दबाव पड़ता है। आप नागपुर में द वैस्कुलर सेंटर में उच्च गुणवत्ता वाले वैरिकाज़ नसों के उपचार की तलाश कर सकते हैं।

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YANDERE! Modern Levi x reader

You a member of the Survey Corps club in high school you go to a high school called "Shingeki High" you have many friends and are popular but when one friend of yours Levi Ackerman get jealous of other guys talking to you. He will do ANYTHING to keep you as his and his only.

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y/n is a 15 year old girl who just moved into Derry, Maine. She thought she could start over, and live a 'normal' life. But that dosen't go as planned when a certaing dark haired, tall boy developes unhealthy feelings for the girl. And what will she do when a child eating clown makes her life even more difficult than it already was, with a stalker sround?english is not my first language so sorry for any errors!!

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Saitama has a kid!?

Saitama has a kid come to his door one day and just walks in and gives him a piece of paper and just sits down and watch tv. As he reads the paper he realizes he has to take care of this kid for who knows how long. He can't be defeated but will this be too much for Saitama?(I don't own One punch man or the cover picture I own only my oc)

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Techno.. you saved me || MCYT fan fiction ( Tommy and technoblade) ||

Technoblade saves Tommy. But he starts to develop this brotherly love for Tommy.. he tries to fight it..DISCLAIMER: I am not shipping them in any way, shape, or form. Notice how I said "brotherly love"Cover art - @snekberry_mcyt on twitter5k - 02/27/21

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Omegaverse ||Guía de estudio y escritura||

El entender que es, como funciona y el porque es una de las cosas que más satisfacción da. Una guía original para aquellos que gustan de escribir y leer este genero. Portada original ||DR|||| Obra hecha sin fines de lucro. ||Escrito por. Vianey Bautista (MC.)Todos los derechos reservados.

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Heartbroken and heartbreaking(Fangle)

What happens when the nice guy in school meets the meanest girl in school?"Outta of my way baka!" Yelled Mangle."Hey no need to be mean" Said a guy with a sweet smile while the girl looked at him like he's crazy."Well you don't know me so back off!" With that she was about to hit him but he just simply grabbed her fist but not hard enough to hurt her."Well let me know you so that I can help."Will it work out or will things end bad?~*~Started:Jan.25-2017Ended:April 25 2017Warning's:The story does contain, alcohol usage, suicide attempt, and last swearing. So if you are sensitive or dislike this kind of content then I recommend you to not read this story.{The characters in here do not belong to me unless said so by me but fnaf characters rightfully belong to Scott the creator of fnaf the plot and this story belong to me. The cover does not belong to me.

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Funny Creepypasta Videos


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Boku No Hero Academia | BNHA | T E A C H  M E 🍋 • Shouto × Reader

Todoroki Shouto was most likely one of the most awkward and dense members of the new hero agency and most interactions with females seemed futile since he couldn't catch an innuendo even if his life depended on it. Yet she was decided to make him understand.🍬 fluff 🔞 adult content

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