Kidnapped by 1D

Kidnapped by 1D

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{Completed. Sequel completed }

"Finally, you stopped wiggling. Now this will be much easier." He says with a husky voice. I closed my eyes not wanting to feel the pain.

"Hey lads! Isn't that Katherine?" I look up in shock

"Whoa!! Hold the fuck up. How in the hell do you know my name?" They all turn their attention to me. The one who had me pinned dropped me. I fell to the ground and one of the guys held out his hand. I hesitantly grabbed it and he pulled my up. I crossed my arms covering my chest, and asked again

"How do you know my name?" They all smirk. They were really starting to piss me off. One of the guys with blonde hair comes THIS close to me and stares into my eyes. How creepy is that?! His eyes start to get pitch black. I was about to ask "why?", when I feel my eyelids getting very heavy...

ⓒcopyright by Mariana
All rights reserved

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