Reduced to Ruin

Reduced to Ruin

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Category: Mystery
The first chance she gets, Corrine Whitman tries to escape from the man who abducted her. But when James catches her, she has to deal with his bizarre guilt trip. Doesn't she enjoy his company, the game nights, stimulating conversations? Doesn't she know how lucky she is to be taken by a caring man instead of a psycho? He tells her he can't live without her. He won't live without her.

But Corrine has to get home to her father. So, she has a new tactic--earn James's trust and enjoy her new family--or at least pretend. If Corrine plays the game, she'll be given freedom to leave the house, just like other women she's met who were kidnapped. Corrine can't fathom how so many women and children are taken and live seemingly normal lives with their captors all across the country. But she can relate--she's one of them.

Corrine plots the perfect escape. Yet, the more time she spends with James, the harder it is to leave. She knows she's suffering from Stockholm syndrome, but she is determined to save herself and the others.

And if she escapes? Corrine knows no one has ever left alive-she has to be the first.

(Cover graciously designed by @bluntpencils.)

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