Robbing the Alpha

Robbing the Alpha

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Category: Werewolf
As Brooke prepares to gain Luna status by marrying her pack's Alpha, she learns she's fated to Huck, leader of the valley wolves. Now she must do everything in her power to forget him, bond with her betrothed, and secure her family's future... but the tension between them is impossible to ignore.

Season 1 of Robbing the Alpha


Bury your wolf. Lie when you must. Don't let them see you slip. Destined to be luna since before her birth, Brooke's whole life has been dedicated to one purpose-securing her family's bloodline. But when the day finally arrives to join Alpha Titan atop the mountain, they're intercepted by a pack of thieving valley wolves. Fated mates are rare, and being fated to a valley wolf would ruin her forever, but the second she locks eyes with the brutally handsome Huck, Brooke's wolf claws to be released. She has no choice but to reject him. He's dirty, scarred, and everything she was taught to loathe, but she soon learns nothing is as it seems. Shadows fill the castle, someone wants her dead, and Huck is like a ghost who won't stop haunting. Can Brooke assume her role and preserve her family, or is her destiny much larger than she realized?


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