Rejecting the Rejected

Rejecting the Rejected

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Category: Werewolf
Kim Drake was a loner - someone most people didn't even knew existed, or cared to recognize her existence. This included her town's local bad boy, Carter, despite knowing that they were mates. Did she forget to mention she was a werewolf? Life was already had enough as a high schooler, not to mention being a teenage werewolf dealing with rejection from the one person who is supposed to accept and love her above everyone else.

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Shadow is a mystery to the city of Lament. A thief by night and an average bystander by day. With no family to lean on, she was left to fend for herself in the dangerous district of Orchid. Killing became a means for survival. When she's targeted by the government, she's taken captive. Prepared for death, she's met with a choice; work with the government under Project Reform or die a young death. Seeing the obvious choice, she decides to work with the government as a supervised mentor to five trainees. Any slip ups could cost her her life. However, with a hidden past and an unknown future, she seems all too willing to be there.

⭐레플리카 쇼핑몰 추천『[사이트:Diva쩜run]』레플리카사이트1위◈️에르메스가디건짝퉁가격❤️★샤넬레플리카★⭐#샤넬코코크러쉬SA급구입,#구찌미니백이미테이션가격,#고야드세나클러치레플파는곳⭐디올레플리카『[사이트:Diva쩜run]』명품레플리카사이트추천◈️구찌반지갑짝퉁가격❤️★명품레플★⭐#프라다탑핸들백미러급,#샤넬탑핸들미러급구입,#톰브라운지갑S급구매,#프라다탑핸들백짝퉁구입,#생로랑지갑S급구입,#고야드빅투아르반지갑이미테이션구매,#생로랑숄더백S급,#고야드생마르크지갑가격,#에르메스에블린래플리카구매,#샤넬가브리엘S급추천,#앙프렝뜨모노그램가죽SA급순위,⭐이미테이션쇼핑몰추천『[사이트:Diva쩜run]』레플리카 재구매율 1위◈️샤넬가디건짝퉁순위❤️★레플리카신발★⭐#펜디버킷백레플리카,#셀린느레플리카구입,#명품패딩짝퉁파는곳,#오메가구입,#톰브라운맨투맨래플리카추천,#루이비통스피디SA급가격,#롤렉스326238레플,#루이비통여행가방짝퉁추천,#세나클러치레플리카추천,#톰브라운셔츠가격,#프라다여자가방S급,⭐명품레플리카시계[사이트:Diva쩜run]레플리카사이트◈️샤넬린넨에코백SA급구매❤️★프리미엄 공장직영 고퀄리티★⭐#구찌마몬트미니레플리카구입,#에르메스피코탄22레플추천,#오디피아레플순위,#구찌파우치백레플리카순위,#디올카로백S급,#구찌오피디아짝퉁,#발렌시아가하트백짝퉁파는곳,#고야드방돔핸드백레플리카순위,#에르메스켈리미러급구입,#구찌남성벨트S급파는곳,#디올스니커즈이미테이션파는곳⭐레플리카 사이트 추천『[사이트:Diva쩜run]』루쏘디바 하이퀄리티 레플샵 오픈안녕하세요 루쏘디바 홍콩직영 레플사이트 오픈했습
Long lost mafia princess

When the only girl is kidnapped from their mafia family at the age of 4 by her mother ,when she runs away with her other daughter and boyfriend.One girl gets spoiled and other gets abused watch what happen When their mother and stepfather died in an. 'accident ' Watch how their life changes .
I Reincarnated Into An Op Villainess!?

Alicia Tanaka, a ceo's neglected daughter with a submissive and carefree attitude who loved otome games and experiencing new things was suddenly killed in a mysterious car accident and reicarnated as the over powered villainess in her favorite otome.Quickly adapting to her new life Alicia lived in caution as Snow Sterling, the spoiled, immature, love sick princess whose mother disappeared under strange circumstances.As Alicia progressed as Snow she discovered something wrong with the story line and she knew it had nothing to do with her but a force greater than she could imagine.Will she discover the darkness that thrives in this world or will she have to continue living in the dark?
I've Become the Demoness

All Xiu Xiang wanted was to live a life of fortune so that she would never have to struggle again. Who would've thought the cheap family heirloom jade would grant her that wish?Xiu Xiang gets transported into her favorite web novel 'The Demoness' and becomes the main character, the Demoness! Unfortunately, while the Demoness lived a life of wealth and power, she dies early. Can she change her fate while knowing that death looms over her?
The Lost Mafia Twins

It's never been easy for Saella and Sebastion. Living their lives in secrecy and pain would never be easy. Betrayal always comes from someone you love but over time they learned to lean on each other only and became each other's rocks when no one else was around to care for them. Each twin is different, but both need each other. What happens when one day, a normal one at that, they find out their so-called parents are dead and get sent away with their other siblings they never knew existed?
The Villainess Became The Male Lead's Secretary

Picture this: I suddenly find myself in a medieval fantasy world, like the ones I used to gobble up in books. But here's the comical conundrum: I've got no clue which exact story realm I've landed in. Well, you see, I have a habit of ditching books faster than a rabbit on roller skates if they don't captivate me. So now, I'm stuck navigating this new world armed with nothing but recycled plotlines, overused clichés, and predictable story arcs. It's like I'm playing a game with rules as simple as connecting the dots, but with my luck, it'll probably end up being more like connecting the dots during an earthquake! Who knows what kind of hilariously bizarre situations I'll find myself in?Original Story.

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these are all comic. some of it are images, stuff, and....Stuff.. Go read it ;-;

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Ana Hatsune is a teenager that studies in Teiko middle school, she plays basketball with The Generation of miracles, Kuroko Tetsuya, Akashi Seijūūro, Kise Ryōta, Midorima Shintarō, Aomine Daiki, Murasakibara Atsushi and her brother Bryan Hatsune. But what will happen if she knows a certain Earl and Buttler. And that certain persons are Ciel Pjantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. And they go to Teiko?

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قصور من هواء ..على ارض الواقع

هل من الممكن أن نتعلق بأشخاص لا نعرف ملامحهمهل لك أن تتصور أنك قد تحب شخص لا تراه ليس لأنك أعمى ولا لأنه ليس أمامكبل إنك تسمعه تتحدث معه يمكنك رؤيته ولكنك لا ترى ملامحه ولا تستطيع أن ترسم له صورة حتى فيمخيلتك ولن تتعرف عليه إذا ما قابلته في مكان ماأعلم أنه أمر لا يستوعبه العقل ولكن هذا ما حدث لبطلات قصتي بالفعلالرواية يتخللها الخيال من أكثر من جانب فعايشوها على أنها واقع لأنها قد تحاكي الواقع في مكانما من هذا العالم ... ليس لقصتي بطلة واحدة فبالتالي ليس للقصة بطل واحدلمحة قصيرة عن بطلات القصةآنين .. لجين .. ولينثلاث فتيات جمعتهم المصادفة ليصبحن صديقات لم يفترقن عن بعضهن لثماني سنوات واجهن فيها المصاعبالضغوط المشاكل والتحديات ثلاث فتيات بقلب واحد ورأي واحد ويد واحدة عبروا تلك السنوات وكلهم أملوإشراق وطموح بلا حدود تشابهن في الكثير من الأشياء في واقعهم في ملامحهم وفي طباعهم وحتى فيطموحاتهم وأحلامهم

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Kung bibigyan ka Ng pagkakataon na bumalik sa past, babalik ka ba? Sa anong panahon o pangyayari mo gustong bumalik? Babaguhin mo Rin ba Ang mga mangyayari sa kasalukuyan o hahayaan na Lang at magpapatuloy sa present? Samahan si Zero sa kanyang desisyon!

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-lost souls/C.H/

Проблемы этих «душ», потерянных душ, не решаются годами, а даже если и решаются, то либо летальным исходом, либо порезами на руках, от которых никогда не удастся избавиться.

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