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Willow and Wendy's pizzeria

a five nights at Freddy's fan fic, cuz y tf not.not all ocs belong to me. this is my first time writing something so yeah.

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FNAF OC Generator!

Heh... I've never done one before, but technically you can create OCs here!EDIT: 3K READS TY SO MUCH! :DEDIT 2: 11.8K READS WHATTTEDIT 3 (3/28/22): 13.3K READS AND #21 IN GENERATOR? EYYYEDIT 4 (7/18/22): I'M SORRY 15K READS- W H A T AND #17 IN GENERATOR- WOAH THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Make an fnaf character! Animatronic and human!

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💊The Experiment💉

A teenage boy who gets abducted and experimented on for scientist pleasures.

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Ask Ary Beary And The Fnaf Crew

You wanna know stuff about Ary Beary and the Fnaf crew? Well then, you came to the right place. I might except dared too.

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𝓗𝓮𝓪𝓻𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓻𝓸𝓫

A fanfiction about a fnaf AU I came up with months ago

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A New Family (Nightmare!Freddy X Child!Oc!Reader)

Luna is a little girl with black hair, blue eyes, and little freckle's who has a pretty normal life with her adopted family. But one night her life takes a turn where monsterous animals with sharp teeth and claws start to hunt her. On her second night she meets one of them named Nightmare Freddy who seems to be nice. Nightmare Freddy on the other hand can't really decide whether or not to kill Luna or not. What will his decision be? (Looking back at this book, I realize how cringe it is since it was my first fanfic.)

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Adventures of the Myst (FNaF OC Story)

OC Story that basically takes the FNaF story and retell it through the eyes of one of the kids that is very conscience about all of it. Each Chapter is short little stories or events that have happen.

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Corruption and Lies (a Drawkill fanfic)

"Molly is a young Drawkill animatronic who is at first naive and unknowing about the creatures her kind call "mortals". One day, she makes friends with one of these mortals -- a human girl by the name of Stella. Due to the descriptions her kind gave the humans, Molly's initial reaction was fear, however she quickly realized there was no need for such emotions. She grew to like Stella and even grew to like the humans as a whole. Unfortunately, the other Drawkills find out and attempt to drive Molly away from Stella by spouting false facts about the girl. When Molly discovers the truth, her opinions on the Drawkills change as they start to show their true colors. Because of her resistance, the Drawkills are quick to target her along with the humans"**If anything seems out of place, repetitive, or just doesn't make a whole lot of sense, please keep in mind that I am no professional writer, and I do not intend to be, I am simply just writing for fun :)

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Finding The Five || FNAF Movie

Josephine Sterling, a financially struggling medium, gets a call from a New Orleans local concerning a haunted pizzeria twenty minutes from her new rental house. Even though she hasn't been in the medium business for over a year, and this is a particularly questionable job, she takes the offer.But, after conducting an investigation that ends up opening a rabbit hole neither Josie nor her client can keep themselves from falling down, it becomes clear that whatever happened there, the story isn't over yet.With five missing spirits and a new dedication to finding them; Josephine finds herself in the middle of what could be the most important job of her life. Or, as she soon finds out, the last.((Read the disclaimer chapter, it's important))

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Little Nightmares||FNaFxBNHA||IzukuAfton

Izuku "Deku" Midoriya seems like a normal kid but when class 1-A find out his secret, what's their reaction?Read to find out!DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN FNAF OR BNHAFNAF: Scott CawthonBNHA: Kohei HorikoshiI'm not really good at descriptions so enjoy!Or not 👀Your choice

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Dear, Diary.

My first story! This story is based off my fnaf oc! Please don't make fun of any mis-spells or anything thank you!

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Classic 80's

FNaF AUThe town of Hurricane, located in the US, was always peaceful. Friendly neighbours, blossoming nature, nothing could go wrong.This town had a highlight, though. Something that stuck out like a sore thumb. This highlight is 'Freddy's Family Diner', a pizzeria owned by a company named 'Fazbears Entertainment', founded by William Afton and Henry Emily.Freddy's was an amazing diner. It had robots, which were called animatronics, which were relatively 'high tech' at the time. Its slogan was 'where dreams and fantasies come to life'.Little did the town know that this diner they all cherished and loved would be the cause of death of many. [TW// Gore, tormenting, possibly some vivid images.][Includes music in the background - Request songs in comments]

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~Fnaf 2 x Reader Inserts~

Fnaf 2 Reader Inserts! (Or Oneshots) Characters Included: Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, Marionette, and Shadow Freddy ❤ New Characters 2020: Shadow Bonnie, Original FNAF Characters ❤

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Bass Love - GatorBun

Au where Bonnie's bass playing chip is completely wiped/given to Monty. He really misses playing the bass and gets really sad that he doesn't know how to play it anymore, so when Monty is finally finish being made and was found to have been given\coded to play the Bass, he at first is angry and doesn't want o be friends with Monty, jealous and heart broken that he was the one who gets to play.

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Daycare Days (Daycare Attendant Oneshots)

A series of oneshots involving the Daycare Attendants from FNAF. Sun and Moon are occasionally referred to as Sundrop and Moondrop. Sun is referred to by he/they pronouns, Moon by they/them pronouns. NO NSFW WHATSOEVER. PERIOD.No longer updating on wattpad. Please see my ao3, QwilliansWritingNook, for new oneshots and stories.Angst is very much accepted though <3Probably primarily just sun and moon taking care of miniature humans.

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Help Because Of Guilt - First Encounter

"I have to admit, I underestimated you today and you did good but you can't go like this forever. I'm pretty sure you know that. Why don't you join us? It'll be over soon", he continued as he walked up to her. The female shook her head.After they took their revenge on their murderer, Mimi and her friends had no idea how their afterlife would continue. However, things changed when a new night guard got employed and some of the animatronics decided to get rid of him to keep their secret safe. Since Mimi felt guilty for the things she did, the female chose to help him. This made a certain person pretty unhappy.Note: Please keep in mind this has nothing to do with the original games or books. It's just the story of my OCs, inspired by Fnaf. I had the idea three years ago and now we're here, reading the rewritten version in english.

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_-°Safe Zone°-_ {a fnaf fanfiction}

A fanfic written in the time period of the five nights at freddys franchise. This fanfiction ties into the fnaf lore and adds new original characters! please enjoy

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My Ocs

The title says it all(Also they're all gacha versions I'm not good at drawing)

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~Fnaf x Reader Inserts~

Fnaf 1 Reader Inserts! (Or Oneshots) Characters Included: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy, and (New 2020) Mike! ❤

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The Price They Both Pay (Vincent x Reader!OC) [Permanent Hiatus]

You are a 20-year-old girl called Eli-Ruby ( Short for Elizabeth Ruby) and you applied for a Nightguard and Waitress position at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You meet a guy called Vincent when you walk in. Do you fall in love or will it turn it sour?

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Will You Forgive Me?

Parker and Amelio, two ghosts trapped in the old Juniors pizzeria. All they want is to be set free. A kid who tortured Parker in the past wants his forgiveness, and decides to give him something big, something amazing that he'll never forget. Go for the ride with Parker and Amelio as they explore the outside world for the first time in 50+ years.

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The Sun ☀️, The Moon 🌙 , and the constellation ⭐️

This is the story of Orion! The third genderfluid daycare attendant of FNAF SB! (He's my OC)Orion was originally a princess animatronic going by the name of Princess Butterfly however the royalty life becomes too much for her, so with a little help from their human friend, Amy, and some support from the Fazbear entertainment company he might get the new life and job she's wanted since they were built....And create a familial relationship with Moon, Sun, and Eclipse....

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((Outdated| discontinued))Troubled Souls[[Hella old]]

This is a book full of short stories from my Troubled Souls au. It's an au mixing the game canon, bad girl, And nightmare aus into a universe where just about everything that can go wrong does. It's almost like the bad end version of my Fnaf au. The twist? There is still a chance for a happy ending.((I am rewriting this au. It will be posted as a new story entirely. I'm leaving this one published for now. But once the new one is up I'm deleting this))

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Jeremike one shots for dying of cuteness 💖💖💖

ART BY SOMEBODY ON TWITTER.(If you casually know who is, please, tell me. 😰)This is a compilation of one shots, requests are open! (If you want smut, that takes me longer to write, i just wanted to say that.)Characters are from fnaf lmao. (Also, sorry if i misspelled or something.)

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