Queen of his Heart - [Editing]

Queen of his Heart - [Editing]

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Category: Romance
Queen of his Heart. ~A novella by Nasreen Akther.


He is the King.

The leader and present head of every sector of earth whom everybody had to obey, be it werewolves or humans.

In the time of chaos, he brought light to the war crazed and protected the earth inhabitants from massacre.

Everyone thought of him then as a Savior. The Light.

But he turned to be the king of manipulation and darkness.

He fed on evil to bring down destruction. Nobody on the whole of the all realms can be as Bloodthirsty and Cruel than him.

People's life meant nothing to his Psycho manipulative mind.

Until she came. A naive beauty who didn't understand bloodlust. So his crazy blood killings turned into magic to amuse her. To keep her enchanted in the magic woven little world he made for her.

She meant everything to him. The very core of his shrouded existence was her.

Fate forbid, if he lost her, which he won't ever let happen, the whole world will be crying in the face of his chaos and destruction. Cause he cared for none. Only her.


"You were warned you fools,
The Prophecy of my imergence was revealed by your ancestors.
But you all chose to neglect and forget it.
So I came back to take my throne....
BUT don't ever and ever forget,
That now I have a Queen.
And the moment she fidgets in discomfort because of you measly mortals, your whole existence will be veiled with the melting lava of cruel darkness.

~ King Azazel, the strongest ruler in history of Earth.

The story is a product wholly based on the imagination of the author. It has no intent to insult or oppose any religion or belief. This is a fictional story made for the sole purpose of reading.

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