Don't Come Near Me, I'm Just a Background Character [BL Harem]

Don't Come Near Me, I'm Just a Background Character [BL Harem]

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I had reincarnated into Remis Xenith, the younger brother of the heroine, who died at the beginning of every route.

In order to not interfere with the original storylines, I was determined to be the most invisible background character in the game. While I did hear peculiar things from the capture targets at times, it was fine, they were all in love with the heroine, after all.

"Young Master, don't go in the bathroom alone, I'll help you bathe and change..."

"Why don't we meet face to face? I want to know who my most trusted confidant is after such a long time."

"It would be so nice if it was just the two of us... by ourselves, in this cabin... forever."

"Why are you talking to me so formally...? Do you hate me now?"

"Since you're my soon-to-be close aide, you should learn to stick by me."

"But you know, I won't give in to just anybody..."

Wait, this isn't right. Somehow, I've raised entirely different flags from the capturable characters?!

A/N: I'm very fond of otome game setups and BL harems, and I haven't truly gotten a chance to write any of them, so I plan on doing it here. Side note: my writing style is messy, this prologue is just well thought out.

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