Playing With The Player (!!!TAEKOOK!!!) (COMPLETED!)

Playing With The Player (!!!TAEKOOK!!!) (COMPLETED!)

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"Stay away from me."
"Just leave me alone, don't ever try to contact with me."
"Why...? I thought you love me..."
"Who? Me? Nah... I am just playing with you."


It's not as boring as it may look like...(hopefully ?)

Well...okay...It's a bit boring and lame at first but I feel like the later chapters are please give it a shot?.... ?

Taekook is the main dish along with namjin and yoonmin as side dishes.

I j-hope you enjoy!

P.S.- I changed two things...if you know, you know 🥴

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Completed - Aug 2018

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- Last updated at 05:45 11-11-2022

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