Panic Room | BTS AU

Panic Room | BTS AU

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Category: Mystery

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50 Shades of Dark clouds

~ It's Amour's storm Santana's just passing through it , but then again it's Santana's Rain that caused Amour's storm. Will they ever see the sun shine again? 50 shades of Dark clouds : read a few chapters promise you won't be disappointed. Completed sequel real soon!
Psycho [PJM]✔

Y/n is a normal teenager. Well, everyone thinks so. She has a lovely mother that cares alot about her. Her mother works as a psychologist in a hospital for people with mental problems. One day, her mother asks her to accompany her to the hospital. When she does, she meets a mysterious boy that never talks. He has a dark past. Day by day, Y/n tries to talk to him. After some time, they become friends, but Y/n notices something strange.
[Part 3] Return of the abandoned son of traversal runs rampant

Ye Fan glanced at Qian Yu and said: "Why would I scare you when I want to marry him?" Qian Yu: "Because Bai Shao doesn't like you like this." Ye Fan tilted his head and said, "Why, I am handsome, smart, and can take a hundred steps." Qian Yu:"Ye Shao , you know how bad your reputation is! Playing with women, you don't want to make progress, and you are a prodigal son. Just now you even have oppress your sister!" "Bai Shao likes rich and capable people." Qian Yu said. Ye Fan was a little confused and said:" What does it mean to be rich?" "At least tens of billions of net worth." "What is ability? "Ye Fan asked. "Among thousands of troops and horses, taking the enemy's head is like trying to get things from the bag, and it can look like an enemy with ten thousand. "Qian Yu said casually. Ye Fan nodded and said:" I understand."Original title: 穿越之弃子横行Author : 叶忆落 ye yiluo volume 3: The immortal realm.The copyright belongs to the original author!
The Thin Line Between Us( Love and Drama) Completed

"Are you sure you're there to make peace?" I questioned him.He gave me a confusion look."Excuse me?" he asked with annoyance in his voice."If you're there to make PEACE then why thousand of innocent people die.... Women, Children" I said this time I raised my voice, I was really angry."Everyone knows that Palestine is safe now" he said.By the look on his face he was angry. "Thats what the media wants us to believe, I have one question, if thats ok" I questioned him, he nodded his head and said "Sure go ahead"."Have you ever been in Palestine?" I questioned, he shook his head as no. Silence filled the room, it was death silence, until I decided to break it."Then dont tell me that Palestine is safe or its in peace, We may own the name Palestine but we do not own the land because of your country." I shout out last part,with that I grabbed my bag and my notes and headed towards the exit until I heard him speak again."I will not discuss that with you in here" he said.I shook my head in disbelief and walk out the conference room.Rana Kaya 20 years old, half Turkish and half Palestinian girl who witnessed her mother's death, she was only eight years old when she saw her mother hanged herself before her eyes. Now 12 years past, almost every night she has night mares about her mother suicide,cant forget or forgive her past. One day she meets David Stasi 25 year old lawyer and Israeli representatives nephew. They instantly hate each other, but little do they know they are falling for each other.
Rendom Story [Ytmci] S2 [Slow Update]

Welkom Bek Tu may Story Soo Ini Season 2 nya Awokawok Dah Silahkan dinikmati Maap kalo kadang ada candaan yang mengandung Gas elpiji 🥰🥰 (Karena Author satu ini Gabut) Dari pada kalian jijik Mending Gak usah Baca ya 🥰🥰😁✨✨ takut malah mengganggu kalian yakan~ awokawok tenang Elpijinya sama sekali gak ada yang smut dan romance kayak literally hanya Joke doang anjay gak Ampe gey beneran.-Author Donat Anjay
Ms Ruth's Little Doe (a MDlg story)

It's the 2400s and the world is run by vampires. This is the story of human Zadie becoming vampire Ms Ruth's Little Doe. Zadie is naturally a little who was born into a human family but that family doesn't have any littles so her parents have arranged for her to intern with a vampire caregiver.This story is basically at the same time as Daddy's Pumpkin Princess and is set in the same vampire ran world. This story could be a standalone story though. This is a MDlg / little / age play story, Zadie sometimes behaves like a little girl but they are both adults. Most of my littles are dating their caregivers.There will be minor swearing and talk of smut. I do not write smut scenes. And 100% of the flirting and talking about smut stuff happens while in big headspace. Smut and feeding your vampire caregiver your blood are 100% big headspace activities.#1 in lg September 2023#1 in doe September 2023#1 in pull-ups September 2023#1 in lesbian September 2023#2 in princess September 2023#1 in Mommydom September 2023#1 in MommyDomme September 2023#2 in Domme September 2023#1 in md September 2023#2 in sapphic September 2023#1 in bigirl September 2023
The Queen Below

A retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth, a story of fate, the struggle for power, and love found in the most unexpected places. ***** Persephone has been raised in Olympus all her life - her mother absent, her father a cruel king, with her siblings teaching her all they know. She has seen all of what the gods and goddesses do and she is sick of it. When she learns her safety is threatened by staying in Olympus, she flees to the Underworld. There she stays until she learns that her leaving has caused the world to wilt. But leaving behind her newfound friends and Lady of the Underworld is something she will not do willingly, no matter the consequences.[[word count: 150,000-200,000 words]]Cover designed by Regina DionelaContent Warning: Mentions of rape and incest
Taken And Diapered

Emily is your classic good girl. Shes 18 years old. Her life seems all planned out but what happens when she is taken and forced into diapers? Will she accept this new life or will she fight for her old life back?DisclaimerDon't read if you don't like diapers, as simple as that!Mentions of: wetting/messing/forced orgasms/bandage/forced into diapers and much more

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In Freyas Leben geschehen nicht viele aufregende Dinge. Wie auch? Als Sklavin des Collectors bleibt ihr vieles verwehrt... Er gewährt ihr keine Freiheiten, keinen Besitz, kein eigenes Leben... Doch auch ihr soll unverhofft etwas vermeintlich Gutes widerfahren, als eines Tages ein blauhäutiger Mann auftaucht, um mit dem Collector zu handeln. Doch der Fremde zeigt außergewöhnlich großes Interesse an der jungen Freya...

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Cloud Strife x Reader - You're Wonderful

THERE WILL BE ADULT THEMES IN THIS INCLUDING TALK ABOUT ATTEMPTED RAPE AND ABUSE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED You are (y/n) Fair. Zack Fair's younger sister and I have no idea what to write here.... First fan fiction~ hope it's ok :)

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Man Gone Rogue

Growing up as a packless halfbreed, Jade had heard the horror stories of the pack wolves who live in the woods around her. When you hear nothing but scornful things about those kind of wolves throughout your entire upbringing, you learn to despise them, rather than fear them. It was all Jade could do to pray to the Goddess that she would never find her mate. It seems, unfortunately for the halfie, that her Goddess has other plans.As Jade is thrust into a world that she never wanted anything to do with, a centuries-old threat continues destroying and killing all of the packs in his way. The war against him suddenly becomes her own as the number of free packs begins to dwindle. Time is running out for the werewolves, and Jade might just be the key that they have all been waiting for.**Ongoing** updates on Tuesdays roughly every 1-3 weeks

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The Chosen One x The Dark Lord [Alan Becker]

They two were great buds, and they still being great buds.I made this because I love the TDL X TCO ship, so yeah. Read it if you want, I am warning you there is going to be some Gay Sex! so if you don't like it, you can stop reading

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Victims Of Love

Have you ever been played by love and fate? Have you ever been inloved but didn't get the love back? Have you ever been tricked? Well, THEY are tricked. THEY are HURT. THEY had been PLAYED. Find it out HOW THEY OVERCOME everything as you READ THIS STORY. SUPPORT SUPPORT!

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Stolen From Stardom

This time last week I was Tik Tok famous, but now I belong to them...

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In Your Arms

Jenna-Jay Evans was abandoned by her father at a young age which left her to fend for herself. Along the way we she makes new friends including the Hufflepuff Golden boy. During her Hogwarts journey she will have to face her own emotions and the outcome. -Takes place in Goblet of Fire- -Story from original Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling-

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𝐬𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐚𝐲 ||𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨 𝐭𝐞𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐮||

snowflakes fall down and get farther away little by little. i miss long do I have to wait, and how many sleepless nights do I have to see meet you...______________________________________to: kenma♡i love you so muchit hurts.______________________________________in which kuroo texts kenma asking for forgiveness. direct sequel to "begin" ||kuroken||book 5 in the wings seriestw: warning.©️hqheaven2021

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Coming of Age (A Rainimator/Percy Jackson Story)

Rain is struggling through the 'Coming of Age' curse, all Illusionors have them, thier marks glow with each symptom that comes,Day 1: Pale Skin, Fangs, Begins of WingsDay 2: Devil's Tail (3 Feet), hair and eyes get darkerDay 3: Begins of Horns, Wings grow full length (5 Feet)Day 4: Aggressive behaviorDay 5: Horns grow full length (1 Foot)Day 6: Full Demon Actions, No sense of your true self.Day 7: Two day ComaDay 8: NightmaresDay 9: Good DreamsDay 10: Waking up and attacking the first thing you seeDay 11: Keep wings, horns, fangs, and tail but your back to acting like your true self

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just read its bomb af

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