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Second book in the 'ORDER OF SEVEN KINGS' series.

So here we are with a new story. Thankyou for the love for my previous stories. I know many of you are missing Siva and Deva but I'm back with a new and exciting story. Hope you love it.


A prince who lost everything at six years of his age. Determined to bring back his people and restore power in his kingdom. He's going on a quest completing the tasks set up by his ancestors to reunite and piece back his kingdom finding love and friendship in the process.

Come join the story of 'PRINCE IN EXILE' to find out more of the royal secrets.

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My Own Personal Taste x
| torn up

'A scared little girl, that's you, Willow. That's all you've ever been and all you ever will be, do you understand?' He spits venomously, getting so close to me that all I can see and hear is him, all I can feel is him and I hate it. I try my hardest to swallow the lump in my throat and ignore the tears threatening to spill over as his hurtful words echo in my head. Shaking my head feebly, I try and take a step back but he clamps his hands tightly onto my shoulders, forcing me to meet his dark eyes. I can't even find it in me to feel embarrassed anymore when a traitorous tear escapes my eye, prompting a scoff from Eli. I just need to get away from him, even if it's just a few steps, I need to put some distance between us so I can escape his painful words. But despite my struggle, his grip on my shoulders only tighten and soon the corners of his lips are lifting in malice when he sees how desperate I become to get out of his hold. 'So stop trying to play the hero when you're such a coward yourself. Because that's all you are- just a weak, pathetic, littl-'And that's when I slap him.And I regret it instantly- because no-one, and I mean no-one, slaps Eli Walters and gets away with it.---I was only thirteen when my best friend was taken from me. Up until that point, we had practically been inseparable. And then she was gone, and overnight I had to learn to adapt to a life without the light of Ciara Walters in it. Doing even the simplest of things suddenly became a hundred times harder and walking into school that following fall without her by my side felt like one of the worst things I had ever had to face. Especially since I knew who was waiting for me inside, because the day I lost my best friend was also the day I gained an enemy in the form of a boy called Eli Walters, Ciara's twin brother.• TW: mentions of death. | @oreoz4milkx.9.20
Genshin x Male/GN Reader

This book contains, fluff, smut, and angst. It has stories for male and GN readers. My main story posting page is on my Tumber (Silveon57) so everything originates from there.
Dead Red Rose || ✔

මැරුණු රෝස මලක පෙතියළි කෙසේ ජීවත් කරන්නද ?එය විනාශයිනේ ...( Coverd by Armygirl920 )Published -2024.6.11[ Don't copy my work ]
Human Psychology

Human Psychology is the science of mind and human behavior. It opens interesting characteristics and traits that human being encompasses reading about it will not only give a meaningful perspective to how you see the world , but it will allow you to reach out and understand people around you.
This Star does not Work Overtime

THIS STORY IS NOT MINE!FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY.Title: 这个明星不加班© Author: 茗夜 [Ming Ye]Chapter: 524Status: OngoingSummary:"Wang Cheng, we need to practice!""No, I'm going to get eight hours of sleep a day."......"Wang Cheng, it's nine o'clock soon, you're late.""Didn't you go to work at nine? It's still a minute away, what about the punch card?"......"Wang Cheng, what variety show do you want to be on?""Is there a variety show for fishing?"
At The End Of The Tunnel

[BoyxBoy] Kai Carter has been through hell and back. His parents are abusive, homophobic and don't support him financially so he has to work part time as a waiter after school.He's like a shadow at school. No one notices him or even sends a glance his way.Damien Beckett is the star athlete and most popular guy at school. He's the guy that every girl wants. The student body bends to his will. He's rich with loving patients and an easy going life.One day Damien notices Kai and the two start building a very close relationship.******Highest ranks#11 in highschool#9 in gay#3 in gayromance#3 in gaylove#4 in bxblove#27 in malexmale#12 in bxb#13 in mxm#3 in teenlove#3 in jock
Pranking The Prank King

A Shodimu Sophia, Dream_writer11, novelHIGHEST RANKING:#1 IN BADASS#1 IN HUMOUR#1 IN ABUSE#1 IN PRANKSTER#1 IN LOVESTORY#1 IN PAINED#4 IN HIGHSCHOOL#10 IN ROMANCE#10 IN TEENFICTIONA story of a high school girl who has endured a lifetime of abuse. She finds herself entangled in a school where a notorious prankster, who happens to be a wealthy player, reigns supreme. When he pranks her, she fearlessly retaliates, sparking an unexpected romance.Diana KentAfter the tragic death of her father, she was forced to live with her mother. Depression wasn't the best state for the young widow as she inflicted all the pain on her teenage daughter. She ignored all her duties as a mother and it became the responsibility of the child.Dylan KingsBluefall's popular prankster and ladies man, Dylan Kings had all every child his age could wish for. Money, looks, luxury. He was popularly known for pulling pranks on people for the sake of fun. After making a huge mistake by pulling a prank on a nerd and hoping to get away with it, she became the first and only person to plot a revenge against him. Two different lives meet for the sake of a prank. Find out in pranking the prank king.

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Mortal Kombat 11 x Female Reader(2020)

This Book Isn't Taking Request Until Further Notice. Please Read A/n.Disclaimer:I do not claim:-The characters -The game-You (Y/n)-The images used I only claim the one-shot plots.This book may contain:-Cussing-Lemons/smut-Non cons-Gore-Crappy Plots-Triggering ThemesBook Published: 11/25/20

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Bronx Auto Locksmith | Locksmith Bronx

We will provide you the service that you actually deserve. We understand the value of security and that's why we provide you the best service for improving as well as fixing your locks.For more details visit us at or contact us at 929-209-7488 Address:- Bronx, NY #LocksmithBronx #Bronx #NY

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The Todoroki Family (BNHA x Chubby)

After Endeavor's death, the Todoroki family has finally been able to live in peace. What happens when Rei stumbles across a chubby girl in need of her protection?

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BTS Smut -oneshot

Each chapter has one member doin it dirty with u 😳

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Peculiar Friends: The Mystery of the Black Shadow (On Going)

There are five highschool friends whos born with peculiar powers that no body must know except them and their families.They will discover the things that they should know about their life, past, and history, and about how danger will come. They have to solve mysteries to protect the world from the enemy.In this story let's see if what mysteries, love and friendship will be learned.This is the first story that I made and with my bestfriend. Special mention to @Jennicaannemogan.(My bestfriend)💓💓

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Fate/ Forbidden Page

An AU presenting the events of the first proper battle, mainly the Third Holy Grail War. Seven mages summon a servant each. But this time something unexpected happened. A servant of a strange class has been summoned, the rules have been broken in every possible way. Fighting in this war are such figures as Olga of Kiev, William The Conqueror and more...

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My Totally Normal Life

I have such a totally normal life. Firstly, I'm an assassin and I'm living a double life.Secondly, my job is to kill mysterious-hot-boy-who-happens-to-be-my-next-door-neighbour. (Archer McHottie) And lastly, I'm actually the chosen one. Oh yeah, and one direction is involved. My life has never been so totally normal. --- Awesome cover by graphicqueen! Updates once a week! :-)

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