One Night

One Night

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Category: Teen Fiction
[Arabian Nights meets Atlantis]

She wants to save her family.
He wants to save his people.

After selling all of her belongings to survive, Alara has nothing-except a burn scar left by her unknown father and a sick mother she has to take care of. In order to survive, Alara steals and trades what she can. The only escape she has is when she closes her eyes and imagines a different life for herself.

Zayen has been raised to be a guard to the royal family, and has to protect his identity or be killed. Some would say that all of his worth is in his surname. He would say that his worth only comes from the good he can do for those who need it. But that's easier said then done in a world where the pure of heart get left behind.

When Alara and Zayen are forced to work together, they uncover a world that tried to stay hidden. Everything becomes possible, and none of it is safe.

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The Rawat Brides[Complete]

4 young hearts embark on a journey to self discovery, healing, redemption and love.Soumya and Dhara Awasthy don't have much choice in the matter when their grandparents open their home to the Rawat family. Falling in love with the rich, suave men who could complicate their simple lives wasn't on their radar, but the thing about love is that it knocks on your door rather unexpectedly.Two estranged brothers, Rudra and Akash Rawat, decide to accompany their grandparents on their pilgrimage to Palampur. When they set out on this over 400KM journey, their itinerary included taking care of their grandparents and not throttling each other. However, that soon changes when falling for their hosts' granddaughters is added to the list much to their unwillingness.When real life demands Rudra and Akash's attention, the couples have a crucial decision to make- Should they act on their feelings or write them off as a holiday fling?**Warning- This is a slow burn read**
You're Still The One *slowly editing* (Completed)

'You didn't answer my question,' he asked, holding her gaze in his hypnotic ones.'Wh... what question?' She was surprised at her own voice, it sounded like of someone else's. She wanted to ask him--which question, there were so many he had asked her tonight. Each one threatening in their own different ways to her sanity.Brandan smiled mysteriously. Not answering her, he instead said something else, 'Don't keep staring at me like that.' His voice was soft. Suddenly, she found herself in some other world.'W.. why?' She stammered ridiculously.His lips slightly brushed against her, she closed her eyes in anticipation, under the spell of their lips connecting. Sparking were the electricity all over her skin. ''Cause....' He took a step back from her, leaving her cold and she was too lost to do something about it--like leaping closer to him and getting engulfed in the euphoric warmth once again. ''Cause, you will fall in love with me... ' He paused as growling deeply a set of thunders boomed above the skies. Cold wind made her hair dance around. He finally finished his sentence, 'Again.'Rain poured down upon her heavily as if the entire sky was about to break down over her, She opened her eyes against the cold water to see he had lef alreadyt, leaving her to drown into his words, completely.***They say love's blind. Maybe that's why Emma loved Brandan despite all odds, more than she loved herself but only to find that it wasn't enough. When time and fate decided to be cruel to the utmost, she found herself broken in all the ways possible. Realizing that love wasn't enough, she picked up her ruined self and found a new beginning at the end.But fate had, apparently, some unexpected plans in store.Against all odds, they were meant to face one another once again. But this time, Brandan was a changed man and so was Emma. While one was burnt from the pain, another was burnt from the guilt. And then...
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I stopped running as i entered a clearing, sitting back on my haunches when suddenly i smelled the most amazing scent."MATE" my wolf screamed at me. I looked around the clearing and saw a guy . Oh My God he's hot!! He had black hair and blue eyes. He was muscular , he's around six foot four inches . Every part of him is flowing with power and that makes him look more sexy."MINE" He growled. I quickly run behind a tree to shiffed and get dress. I walk back to him and he pulled me by my waist ."What is your name princess?" Megan is a beautiful girl and an Alpha's daughter. She is turning 18, that's mean she's going to meet her mate. But what she didn't expected is her mate is the most strongest Alpha, Ryker Willson. Ryker is a very good looking guy but he is so demanding and possesive Alpha. He try to make Megan fall in love with him and accept him the way he is.*okay im suck at description sorry*
Ivy of Our Hearts

Trapped in the woodlands, Ivy's only hope of going home is to escape the faerie who enchants her into loving him, blinding her to what he is--monstrous.***A dark fortress of trees twisted and crippled by time, the Clearwater, Connecticut, woods is no place for two teenage girls. The legends claim it's haunted. Fed up with being kept inside after dark, fearing the monster will take them, sixteen-year-old Ivy Farewell and her best friend Margaret set out to prove everyone wrong--that the ghost of Clearwater isn't a ghost. And the voice that has been calling to Ivy after dark is simply a trick of the wind.But the woods are deeper than Ivy imagined, each turn bringing them farther from home. When they end up lost their only hope is in each other. All seems undone when Ivy falls ill with a fever, until a stranger persuades them back to his cabin. Under his spell, Ivy falls into a deep and complicated love, a love so treacherous it blinds her to what he truly is--a monster.Copyright © 2023 T.A. JosephAll rights reservedcover by @xenomorphius
The Blind Alpha | ✓

❝ What did I do to deserve you? ❞❝ Nothing, nothing at all, ❞ Irene Rose didn't want to be tied down by a mate, but fate was cruel when she paired her up with an Alpha who would not take no for an answer. The plot twist is, he's blind and all hell will break loose. All rights reserved, 2016 Highest Achievement: #1 on Werewolf 21.12.17 P.S A SLOW TRANSITIONING STORY, BE WARNED. A BIT OF A MESS AND UNPLANNED KINDA STUFF. BUT ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE SO BE WARNEDREADERS REVIEWFTR | 6:44 AM | NEW YORK I cried an ocean, I laughed like crazy, I fell in love as if it were the first time. For a moment I thought I was going to end up with blue eyes (It was fun to read the comments 😂👏).I know there are more episodes but I want to say that I love this book I TRULY LOVE the development of the characters was real I felt their pains, joys and love. I like that the author "Keep it real" Not everything is happiness; that we must appreciate every experience to recognize the mistakes we make and not be a victim of the past. Thanks to the Author 🍃💗@VTORISosaCOVER MADE BY @hitaeth
Underneath a Dark Moon (Twisted Dark #3)

Lacey wasn't a very good witch. She was born to a powerful witch with a powerful warlock as a father, her siblings were also very powerful, the most powerful of all was BamBam. So in the face of such infamous magick, she had always felt inadequate. She was a Nolo Vis, who called herself Novis, but to everyone else, she was considered just as her magick was. Non-existent. That all changes when the high Mercutio Anadori, the Warlock King himself, sets his eyes on her. He offers to take her hand in marriage if she helps him find her sister. She had been kidnapped by a rabid werewolf and brainwashed into helping his nefarious purposes. She readily agrees out of love for her sister and the fact that the Warlock King is very sweet and considerate and the unnoticed Lacey is swept off her feet. So with the promise of marriage from the extremely powerful Warlock King, she starts her search for her sister with a large werewolf named, Abe. He was ordered to protect her but Novis has never encountered a werewolf before and is intimidated by the hulking mass of werewolf that follows her with a still sternness and a crass mouth. Things start to spiral out of control. Lacey starts to feel a deep attraction to the intense werewolf sent to guard her. He looks at her like no one has before, as if she was something of value and worth that was beautiful to behold. She is stuck between a deadly desire and her promise to King Mercutio for marriage. But her as body starts to fail on her, and having no magick to speak of, Lacey knows time is running out and that things aren't always what they seem. She begins to wonder who she can trust in a world where enemies are behind every corner. Who is the true enemy, the Warlock King, her sister, or the werewolf who sets her body and imagination on fire?Hush hushLet your Magick rush

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[FANFICTION] Nothing's wrong with her. She's pretty, nice and has an angelic voice but.. she's not Lisa.WARNING: One of my early books in this app, so it is also cringey and just full of fluff. My graphic designing skills weren't that good during this time too, so the visuals looks very amateur and childish. I might revise them when I have time.© 2018 SYNN™KPOP FANFICTION | 061818 - 030319

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The Truth Revealed

During his journey to save his childhood friend, Link meets a sweet little girl who is looking for her mommy. Being the kind, caring man he is, Link decides to help her. Little did he know that this chance meeting would change his life forever, and reveal the truth of the war between Hylia and Demise. I don't own Link, Ghirahim, Demise, Zelda or any of the other canon characters nor do I own the cover photo. All I own are the OCs and the plot. I hope you enjoy the story.

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It's Ranpoe that's all u need to know

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Direct sequel to Refurbished and prequel to SpringlockedI've got you now, William.

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Sasosaku month has arrived, I'm doing Life and Death prompt one a 4-5 Chapter story, Then I'll do one shots if I can , I might makes some multi chapter fanfics if I can't help my self, Or one of my ideas really sticks, and doesn't wanna leave yet . I have a cover in the making so I will update that in a day or so. There will be individual summaries per prompt , that way you don't feel to lost :), or you can pick and choose what to read. SO enjoy the Meme Template I made instead.

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very very very VERY SMEXY SMUT

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Dan should be old enough to know not to fall in love with the voice on the radio.famous!phil & fanboy!dan[highest: #1 in phanfiction]

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