Little Secret

Little Secret

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The story of the daughter of a ghost hunter, his Little Secret from high school days.

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This is the English Translation of The Next PrinceNote: I'm not looking for fame I'm just trying to help people Sorry if the Translation is Wrong ๐Ÿ˜ŠHarsh words๐Ÿ”ž 18+
His Little Human Mate

After a terrible accident causes the death of his father, Nixx is the new Alpha of the Shadowed Sunset pack. With responsibilities and decisions that pile up, he realizes he needs the mate that seems to not exist. But an injured human seeking refuge on his border may change his mind... Noella Reese is determined to ignore the people around her that say her missing father is dead. Instead, she sets out on a mission to prove them wrong. She'll travel into the forbidden forest just to show them that he still lives. Except, when danger and confusion unfold around her, it looks like her mission may need to pause.
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His Other Daughter | the vampire diaries universe Athena Mikaelson, or Athena Gilbert as she was known all her life, is originally Klaus Mikaelson's daughter. Of course, she never knew that. He gave her up at birth, giving her to the Gilbert family. Therefore, Athena grew up thinking she was Miranda and Graysons daughter. She eventually met the Salvatore's, falling in love with one of them. But, one day, she met the father she never knew.-started : april 11, 2023ongoing@vficsxxall credit of the original story + charactersgoes to the creators of the vampire diaries on netflixonly character of my creation is athena mikaelson / gilbert
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Almost every person who has siblings know how annoying they can be, especially 'brothers'. How is Sophia going to survive a house full of, not only one annoying overprotective brother, but eight?They surely can be annoying but what's also for sure is that they're a blessing, especially when the leader of the rival gang takes interest in you *cough*.•°•°•°•°• A gang!!!" Cole laughed out."Baby girl! We're not in a gang!! " Luke said."No we're not!!... We're in the mafia!!" Alex continued."In matter of fact we own this mafia!" Will said."The most powerful and feared mafia in all the country!!" Jason added."And Mason... " Elijah said pointing at Mason."He's the leader!" Brent continued.•°•°•°•°•Our little baby girl.." Will started and then Alex continued " Has a boyfriend" The whole room went silent , you could hear a pin drop. I was so shocked that my brother said that, that i couldn't utter a word. "What The Fuck Did You Just Say ?" Jason was the first one to speak and then all hell doors broke loose."Who The Fuck Is He?""I'm Gonna Fucking Kill Him""You're Never Going Back To School" •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•โ›”๏ธ Contains cussing words and some violent scenes (can be skipped) โ›”๏ธ โŒ Not an incest story โŒ » Top Rankings so far :•Sophia : #1 •leader : #1 •Teen fiction : #17•First story : #1•Angel : #1 •Rich : #51•Gangs : #4•Princess : #1•Cousins : #3 •Mafia : #18 •Family : #1 •Sister : #1 •Brothers: #88 โ—Disclaimer: All photos / pictures used in the story are not โŒ mine.
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Miss Cousin Wants to Become a Monk

Author: Tian Xia Wu Yi In the previous life, Xie Miao tried so hard to marry her cousin but she didn't expect that her cousin couldn't let go of the white moonlight in his heart. Not only did he ignored her for many years but he even caused her to die unexpectedly. After being reborn, Xie Miao thought: getting married is risky but being single can save your life. Aunt, I have a destiny with Buddha, please allow me to become a nun! Cousin Cui Mu Li: ...A Miao, what nonsense are you talking about! Rival Zhou Nian Nan: Xie Miao, your brain is flooded. Do you want me to help you get out. The pretentious cousin Xie Miao was reborn. She was no longer infatuated with her cousin Cui Mu Li and only wanted to become a monk. Relying on the advantage of her past life and secretly using Cui Mu Li's hand, she gradually changed the tragedy of everyone in the previous life. In the process, she won the admiration of Cui Mu Li and her arch-enemy Zhou Nian Nan with her smart and true character.
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Love a good scare? You've come to the right place. Here's a collection of some two sentence horror stories from the Internet. Hope you enjoy:)I do not take any credit for the stories.
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Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15Only publishing on weekends Also, episode 21 is the last one the creator of this story takes too long to do this comic so bye.

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WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION.Bound by fate. Divided by duty.Yenni has never been this far from home. With only her wits, her strength, and her sacred runelore, the fierce Yirba warrior princess is alone in the Empire of Cresh. It's a land filled with strange magics and even stranger people-all of whom mistrust anyone who's different. But Yenni will prove herself, and find the cure for her father's wasting illness. She will not fail.No one warned her about the dragons. Especially not about him. Yet there is something powerful and compelling about the violet-black dragon known as Weysh. In human form he's muscular, beautiful-and completely infuriating. What kind of arrogant creature claims a stranger as his Given; as his destined mate? Yenni is no man's-or dragon's-plaything. But other magics must be at work here, because Weysh might just be her best hope at finding the answers she seeks. Only now Yenni can't tell if she's fighting an attraction to a dragon . . . or fighting fate itself.

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Lost lovers l Yoonmin

Jimin is the son of a rich CEO, best student of his year with a bright future before him, but will his crush for Min Yoongi, the one person opposite to him, break him? And why does Yoongi look so familiar to Jimin?I want to thank @mintyoongae for the cover!!Best ranking {N.1 Yoonmin}

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