Species Unknown [Book 1: Aves]

Species Unknown [Book 1: Aves]

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Category: Science Fiction
Hidden deep in the California valley is the Aves Department for the infamous C.R.O.S.S. Laboratories. Offered an internship this esteemed genetic research lab, biology graduate Aurora Hall felt like she was living the dream. However, she soon begins to question the commonality of all the locked doors and vague answers from the shady staff.

When she finds an abandoned ID badge with access to the highly restricted Section 3, she can't help but take a look. What she finds makes her question why she was picked as an intern, and she is faced with a choice that threatens to uproot everything she knows about science, humanity, and even love.


I flattened my palm on the cold glass and held my breath. My heart raced as I watched him tentatively lifting his hand to reach mine.

Then I saw it.

A flash of white in corner of my vision.

Turning my focus away from the man, I focused on the white shape behind him. Craning my neck, I tried to inspect it further but my confusion only grew when I recognized it to be a patch of white feathers.


He must have noticed my gaze because his lips quirked up into a proud smile and suddenly the patch of white grew into an entire wing.

No, not just one, two wings...and they were attached to his back.


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#1 in Science-Fantasy 4/21/2023 ❤️

#2 Young Adult 4/18/2023

#2 Strong-Female-Character 12/20/2021


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