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silly girl

this is about a girl that makes unique choices. what life holds for her? I can't tell you that, but I can tell you that she isn't that normal.

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The World Unseen

Sora's life is turned upside down when he is teleported from a speeding train to the Spirit World by a devious fox that has stolen his KI.Now, trapped as a kitsune in a strange world of monsters, time is running out for him. If he does not find a way to turn himself back into a human and escape the world unseen, he may forever be trapped as a fox.

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His Hands (BillxReader)

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Jinora in the Past

"Dad?" she said."Yes, Jinora?" His voice was distracted as he stared at the ground, deep in thought."Do you think we'll be able to find the source of the attacks as fast as President Raiko wants us to?" Jinora was quit concerned. There was something about the energy the spirit vines were emitting. It was almost as if they were afraid of something.*I don't own any of these character!! They are all from Avatar:The last Airbender! @HufflePuffPuff24601 gave me the idea for this. More like she mad me write it (gotta love sisters).Thank you for reading!(Cover art is mine)

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Love without the avatar

This story is about how asami has to deal with her lover avatar korra being dead before there wedding.

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Rainbow's Gift (Avatar The Last Airbender Fanfic)

Life in the Fire Nation isn't easy. Especially when your father is a commander.After her brother's death, Taliya decided that she needed to do something about the war. So she escaped so she could do something good for the benefit of others. On the way she met the Avatar and his friends and decided to join them, so she could help bring balance to the world.But during their adventures, she realizes something is different about her, something to do with the colours of the world.

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The Kitsune's Daughters - A Foxy Tale From The Mera Family

[This story contains Gender Transformation, Age Regression, and Fox Transformation themes.]Orphaned and untrusting of people after being abused by his foster parents, David runs away from his orphanage and soon finds himself being spirited away by a loving fox that wants to be his mother. The only problem is: the fox village of Kakurezato, where they now live, does not allow humans to live amongst them.Now David has a choice to make: To either abandon and deny his humanity, or to embrace a new life as the kitsune's daughter.

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A Skeleton's Story

The life story of a single skeleton, trying to make a difference.Both the AI graphics and written story arechanneled from a spirit who wishes to tell his story.

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Chihiro's Big Sister

(Spirited Away x Reader)Everyone knows the tale of Chihiro's big adventure in the spirit world; How she got trapped because her curious parents. Where she met a boy named Haku and a couple other friends along the way. Its honestly one of our favorites right? Well what if Chihiro had a big sister? Her name is (Y/n) Ogino and she is a very caring sister. She protects Chihiro the best she can while they are in the spirit world, but she can also be a bit sassy at times. That's what Haku likes about her. Caring, sweet, and sassy all in one package.💮= Edited Chapter

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The Fourth Sannin (Kakashi x OC)

Ten years is a long time to be away and she's not the same kid she was when she left. Bo Young is the Fourth Legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf Village. Determined to kill Orochimaru for slaughtering her clan, Bo returns to the village with Naruto, Jiraiya and Tsunade. She is reunited with the people she left behind so long ago. Will sparks fly once again when she is reunited with Kakashi? Or was ten years too long?I DO NOT own Naruto or any of it's characters, the only character I own is Bo Young. I DO NOT own the pictures either.

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The Fall Of A Princess.

Was just thinking wtf happened to Azula? Her character could've had so much better development... so here's what I came up with. Read at your own risk.Let's see the fire nation princess actually be understood.

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From Out Of Nowhere |  Layne Staley Spiritual Experiences

My paranormal/spiritual experiences with Layne Staley of Alice In Chains and Mad Season. This is NOT fan fiction.

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The Guardian Angel~ A Bunnymund x reader fanfiction

Ever wonder, who was the first spirit made by The Man in the Moon? Ever wonder, who he or she was? Ever wonder, what happened to him or her? Then this story is just for you. This is the story of the Guardian Angel. The first Guardian.But this story isn't a simple one. It's a love story between (Y\n) and E. Aster Bunnymund - the Easter Bunny and Guardian of Hope.

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Resident Prime

When a Zombie outbreak occurs. The autobots soon realize that two of their human allies have a family history with what has happened to the world. All Resident Evil-related characters are owned by capcom. All Transfromers-related characters are owned by Hasbro. All art and images are owned by their respective artist.

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Unbroken Spirit III (ZukoxOC) (BOOK III)

"Always.""Always."Team Avatar agrees to step back in action, however, something else seems to be stering up. After a few weeks of recovery, Kota and her family plan out to take out the Fire Lord for good this time. With that, Kota begins to explore her abilities and learns how to handle what she's able to. Though, there appears to be a certain prince on her mind that she must push past for her new mission.Is it possible for her to handle this task? Or any of them all at once? Let's find out together shall we...All rights go to the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series. I only own Nakota(Kota).

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Unfailing Love

Through thick and thin. Through heartache and hardships, love will always find a way for these two gorgeous women.#Korrasami #Futa #Romace #Smutt #Angst

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These Paths We Tread (Autobot x OC)

Catherine Wolf has been friends with Sam Witwicky for as long as she can remember, and been in love with him for the past two years. Unfortunately, Sam has been in love with Mikeala Banes for even longer. To make matters worse, an alien race of transforming robots made of two factions-- Autobots and Decepticons-- from the planet Cybertron come to Earth searching for a powerful artifact they call the Allspark. By some strange working of fate, Catherine is pulled into a war not of her making, and finds she has a much greater role to play than she realized. A friendship will be tested, unlikely love will be found, war will be raged, and a young woman will find her place in the world. And to think it all started with a pair of glasses...(Autobot x OC 'cause y'all are fun when you keep guessing xD)

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The Manifest

Sequel to Chasing Time..Eesha has gotten her form back, she has been to the spirit world and she has faced obstacles beyond her wildest imagination... Yet nothing can prepare her to take on this new challenge, Her family.Stranger things happen when a mysterious painting appears in the house. A picture of a cabin in the spirit world. Eesha finds herself in a web as she tries to discover the mystery behind the picture and how it connects to her.

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Facing Fear (BT! Papyrus X Reader)

In a world where everyone can fly, you are the odd one out... because you don't. sure you have wings like all the rest, there's just one Itty bitty flaw in your design... you're afraid of heights.

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The legend of Y/N Book One: The beginning

This is Book one of two. This will start off on book 4 of LOK and then will be a continuation. You will understand hopefully soon very soon. This book will be somewhat short just so you can understand where everything happens and all that. but the book two will be somewhat longer hopefully. hope you like it. This will be my first series so I hope you enjoy. Disclaimer I do not own the LOK characters or Gifs and songs and images used in this book unless I say so. I hope you like it and as always ENJOY!!Update: Book 2 is out now. Go and read it when done with this one if you wanna know what happens next. also fair warring i may spell some names wrong. like aunt sue i spelled aunt sou or aunt suo in this book. but not in book 2.#12 in spiritworld#7 IN SPIRITWORLD

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Brandy is kidnapped by the terrifying ghost queen from her grandfather's fairytales. Now it's up to Bailey a boy who thought he was too old for fairytales to rescue her.He ventures alone to the illusive and highly dangerous spirit world of Luminari. With the help of a fury friend with a loudmouth and brash leap before you look attitude, he sets out on the adventure of a lifetime. He must pass many tests to prove his intelligence, kindness, and above all else bravery. Something Bailey would never consider a strength of his. He's known as the chubby asthma kid with thick glasses the one the other children poke fun at. He is not the strong and brave hero his sister needs but if he ever wants to see her again, he will have to be or die trying.On his journey he meets many friends and even more foe, and he learns of a secret even his grandpa didn't know about."Luminari is a spirit world full of lost souls, the wishes of forgotten men, the hopes of lonely women and the dreams of dying children."-Clarence#1 in magical kingdom 👑 11/9/22

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Little Wolf

Ulric Wolcott, know as Little Wolf by his friends and family, has no boundary between man and wolf.His Native American heritage from his mother gave him access to his spirit guide, the Spirit of the Wolf itself. The Spirit of the Wolf blended easily with the wolf nature he received from his werewolf father.The first werewolf he met outside his family set his feet on the path to a new name that would define his future. An encounter with a young girl who would become pivotal in his life would seal it.Little Wolf's spirit guide is leading him to become not only the ruling Alpha of Spirit Wolf's worldly pack but King to all werewolves!*🐺•*🐾•*•*•*•*•*This is the beginning of the Brother Wolf Saga novels. Each story stands alone but involves characters in the other stories.

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Light in the Dark (Gaster X Reader)

He went blind in a freak accident at the lab. Now all he 'sees' is darkness. Until.. he meets you.

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Heart Eater | Spirited Away

The saddest thing one can lose is a memory. Spirited Away ©2019

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A Perfect World

Image a world where there was no war. Toriel and Asgore never divorced. Gaster never fell into the void. The genocides never happened. Everyone is happy. That is this world. Gaster is a top scientist in the human government, helping improve the world. Alphys and Sans are his assistants. Asgore, mayor of Ebott and Toriel a teacher. Frisk, Chara, and Asriel their beloved, not dead or murderous kids. Undyne is the chief of police and Papyrus is her lieutenant. Everything is perfect..

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Within Me

Disclaimer: this fanfic has quite a lot of cursing so if you're sensitive to that or you just simply don't want see that, I wouldn't read it. Other than that, it's quite tame. So don't worry too much :). Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

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