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Category: Romance
"I had enough of your bullshit Elijah" I glared at him
"he had the audacity to touch what's not his" he glared at me
"I'm not yours"i yelled at Elijah

mia black a 17 years old sassy, clumsy, sarcastic and shorty girl who hated a boy named Elijah

Elijah a 18 years old bad boy who is head over heels for mia yet he makes fun of her until a new boy came to their school

Will he gets over protective? will he finally show Mia his feelings?

or will Mia end up with the new boy?
after all she's his lavender

started:May 11, 2020
finished: April 26, 2021

#57 in childhood (jun 5/20)
#77 in mine(jun 5/20)
#27 in adorable (may 23/20)
#4 in jealous (April 14/21)

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- Last updated at 21:25 31-03-2024

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