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Category: Vampire

"What are you?" he asks, his deep melodious voice vibrating in my ears. I refuse to show him any weakness, any fear at all. I stare into those endless eyes.
"I don't know..." my body is covered in shivers when he lights up in rage and punches the brick wall behind me, creating a perfect dented hole, as if the wall was made of plaster.
"Don't test me, princess," he hisses, bending further in towards me. "You have no idea what I could do to you." he licks his lips, and I have just enough time to catch a glimpse of pointy teeth before a raging pain slices through my neck.
Emma Sanders is a seventeen-year-old girl, moving to a foreign town, one of those that you wouldn't find on a map, except maybe if you measured it by inches. But a secretive group of blood, fangs, and mystery has her attention, and it would destroy anything in its path to figure out what she really is.
Copyright 2014 - Sophia Kjeldbjerg
No part of this story may be copied, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted to anyone. It cannot be transmitted or copied by any means - such as by electronic devices, photocopies, recordings, mechanics or any other forms - without prior written permission from the author. Copying this story is a violation of the copyright law.

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TMNT: new kitten in town book 1

This is kitten, she's a leopard mutain who was experimented on by the kranng. They did something to her blood and cells ( you'll find out ) and it changed her hair and eyes.

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Joker in Twisted Wonderland

After the events of Person 5: The Royal, Ren Amamiya returns to his hometown with Morgana. But to the feline's shock, they discover both of Ren's parents had abandoned the house and Ren is practically left alone. Though, the boy had told his feline friend that they always fought and officially got a divorce after his trial.Not long after, Ren breaks down and runs out of the house, heading back for the train station, with Morgana following behind him. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a large black carriage appears before him, and he and Morgana are whisked away to a different world called Twisted Wonderland, and end up in a school for magic, Night Raven Collage.Though he technically doesn't have any "magic", his leadership skills and uncanny ability to bring out the best in people around, might be what the school student-body needs. Especially as strange occurrences are happening, which start putting said students' lives in danger. With new friends, including new persona-users, he makes by his side, Ren sets out to uncover what is happening and why.Prologue: Welcome to Villains' World

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How To Blackmail A Bad Boy (SAMPLE)

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