Faded In Your Last Song

Faded In Your Last Song

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River Gohan dela Rua


"You're the kind of danger I'm willing to take."

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Paranormal Romance (Werewolf)You know that movie Jerry Maguire? It's about this sports agent who got fired for suddenly having a conscience. Anyway, there's this very romantic scene by the end of the movie when Jerry made this very heartfelt and passionate declaration to his wife. Those words would melt you into a puddle and make you burst into tears thinking, "I want to have that kind of love!"Well that very sweet scene did not happen on this story, not all of it anyway. Don't get me wrong it was heart wrenching, very much so, and there was a passionate declaration. But instead of saying the oh so loving, oh so sweet and oh so scripted "I love you. You complete me..." like Jerry did in the movie, my 'mate', the other half of my soul and the one who 'completes' me said, "I hate you. I wish you were dead!" He said it with disgust and anger burning in his eyes. He didn't run into my arms like he was supposed to, he ran away from it. But who could blame him? Jerry Maguire was right. We live in a cynical world and we work on a business of tough competitors. Why would my mate want to be with me? He'd be shunned and be forever laughed at. Aside from the fact that I was male, I'm basically useless to him because I'm a werewolf who can't phase. He's an alpha. He could have anyone he wants. And me, well, I'm on the bottom of the pack, the runt of the litter. The council didn't know what to do with me. They couldn't kill me since it could drive my mate insane, even if he didn't want me. I can't kill myself because it would probably have the same effect on him. I have to live but I can't be with my mate and my pack. So I made it easier for everyone, I ran away. I always believed in the saying "Out of sight, out of mind." What I didn't consider was the possibility that they'd come after me and forcefully bring me back.
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No one even knew that it was possible, but seeing is believing.Usually werewolves meet their mates after they meet their wolves for the first time when they are 16 years old. What will happen when the young alpha meets his mate at the age of 6?Alana is a small abused 5 year old, Elijah is a overprotective 6 year old alpha. They have a connection like no one has seen before.What will happen if soulmates meet as such a young age?β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘This is my first book ever! There might be some spelling/grammar mistakes, it might be cliche. Who knows? Let's see what happens... I hope you enjoy!Comment and Vote!Pictures are from the internet and does not belong to me.
The Rise of the Lycans

Laura is different. She knew this when she was six after realising she was adopted. Now she is seventeen, waiting to shift into her wolf and find her mate. But before she could journey to find her wolf and her mate, she had to go to a ball in the Moon Royal Palace for the coronation of the new Alpha King. She is the adopted daughter of a Beta. While there, she found her wolf voice but not her wolf form. Also, her mate, Nathan Crescent. The new Alpha King. The night, however, turned into a nightmare when they learnt that lycans still existed. They called themselves Lycan Brothers. A prophecy from the moon goddess herself made them come out of hiding. They were searching for the marked one.
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Living as a rogue is hard enough, but doing so as a runt is even harder. Rogues, lawless wolves, and ferals are only some of the dangers Jade must face while living in no man's land, and she has to be clever to survive. Such a lifestyle has taught her several tricks and given her valuable skills, but will they be enough to convince a pack to let her prove her worth? If a pack does accept her, could she dare to dream of falling in love?--------On a side note:None of the main characters are mated to an Alpha.No character has 'exclusive' abilities or powers. -----Sneak Peek:My steps faltered as I noticed that two of the pursuing wolves had sped ahead on a larger circuit and were waiting to intercept me. I launched towards a tree and used my feet to ricochet off at a ninety-degree angle without slowing down. One of the wolves following further behind was able to easily correct for my new direction and picked up speed. The tan wolf was closing in, and I started to panic.I looked around frantically, trying to find a way to escape. I saw a rabbit burrow under a small bramble bush and desperately raced towards it. I darted under the edge of the plant and heard the tan wolf going around as he expected me to come out the other side. It gave me the precious seconds I needed to squeeze down the tunnel. My relief was short-lived - the rabbit that dug this burrow had not survived long enough to finish it. The tunnel was only about twice as long as the average human arm, and I could clearly see the entrance. I sent a silent prayer that the bramble bush would deter them and that they would not realize just how shallow this burrow was. I waited anxiously.The entire semi-polished draft can be read on Wattpad.The polished version can also be purchased on Amazon in print/audio.Copyright January 2017. All Rights Reserved. Readers may not copy, alter, or steal this story/plot. Fanfictions are allowed to use my *world* and *werewolf ranks* as long as credit is given.
Levi Ackerman's Son

What if Levi Ackerman had a son that he doesn't know about in the Underground before Erwin made him join the scouts? How would it affect the story? Finished. Enjoy.

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β€ν•œλ‚¨λ™μΉ λ‘€μ—¬μ„±μΆœμž₯λ§ˆμ‚¬μ§€ν›„κΈ°γ€Ž0일O-2133-7544γ€λ§ˆμž₯동애콰도λ₯΄μ—¬μ„±μΆœμž₯λ§ˆμ‚¬μ§€ν›„κΈ°#μ‚¬λ‹Ήμ—­μΆœμž₯μƒ΅λ²ˆν˜Έβ˜…λͺ…λ₯œλŸ¬μ‹œμ•„μΆœμž₯λ²ˆν˜Έγ€ŽοΌ―βž€O-2133-7544』

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The golden light of the setting sun bathed the city in a warm glow as Kane stood on the rooftop of his penthouse apartment. He gazed out at the skyline, his mind racing with the various schemes and plans he had set in motion. Kane was a man who commanded power and respect, and he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.As the night fell, Kane turned from the view and made his way back inside. But little did he know, a series of events was about to unfold that would threaten everything he had built and test his control.

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Roronoa Fiasco (Zoro x reader)

This is a sequel and actually the 3rd book!!!1st Book: Zoro x reader The new girl at the school2nd Book: I just want to see you happy,dad. (Zoro x reader)After Zoro and (F/n) got married they made their family. Kuina was old enough to take care of herself and her little siblings. Even if the couple had theirs big daughter's help the situation many times came out of control... No matter how old Roronoa kids will be they will always got themselves into troubles and made ... a fiasco. A modern time story... I do not own one piece and the pics. Only the plot and some characters.P.S. I am so excited for this book!

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𝕙𝕠𝕨 π••π•šπ•• 𝕀 π•˜π•–π•₯ 𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖? Partygoer x Partypooper / backrooms

After the Fun War all partypoopers vanished into the Promised Land. The problem appeared when one of them accidently noclipped straight into the Funrooms, with no way back./READ THE LAST AUTHORS NOTE!(LAST CHAPTER)/POSSIBLE TWs: -blood , gore (it should be obvious tho)-PTSD/other mental struggles////////dedication to all desperate people (like me) who wanted to but couldn't find anything longer or completed about partygoer and/or partypooper. you're welcome. important note (or not)-it's QUEERPLATONIC not romantic because im aroace and i said so. also it's not really focused on that aspect STOP COMPLAINING!!! -partygoer and partypooper are both nonbinary because im also nonbinary and i also said so-It's all going to be written in Partypoopers POV -im going to ignore a lot of canon stuff. for example partygoers won't entirely loose their memories after being "infected" and they aren't 100% completely aggressive and unstoppable in the funrooms. -cover and all the doodles are made by me😼😽-my grammar will probably suck bc english is my second language ==============================most impresive rankings: #2 in #backrooms ~ 14.11.2022#1 in #Partypooper ~ 14.11.2022#1 in #Partygoer ~ 16.11.2022#1 in #backrooms ~ 22.11.2022 <3==============================started: 04.11.2022finished: 26.11.2023

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Imagines of our favourite boys...."If you say it's summer one more fucking time!""January embers."" you probably have crabs πŸ¦€ ""I thought I might be crazy!""my mum is going to have an aneurism.""no Richie's she's not hot!""I'm an outsider."-#414 in fanfiction!

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This is my entry for the #LookingForAlaskaContest. This story has some edited details but is based on a true story. My story.Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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Goddess Of Fate (Gakuen Alice)

"Her existence itself only causes trouble, she's an outsider."10-year-old Akayuki Suminako's arrival became the sensation in Gakuen Alice with an unexplainable mystery surrouding her. The academy's reaction upon her arrival was similar to a host awaiting an expected guest. Among her peers, the beautiful Suminako became known as the partner of both Natsume and Ruka, marking the start of her encounters with misfortune.Jealousy, betrayal, bullied and used, even ostracized by her own classmates, she was thrown here and there and even fell into a love triangle drama. However, things may not what they seem to be.What once was a sheet filled with normal puzzle pieces, gradually had the pieces replaced with memories foreign but familiar to her. Slowly unraveling the mysterious memories, a never-ending surge of obstacles come her way.What happens when everyone finds out that the Suminako they know is actually reincarnated with a power that can change or destroy both destiny and fate itself? Time is ticking backwards, can Suminako revert everything that has been undone?Read to find out.Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures or videos used in this fanfiction, credits goes to owners. I do not own Gakuen Alice but the entire plot is owned by yours truly. Cover is also made by yours truly.

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What was heaven has become hell!What they talked about was a blow to us.And let time turn back to return everything that was lost a long time ago...don't believe in all those fairy taleswhat the people lied about -about evil and evilWe are tired of all this, me and ...What was heaven became hellAnd it became a blow to usThe betrayal of one of the closest -Friends, partners, Alpha, Betta, Vera-Verta,Our friendship was destroyed only by them.DON'T BELIEVE THEM!all around deceitand as soon as you step into the darkness, the darkness will swallow you up ..And that's why I exist.

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