Fake It Till You Make It

Fake It Till You Make It

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Category: Romance
Milan Vasilios

After being sick for a very long time, Milan Vasilios, the king of football decided to hire a nutritionist who could prepare his food and advise him on his diet. During the selections, there was this particular nutritionist who stood out far above the others.

He was impressed and didn't even bothered to interview her. No, not at all. She got the job immediately.

But little did he know...

Yasmin Shadid

Ava exaggerated in the CV. There was not one truth in it, except for the fact that she graduated high school.

Yasmin was positive that Milan Vasilios, the king of football, would never hire her. She was pretty sure there were tons of applications from real nutritionists. She would not stand a chance. After all, who wouldn't want to work for Milan Vasilios? The man was a god. The killer smile, muscular body, and the magic skills he possessed to use on the field--and most likely also in bed--.

He was a heartbreaker, a casanova. But damn, didn't girls throw themselves at him even though they know it would not last forever.

So imagine what a surprise it had been when she received a call informing her that she was hired!


Yasmine started to think that maybe everything will be alright. He hired her right. The hardest part is gone. What else can go wrong?

But little did she know...

Copyright © 2021 by Lency Slamet
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
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Book 1"Patience is your power"THE L/N'S ARE A WARRIOR FAMILY, ALL FIERCE FOR BLOOD WHEN FIGHTING. YOU DON'T WANNA CROSS THEM. 😉😏DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU'RE SHEEPISH LIKE ALVARO OR A JOKESTER LIKE Y/F/N. WHEN YOU'RE FIGHTING AGAINST THEM, YOU'LL REGRET EVEN COMING TO THEM. Mi Milagro - My Miracle Mirabel Madrigal x Fem!Reader Y/N L/N Daughter of the Protectors of Encanto from the outside world, losing them at a young age. See what happens when she's given a gift by Casita and her future ahead of her. ------------------------------------------------------------It'll be a bit before and during the movie Encanto with some small changes like Mirabel and Pepa's relationship cuz I love them two together. I feel like Pepa would be over-protective of her favourite sobrina. And also Pepa's side of the family NOTE:This is my first Encanto fanfic. I have more planned for the future. Oh and anything here in Spanish will mostly from google translate or some from my Spanish class I somehow actually remember. Idk how often I'll post but yeah it's here.DISCLAIMER: I definitely do not own Encanto or any of the characters except the beginning part of Y/N's life

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