Earned Trust

Earned Trust

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Loki x reader

You're a werewolf who had left her pack and joined the avengers one year ago.
With trust issues and a fear of being hurted, this werewolf tries to live along with her new pack.

Soon, there will be a new member joining the avengers. And this werewolf will have a hard time trying to trust this new avenger, who also happens to be the god of mischief and lies itself.

Will this new mischievous god win this abused and hurted werewolf's trust?

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Low City , 1985 год. Если вы: маньяк, киллер, наркоторговец, мошенник , ну или просто хотите повеселится в городе где со 80% вероятностью не проживете и дня, то вам сюда. Почти вся полиция в городе это взяточники, поэтому вряд ли вам кто то поможет когда в переулке вас будет грабить очередной грабитель, которых в городе тысячи. Больницы открыты только для людей с деньгами. В богатых районах проживают лишь боссы мафии, а простые улицы уже давно заняты бандами латиносов, скинхедов и нигеров. Безработицы и нищета. Можно было бы сказать что это конец...Но тут в городе появляется группировка, в СМИ её называют "сектой", простой люд называет их спасителями, но они называют себя "Неоновые демоны".

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Tris is somehow alive and returns back to the city. What will happen with Tobias? What will be her mode of transportation there?|started - 31 July 2015||completed - 25 August 2015|

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This story started as a joke between me and my friend about making a fanfic NSFW of Solomon and Barbatos who clearly have a bad relationship. I took upon the Challenge and wrote a enemies to lovers style fanfic about them. This is the first (and probably last) fanfic I've ever written so I apologize for the trauma I'm about to inflict on you guys.There is a vague plot and the one-shot is just a smut fest.

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I basically write down all the facts of U.A Characters (Along with Pro Heroes and Villains)

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Anne with an E - A Winter Journey

This story takes place after season 2!In an unexpected turn of events, Anne, Diana, Ruby and Gilbert find themselves stranded in the snow. The group is forced to seek shelter for the night and to confront their feelings...

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Mondo and Taka sit and talk about their future, unintentionally they let their futures intertwine.

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Winter a 18 year old girl that hibernates in the summer spring and fall . Percy a 18 year old boy who seeks adventure and excitement. will their love survive?only time will tell.

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