Bunny's Mafia (✅)

Bunny's Mafia (✅)

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when a certain fluffy bunny looking boy has a Mafia wrapped around his fingers

Dive deep and find out the love story of a bratty cute innocent bunny boy Jeon jungkook and a short tempered dangerous mob , mafia Kim taehyung .

"Hyungie , I am extremely sorry I scratched your hand " , lips wobbly eyes teary as if the innocent boy will cry anytime soon

"oh ..ehm.. it's okay ...see it's not hurting. ..please don't cry ..." responded the mafia with a small smile and concern laced in his voice ,
to which his bodyguard's jaw dropped and reached the floor when they were expecting the boy to be dead by now to their surprise his boss was smiling at the younger and saying sweet nothings in his ears

"Here ....please take this bandaid " the innocent boy hands over a bandaid that had multiple bunnies and carrots imprinted on it .

" Thankyou "

Now the most dangerous mafia of Asia was leaving his flight in all black formal suit and a bunny bandaid on the dorsal surface of his hand .

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