Breaking The Ice [bxb]

Breaking The Ice [bxb]

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Category: Teen Fiction
In the Astor Group Ice Arenas, the worlds of ice hockey and figure skating merge by the border between working-class Brunson and the upper-crust Lake City.

Liam Astor is the boy everyone knows. Everyone knows he's the son of the CEO of Astor Investments Group. Everyone knows he only skates with his partner. Everyone knows his favorite hobby is turning heads and slacking jaws. And everyone knows he had a summer fling with another boy when he went away before senior year.

Eli Blake is the boy who's lost too much to throw his goals all away for distractions. He has a plan to make it out of Brunson, and it involves throwing himself at his chances of a pro career with the NHL. No college, no grades, no detours except whatever he strictly has to do to get by and make it to his ultimate goal.

Eli is a mystery to Liam. And Liam is too enticing for Eli to be able to resist. Maybe the boy everybody knows has a secret side to him as well. And maybe, the boy who can't afford distractions could use one after all.

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