AURORA (Original Novel)

AURORA (Original Novel)

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Category: Mystery
The sleepy life of the inhabitants of a small Norwegian village turns into a nightmare when a strange creature with amber eyes appears in a quiet settlement. Terrible events and sudden deaths of local residents begin to occur. The center of all mysterious events becomes an unsociable litle girl living on the outskirts, in a dysfunctional family. Her classmates bully her and her life takes on darker shades because her parents begin to behave strangely and, to top it all off, there is always an amber-eyed something nearby that plays its own game.

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Rachel Brown lost all connection to spirituality the day her brother died and her mother became a victim of paralysis... Or so she thought.Six years later, she is still battling against the forces that threaten to tear her life apart. They are succeeding, slowly stealing everything she holds dear: her mother, her familial relationships, even her sanity... But that is not the worst thing they've stolen.In her ignorance, Rachel does not realize that she has lost the one Being that can save her from all her troubles, the same Being she had renounced, blaming Him for her predicament.Will she be able to retrace her steps before it is too late?And who is this new teacher who has taken a suspicious interest in her?Is he the final hit that upends her life?Or is he the stairway to the Solution she had lost?Get ready to meet the Solution within the pages of this story, as He leads you through a journey of love and self-discovery.
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