A Mist Of Her Validation

A Mist Of Her Validation

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Category: Romance
Vee and Masha have become much closer since they've come back from camp. Throughout the year that Vee and Masha spent together vee told Masha about the Boiling Isles and decided to spend the summer there with Luz at the owl house. Through their time at the Boiling Isles, Masha realises they have feeling for Vee, and Vee realises she has feeling for Masha. But with all the drama they have going on with Boscha and other bullies, things might be a little difficult for them and their relationship.

Ships included:
Lumity [Luz x Amity]
Gustholomule [Gus x Mattholomule]
Huntlow [Hunter x Willow]
Veesha [Vee x Masha]
Reada [Eda x Raine]

Story does include swearing.
I know this might be annoying, but I might not be able to update story chapters often as I'm normally busy.
Also, I am very sorry if at any point I accidentally misgender anyone. If you could point out any wrong pronouns I've used, I will fix the mistake quickly
Hope Yall enjoy :-)

The artwork shown isn't mine I found most of it on Pinterest/Google.

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