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This is the story of bts 8th member the girl who will be the 8th member even don't know who is bts what will happen if boys knew it's a girl

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Gaslight is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. *****Studious seventeen-year-old Maddie must learn self-defense while trying not to fall for her womanizing trainer. *****When straight-A student Maddie is forced to move to LA, she plans to keep her head down, grades up, and make it through senior year as unnoticeable as possible. But when she stumbles upon an underground boxing match starring the intriguing Hayden Walker, she sees a chance to protect those she loves from her crazy, abusive father. She offers Hayden money in exchange for self-defense lessons, a dangerous arrangement that just might end up changing the pair of them forever.*If you aren't reading this book on Wattpad, it has been stolen. Please report the website!*
Mafia's collateral (M Book2)

Seraphina Allen has been struggling through life, trying to make ends meet. But the more she lives, the more she wants to die. Everything seems to put her mind further into dismay and the final straw is when she accidentally ends up with blood on her hands.
π‘αž”αŸαžŸαž€αž˜αŸ’αž˜αž˜αž½αž™β€’|β€’ The Mission One𑁍

αžŸαž„αŸ’αž‚αž˜αž˜αž½αž™αž“αŸαŸ‡αž˜αžΆαž“αžšαžΏαž„αž‡αžΆαž…αŸ’αžšαžΎαž“αžŽαžΆαžŸαŸ‹αžŠαŸ‚αž›αž™αžΎαž„αž˜αž·αž“αžŠαŸ‚αž›αžŠαžΉαž„αž˜αž·αž“αžŠαŸ‚αž›αž”αžΆαž“αžƒαžΎαž‰ αž™αžΎαž„αžšαžŸαŸ‹αž“αŸ…αž‚αž·αžαžαžΆαž–αž·αž—αž–αž›αŸ„αž€αž“αŸαŸ‡αžŸαŸ’αžšαžŸαŸ‹αžŸαŸ’αž’αžΆαžαžŽαžΆαžŸαŸ‹αž˜αŸαž“αž‘αŸαžαžΆαž˜αž–αž·αžαž’αžαŸ‹αž‘αŸαž–αž·αž—αž–αž›αŸ„αž€αž“αŸαŸ‡αžŸαžΆαž αžΆαžœαž›αžΎαžŸαž–αžΈαž’αŸ’αžœαžΈαžŠαŸ‚αž›αž™αžΎαž„αž‚αž·αžαž†αŸ’αž„αžΆαž™αžŽαžΆαžŸαŸ‹
FNAF Zodiac

Five Nights At Freddys Zodiac BookIt's one of the five zodiac I have written, if you enjoy you're welcome to check out any other books I have written.Started: 27th of December 2021Ended: ???
Wicked (WICKED #1) | βœ“

"What, you don't think I'm a bad boy?""We're in an camp for delinquents. They're all bad boys here."FIRST BOOK IN THE WICKED SERIES
Horror School

An unexpected day at school, the girls decide to skip class and hide in an abandoned class. Little did they know the class was haunted. That is from where it all started.....

(COMPLETED | UNDER EDITING) Fresh out of college, Veronica Odair is hired as a forensic scientist at the infamous B.E.A.R. Laboratories. She is put to work on the classified Tekula Project, but certain events lead her to question her job. What is so dangerous about Level 5? Why do her tests come back increasingly strange? What secrets are B.E.A.R. Laboratories hiding? Veronica plans to find out.β–ͺβ–ͺβ–ͺBrown eyes, nearly obscured by rich locks of dark hair, stare into my light green ones with an intensity which nearly causes my knees to wobble. I can hear nothing but the thudding of my heart beating wildly in my chest, the sounds of the sirens turning into white noise at the back of my mind.I back up until my spine connects with the elevator doors. I shiver as my bare arms come in contact with the cool metal. "Someone help me, please," I beg.The man stalks closer still. His eyes are fixed solely on me, unmoving, intense. His fists are clutched tightly against his sides, as though restraining himself in some way. Restraining himself from what, I don't want to know.The man stops only an arm's length away from me. I stare up at him with wide eyes, my lips parted in fear. I stand frozen, unable to move. I shut my eyes, turning my head away.Laboured breathing, the touch of fingertips on my bare shoulder, breath on my lips. A heavy, deep inhale. Slow exhale. A forehead against mine, shaky hands cupping the back of my neck, fingertips sliding into my red locks.My eyes open to meet the warmest pair of honey eyes.Cover by AnnaCharles16#4 in ROMANCE? THE HECK?#2 in Werewolf#1 in Young Adult#1 in Lycanthrope

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The Goddess & Her Pack  [Completed]

-DRAFT ONLY-READ AT YOUR OWN RISK LOT OF GRAMMAR ISSUES AND A ZILLION REPEAT OF THE WORD GLARE. In which a girl got rejected almost to death, until she landed in the arms of a mysterious Beta with secrets that doesn't end here. Rejection is brutal and a heartbreak but beyond second chances exist.

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Ako si Sixto contaire, isa akong gamer at masyadong pinag pala ng kataas taasan. Halos lahat ng friends ko ay kasangga ko sa lahat ng bagay lalo na ang pag lalaro ng videogames. Until i met her, everything change as she can make my world stop turning as my friends yelled at me while we where playing. Is she the problem at all cause? No way...

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Black or White βœ”

"You and I both know, that skin colour matters." She pointed out."It doesn't matter to me, or to you. And it didn't matter to your parents." He argued, praying desperately that she would stay."Well it matters to your parents. And I don't want you to give up something you've looked forward to all your life." Her lower lip trembled as she spoke; and he knew guilt was eating her up, the guilt of being the reason why his family was falling apart."Arewa, the only thing I've ever looked forward to, is falling in love."...Toki Osoba, Nigeria's Latest Most Eligible Bachelor, is the epitome of wealth, success and good looks.After spending four years in the U.S, he finally comes back home to take over his father's business empire. But this time, he comes back with the love of his life, Ava Brown, linked to his arms. There's only one problem:She's white. ...The hindrance to their love is not just the colour of their skin, but the schemes of his parents.

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Jamilton Oneshots // Hamilton βœ”οΈ

hamilton n jefferson oneshotsthank u for reading!!200 chapters of oneshotss :c there's fluff, smut, n angst !! <3 finished somewhere in early-mid november 2018 :)check out my other books! there's more jamilton >:) and deh and ofc bmc

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Nevermore 》 Shadowhunters

Of course it would be raining at a time like this. But, I can't think about anything except the big news he brought on me. I had to get away. I couldn't stay at the Institute with him still there.I knocked on the door. I don't even care if my makeup is ruined or that fact that I'm still crying, I need to stay somewhere else and this was the best place I could think of.I tried to smile, "Hey."He noticed my bloodshot eyes, "Samantha, what could I do for you?""I was wondering, if I could stay here for a few days?" I choked as I wiped the tears in my eyes.Magnus gave me a sad smile while opening the door, "Of course. Now, tell me what happened?"[Disclaimer: I do not own Shadowhunters. Just Samantha Wayland and her plot.][Season 1]

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Douma x Akaza ~An unexpected connection~

Description:Akaza started to feel different lately..he didn't know why or what it was, the only thing he knew was that he suddenly started to get..somewhat 'attracted' to the annoying Uppermoon 2, he had despised for so long. He started to feel all fuzzy when Douma was around and this weird warm feeling started spreading it's warmth in him. He didn't hate it, he just didn't want to surrender to this new,undefined feeling and thereby get defeated by Douma, who was making him feel this way.How will this Story turn out? Will Akaza give in? Does Douma even feel the same about the stubborn Uppermoon 3 ?? Find out in the following chapters! :D

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In a kingdom where two worlds meet, Lira is a spirit hunter. When the veil between the physical and the spirit realms Ruptures, it's up to the spirit hunters to seal it shut again before anything malevolent gets through--and if it does, to hunt it down. The problem is, Lira only has two goals in life: to protect Shari, her bonded spirit beast, and to stay the hell away from everyone else. Her plan to avoid civilisation works until one night, forced into an inn by a Wilds storm, Lira receives a mysterious letter asking for her help. It's not until after the serving girl's secret almost gets them both killed that Lira discovers a dangerous combination of two magics that might threaten not only Shari, but every spirit in their realm. The Kingdom she's spent so long avoiding might be the only place to find answers, but legends are coming back to life. An old conflict is rising, and by the end of it, dealing with people might be the last thing that Lira has to worry about.

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We Are No More

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Filled with DEPRESSION. (Male Reader x undertale story)

Something I've been thinking about making for a while now. I hope you guys can enjoy it! (Warning! Themes of suicide and depression are in here as well! If any of that bothers you then don't read!)playlist:

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Voice | Yuri On Ice!! | Yuri Plisetsky

[HIGHEST RANKING] 1st in Yuri [HIGHEST RANKING 6/6] 1st in MuteFrom the void within my throat, a monster would crawl out. It have its own appearance. It have its own desires. It is my Voice. *********(Y/N) is a cursed girl whose being controlled by her own voice. The champion of several skating seasons suffered a regretful retirement right at the peak of her career. Her odd voice scratches her throat as it exits and harms those it touches. Perhaps, the world wasn't ready for the grasp of words, so she decided to keep this creature locked in her mouth. Her voice caused her family to fall apart. Eventually, she was forced to live with Yuri. The two were never at good terms. However, in order to win, Yuri makes a deal with the genius skater. But, the deal never said anything about catching feeling. *********This is a Yuri on Ice fan fiction with really slow plot progression. This is story driven. This is a story in which a love triangle gets messy. This also includes strong language and my 12 year old cringy writing. Viewer discretion is advised.13+

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