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I Am NOT A Lesbian

GXG Life for Haze has been pretty simple up until now. She's always been considered part of the cool crowd. Her natural hair pressed down her shoulders in a beautiful kinky curly fashion. She was confident in her milk chocolate skin and rocked a graphic tee and some ripped skinny jeans. Her world gets flipped upside down when two girls want her at the same time. Only problem is she's not a lesbian!

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My lesbian crush

No it's not possible I'm straight! I told myself over and over again, as I was still pressing my lips against hers. NO IM STRIAGHT! Or am I. Found out what got Sami to fall head over heals for "her" in my lesbian crush

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Lesbian Crush

Lesbian Crush.

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My lesbian Rockstar

"You thought it was funny ? Teasing me like that ?" Maxine's voice said as she pushed me on my bed and took some steps back .All I could do was look at her . I was way turned on .My dad was going to stay with a friend for today and I had the house by myself .Max took off her jacket and placed it on my desk and rolled up her dress shirt's sleeves "It was a little" I said looking at her through my eyelashes and she took a step closer . She came closer and dropped on her knees in front of me . Her eyes on me . Never breaking eye contact .She was on her knees in front of me"Oh ? Well I didn't laugh and neither will you , since you'll be moaning my name" she said and let her hand wander on my legs .

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Lesbian G!P Oneshots

Just some lesbian G!P oneshots Includes smut, fluff and moreAlso G!P = Girl Pen15

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The lesbian and the homophobe

Bella Gavin was a queen b as in bitch in her school. Everybody adored her, only because they were scared what the ice queen can do. Bella had everything, looks, popularity, money, intelligence, and the hottest guys as her boyfriend. One thing Bella can't stand is Marcy and her kind. Marcie Langton was a out of the closet lesbian and proud. Her parents were rich and very supportive, all her friends were out and proud and a lot of people respected and liked her. Of course there's is the homophobes but Marcy is chill and living life to the fullest. She's the sarcastic fun girl that everyone wants to hang around with. What will happen when Marcy and Bella be paired up in a class project?

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Lesbian Stories

)05/25/20 edit- bro read at your own risk and feel free to clown me)This consists of lesbian one shot things. I honestly had fun writing these. There are face claims so that the idea is more realistic ig Idk. Umm enjoy lolJune 16 2022- omfg why are y'all still reading this cringe a$$ stuff💀June 27 2023- not too much y'all... ntm

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Gay Sex & Lesbian Sex 🏳️‍🌈🔞

၁၈နှစ်အထက် ၁၈နှစ်ပြည့်ပြီးမှ ​ရေးထားတာဖြစ်လို့ ၁၈နှစ်ပြည့်ပြီးမှ ဖတ်ဖို့ တိုက်တွန်းပါတယ်​နော် ကိုယ့်အ​တွေးနဲ့ ကိုယ်ဝင်ဖတ်ပြီး ရိုင်းရိုင်းစိုင်းစိုင်း​တွေ​တော့ လာမပို့ကြပါနဲ့ဗျာ ကျွန်းကိုင်းမှီ ကိုင်းကျွန်းမှီ​ပေါ့ 😁#လိင်ဆက်ဆံတိုင်း ကွန်ဒုံး သုံးပါ

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Stay~ (lesbian SMUT)

Hello, so im coming back after a year to re new this story so ill be making a few big changes that will make the story line even better, with more plot twists and more sense to the story.

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Locked up (Lesbian Story)

What happen whens Riley Perez gets locked up for drug dealing and goes to jail

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Lesbian Smut

Its Lesbian Smut as the title says.

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Lesbian ✱ l.h

"i wanna try something""like what?""kissing you""but i thought you were a lesbian""yea im not so sure now"©transp-arent ::2016::Started: 7.15.16Ended: 11.6.16

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Lesbian story. Secrets unfold.

This story includes some drama , fluff , smut 18+. and it is about 2 girls so if you are homophobic please leave.

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Lesbian Oneshots

Lesbian Oneshots for Pride Month 2019!All written by me - do not repost here or on any other sites without permission

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Homecoming (Lesbian)

Riley Brenan should've had the life she dreamed of when she was young. A good job, a lovely house and a beautiful wife. But life had other plans. When faced with making a life changing decision to protect someone she loves, Riley is forced to abandon everything she has ever known and cherished.Four years later, Riley returns to her hometown carrying deep wounds that refuse to heal, only to find that nothing is the way she left it. Her little brother won't speak to her, her parents are on the edge of divorce, her friends are married and pursuing careers, and her old girlfriend has moved on with her life. Riley tries to make a life for herself in a town she doesn't recognize anymore.Now, every day has become a fight to get everything she has lost back, while stopping the memories of her horrible past from haunting her and taking away what little she has left.

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Lesbian Images

Some images from online that I thought I would share.

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The lesbian bad girl

{Currently being re-written} Lynn Jones is your average nice, sweet, and friendly good girl. She gets A's and nothing less. Aundraya, your typical badass lesbian chick. That's right, she's lesbian. She hates the color pink. Sleeps around with the 'sluts' and 'whores.' She plays around with every single girl. Until she meets Lynn. It was hate at first sight. But will that all change? What if a certain someone tries to tear their relationship apart? Or will that even bring them closer? Find out in the "The Lesbian Bad Girl."A/N I wrote this when I was like 14 and this was my first book lol. so I'm sorry about any grammar mistakes and a messy plot. Read at your own risk 😂

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I Want You Bad (Lesbian Stories)

I want her so bad but what about my girlfriend. Shes teasing me making me wonder about how good She would taste. I gotta have her. This is only Part 1 in the LBGT Trilogy.

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Lesbian smut shots

First time writting

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Defining Love (Lesbian)

Andy wants to live a heterosexual life after both of her mom divorced 17 years ago but can she make it when a beautiful model and actress admitted her attractions to her? Love is in the air...

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Dane family (Lesbian Story)

It's hard to be a mother. Especially a single mother. It's been almost ten years now that Alex is struggling to raise her kids alone and be true to her word. In her now 36 years of life things were never easy. Now she has to raise her two teenage daughters and keep them safe from the world. Will she be able to protect them? Is she able to keep her promise to her wife Summer?What will happen when a new woman catches her eye?

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lesbian fluff gxg

it's romantic fluff conceptssfw but i also have an nsfw book with sexual oneshots :))open to requests !!

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lesbian x reader one shots

yo, hooman. ja you, the one reading this glorious gay masterpiece. ☆rules☆you can request any female. like characters or real life celebrities. I can also do a fem!crush x fem!reader, which I will be happy to do. I can do any type of situationanyway, thank you for selecting this piece of gay, and enjoyyyyy!

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Mystery Stud (Lesbian Story)

Who Is This Mystery Stud?

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Gay and Lesbian Oneshots

Just normal everyday Gay and Lesbian Oneshots for you, the reader, to enjoy :)

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Starstruck (GirlXGirl) lesbian

Dulce Gavin, a 17 years old girl who doesn't like to watch TV accidentally met and helped a drop dead gorgeous teenager named Glace. They hit it off instantly, but soon lost contact. A week later, Glace turned up at Dulce's school and ended up as her seatmate. The catch? Glace is a Hollywood celebrity who is about to turn Dulce's normal life inside out. Follow these two girls as they discover love, friendship, and the value of family amidst popularity and high school life.

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