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The older Gilbert sister

The oldest Gilbert child who knew about supernatural since she was 16

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𝐆𝐒𝐫π₯ 𝐈𝐧 π“π‘πž 𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧

Unbeknownst to her, getting captured by the Augustine Society would lead to meeting the most important person in her life.Highest Rankings:previously #1 in enzo (Jul-27-2021) #1 in enzostjohn (since Feb-20-2020)#1 in lorenzostjohn (since Jul-23-2021)

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The Reversed ✯ Enzo St. John {3}

{Book 3} A new evil has taken over Cassidy Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, and Enzo St. John. Although there are many forgotten tales on this evil, none of its victims have ever lived long enough to tell anyone what and who it is. With Cassidy, Enzo, and Damon running low on humanity, will they obey the evil inside them? Or will they do whatever it takes to overcome it? They need to be stopped. They need to be saved. After all, this is the end.{The Vampire Diaries • Season 8}{Lorenzo St. John + Kai Parker}-© ashleylon 2017

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The Forgotten ✯ Kai Parker {1}

{Book 1} Cassidy Gilbert and Damon Salvatore were no more than a second too late to return from the other side in the midst of its collapse, dooming them to a tragic death alongside the infamous Bennett witch. Little did they know, it wasn't the last they'd see of Mystic Falls. A witch with no magic, a lovesick tribrid, and an agitated vampire are stuck living the same day on repeat in a 1994 prison world.That sounds like the start of a terrible joke, wouldn't you agree?{The Vampire Diaries • Season 6}{Kai Parker}-© ashleylon 2016

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Titanic (Enzo)

When Fern Grayson bumps into the mysterious Lorenzo, on the RMS Titanic, there's a mutual attraction. With icy waters ahead and New York City on the horizon, the two become close. But when disaster strikes, the both of them and the other 2,226 people aboard the ship have to fight for their lives.

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The Remembered ✯ Enzo St. John {2}

{Book 2} Damon Salvatore killed the only boy Cassidy Gilbert has ever loved, and her sister is in a coma-state until one of her closest friends dies. Cassidy's life isn't exactly picture perfect at the moment. Cassidy must power through life without her first-love and sister by making new friends, enemies, and sparking new romances. But is that really enough? Or is all of this just leading up to a much greater evil? {The Vampire Diaries • Season 7} {Lorenzo St. John} -© ashleylon 2016

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Come Back To Me

The story is a partial rewrite of Season 4 of The does not follow the main story-lines of the series..There will be a huge crossover with The Vampire Diaries..Camille opened her eyes, thinking that she had found her peace, as Klaus promised her.. But she found herself in the land of the living again.. She tried to return to New Orleans, but she found a magic barrier preventing her from entering the city.Klaus is finally freed from Marcel's prison to be with his daughter... when a new danger threatens her in the form of an ancient witch chasing her... and he must find a way to protect his daughter.The characters don't belong to me but belong to Julia Black

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I was your only friend || Enzo St. John

"One good act of vengeance deserves another. "Damon Salvatore and Lorenzo St. John, two vampires with a rich history together, meet for the first time in almost a century to settle everything that has not been said, see if they can put the past behind, and start on a clean sleeve.Then there came Lydia, unraveling old flames from centuries ago. Does loyalty come down to love or morals?

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Heartbreak  (Lorenzo St. John fanfiction.)

When Juliet salvatore, little sister of Damon and Stevan salvatore, arrives in mystic falls after 100 years of fleeing the country trying to escape from her sworn enemies, the originals. Oblivious to what she's doing wrong, her brothers shut her In their basement. Due to what they call her 'ripper problem.' What she doesn't realise is that another guy is in there too. Lorenzo St. John.. He's not a ripper, but a plot against Stefan had became too far. Does Juliet make an enemy out of enzo, or a friend?

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Bonnie Bennett St John Diaries

Since leaving Mystic Falls, i have travelled every corner of the globe, Lorenzo's blood by my side the entire time. I have sought out the most knowledgeable and scholars of the mystical field to bring him back. Enzo St John, the love of my life. I couldn't live without him and he although settled that he was gone, I wasn't. I watched as my friends married and planned for their own families while I longed for a ghost. Jealousy and joy ate me as i watched my friend and vampire Caroline give birth and marry Stefan all those years ago. I did date as Enzo demanded, unfortunately no one on earth could match the love i still had for this man. I had to bring him back without causing harm like i did in the past. This is my story.

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Waking Up As Caroline From The Vampire Diaries

A young woman was placed in the body of Caroline Forbes by an unknown entity and is given new powers to work with. When she wakes up it's the summer before a the drama comes to mystic falls. The first thing she does is save a certain vampire from Whitmore. How will she change plot and who will she help along the way?Side stories don't completely match up to the time line of the main story but they are canon. Reborn Caroline x Enzo x ? ^Because I'm a gay poly bitch ❀️❀️Relationship grows quickly. No conflicts between the main relationship. Miscommunication and huge arguments are my least favourite couple tropes oof. First 5 chapters pretty domestic and based on the romance. Gets more exciting and plot involved by chapter 6.Also um.... Damon wasn't a confederate in this... I ain't putting blatent white supremacy in my fucking fanfic... Just ew 🀒Damon is very OOC might as well call him my own character at that point... Before plot=1-5Season 1=6-?Season 2=?πŸ…πŸ…28/8/2021-Number 2 in Jenna Tag31/8/2021-Number 10 in TVD Tag21/11/2021-Number 33 in Finn Tag

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St. John Family. [New Version.]

Everything about the St John Family from The Vampire Diaries show.**The St. John Family is a family featured in Season Seven of The Vampire Diaries and founders of The Armory.

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The Elite Men Empire Series: Enzo's Perfect Match

Venice Lorenzo Ventura.The impeccably hot and good-looking Elite and famous.The most requested womanizer by the female population.Well...except one.Maria Cristina Andres.The bitter manhater princess.Her favorite enemy is none other than Enzo himself.Will it be love and war?

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Enzo st. John - The Vampire Diaries Imagines & Drabbles

All imagines, preferences and drabbles about Enzo st. John from The Vampire Diaries written by showandwrite

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Lorenzo St.John

Your new to mystic falls your damon and stefan salvatores sister you are a tribrid and when you're dad found out he wanted to kill you so you had to leave before he could but you have been looking for them every since{PLEASE GO READ MY OTHER STORY-Brothers Bestfriend-}

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desiderium ad amissam (longing for the lost one  ft . TVD)

Set after season 2 of the vampire diaries. The timeline may differ and plot points too.Two years of protecting the love of his life, finding family and friends in the Mystic falls, Stefan wasn't content, he missed his big brother, who had been MIA for almost 80 years now and there has been no news. ---------------------Being woken up, clueless of his identity, Damon navigates his life working for a secret organisation with beloved partner Enzo. They capture New subjects and assets for the organisation.--------------------When the brothers meet, what has fate in store for them? Will Damon remember his brother or...?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N: A TVD fanfiction. None of the characters belong to me, sadly I wish Damon and Enzo where though. Somethings you need to know:1. Mostly covers Damon and Stefan relationship and Danzo bromance 2. Matt and Caroline are vamps, mishaps happened and so couple became vamps4. Zach's family exist3. Alaric is good sport 5. Ships: Stelena (not a fan but still) Saremy, Danzo, Maroline

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Every King Needs An Heir

KLAYLEY ROYALTY AUNiklaus Mikaelson, King of England and Hayley Mikaelson, his Queen. They were reverred, and beloved by their people. Niklaus and Hayley welcome their princess into the world: Princess Evangeline Cecilia Annette Mikaelson.But as time passes, the Queen falls ill and passes away. After a few years, Niklaus's council is pushing to remarry. His little Princess shocks him with how much she is like her mother and he names her the next Queen and King.

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Female Niklaus Mikaelson? Why not.

Reborn as a female Niklaus Mikaelson is not the worst thing that has happened to me. At least this life might be better than the last.

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12144 || s'mb


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Stefanie Salvatore?

Waking up as a female Stefan Salvatore the day of the first episode of The Vampire Diaries was not how I thought my day would start. And what the hell is this thing about soulmates existing in this world? And why do I have 4?

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Underrated 'The Vampire Dairies' and 'The Originals' Characters

In this book, I will be writing about some characters from The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off, The Originals, that I feel are often underrated and underappreciated when it comes to fandoms and fanfictions. Disclaimer: I do not own The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. All rights go to L.J. Smith and The CW.

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Reborn as Rebekah Mikaelson.

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The Riddle to his heart

"Hey Daph" Mattheo says, "Whos the chick with Enzo""Oh thats his 'Imaginary friend' " she laughs,"Damn she is real" Theo says surprised,"Yeah real and just my type" Mattheo smirks.Y/N and Lorenzo have been bestfriends ever since she moved next door from Australia, the only issue is everyone thinks Enzo is making her up. When Y/N fails to attend the first week on school everyone is convinced Enzo has lost his mind, when suddenly you enter the great hall and all eyes are on you. Especially a certain curly haired brunette who thought you sounded to good to be true.As you settle into Hogwarts you find yourself becoming close with Enzos friends except one Mattheo he seems to avoid you and when he isnt hes rude and cold, but that all changes when you return from the holiday break.Somethings changed and although your curious about it you ho along with it enjoying the new company. Just when you can feel yourself falling it all comes crashing down will you be able to forgive him or will you being together do more harm then good.Just a quick disclaimer my story doesn't follow the exact time line. Hogwarts is more of a Highschool/Finishing school.Year 1 (year 11 equivalent) more intro and just a general building of the storyYear 2 (year 12 equivalent) Triwizard Tournament and Yule Ball, Voldemorts return.Year 3 (Uni equivalent) Hogwarts battleI've tried to make it realistic and not just one minute your enimies and next your in love. Im not very good or confident at writing smut so I apologise it is low key.DISCLAIMER I do not own the original Harry Potter characters or the fanfic castsI do own the storyline and Y/N personalityPlease be nice this is my first Fanfic if you like any thing please feel free to comment and I'll try to add it in more. If you dont please dont be to negative, if you see any spelling mistakes or grammer mistakes just let me know.I hope you guys love this I tried very hard.

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❝ ᡇᡉ αΆœα΅ƒΚ³α΅‰αΆ α΅˜Λ‘ ⁻ ᡗʰᡉ α΅ˆα΅‰α΅›β±Λ‘ ʰᡃ˒ ᡃ ᡖʳᡉᡗᡗʸ αΆ α΅ƒαΆœα΅‰ βžβ”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”β”MAEVE MIKAELSON has been given many different names and personas over the centuries but now here is the story of how the world learned who stood behind the mask. In this expose, for the first and only time in history, those closest to her reveal the mastermind that has doomed us all in the name of always and forever.

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The LEGO Movie Pachverse Retell

description: this a retell story of The LEGO Movie featuring my characters/OCs/AUCs. character(s): canon:Emmet Brickowski (protagonist)Wyldstyle/LucyPresident/Lord Business (antagonist; villain)VitruviusBatmanUnikittyBennyMetalBeardGood Cop Bad Cop OC(s):Christine SpacedustLorenzo SpacedustOceana JeromeBlakenote(s):- This story/fanfic is an alternate universe as it has nothing to do with the actual original movie as it does not ruin it. Please respect headcanons and AUs. - Not everything in this retell is retold unlike the original; I only retold the scenes where I put my OCs there. - This fanfic may include OC x canon ship(s) so if you're not a fan of it/them, then do not complain or better do not read this. This also includes OC and canon friendships but this is different from OC x canon ships. - images are drawn/made by me either by drawing/the use of Gacha (I usually make pics on Gacha mostly) - this story takes place on 2014, the same year when The LEGO Movie came out - I own nothing except for my own OCs/characters - I made a fanfic, which is still a work in progress, that focuses on my OC Christine as the main character of the whole story retold as it is conveyed from my OC's POV about how she and Emmet became best friends before and then Emmet became a master builder. This also features my other OCs but this fanfic mainly focuses on Christine:

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