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Red String

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Category: Paranormal
A novice cupid needs to help a girl and a ghost fulfil their romantic destiny after he mistakenly ties one end of the red string to the wrong boy.


What happens when your soulmate dies before you've even met him?

The bookish Gemma Yang gets her shot at finding true love when novice faerie Jun is assigned to her case by the God of Marriage. All Jun has to do is one simple thing - tie the invisible red string of fate to the wrist of Gemma and her designated soulmate, the popular Hayden Chung, and let destiny work its magic. However, in a case of mistaken identity, he bungles things up by tying the string to the geeky Takahashi Ryu instead. To make matters worse, Ryu ends up being knocked down by a reckless driver outside the university campus minutes later - and dies. With this massive hot potato in his hands, Jun embarks on a mission to cover up for his mistake and return things to the way they should be - but things rarely go as planned, or do they?

Content warning: This story contains mild violence (fight scenes)

Cover designed by Ilafi Nastiti

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