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My little angel~  [ Yandere Count The ways Funtime Freddy X !Female! Reader]

Y/n and her mute younger sister Millie Fitzsimmons get trapped in their kooky granfather's rusted robot when then, The robot after killing Millie, keeps showing affection to Y/n...

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Fnaf x reader oneshots.

(Requests are open!!) It seems that I've swapped fandom's yet again because of a fanfic. Anyway I've seen a lot of these, but I wanted to make my own! All of my updates are completely random. I've never had a schedule and I don't plan on making one. (Cover art isn't mine. None of the art is mine unless I say otherwise. The art on the requesting page is mine however.)

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Also on Quotev! Check the Rules and Requests page for more info! :)"Welcome to Freddy's!" -- A phrase that's chased you throughout many generations. Many a location has been built, opened, closed, re-opened, repeat, for decades now. Adventure awaits, my friends! Where will YOU end up?I may end up making separate books to cover the different games/characters, but I'll be starting here! REQUESTS ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED SO I CAN CATCH UP!!

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Discontinued!!! Warning: completely cringy-wrote most of this in middle school!

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Yandere Fnaf(Oneshots)(REQUESTS CLOSED)

WARNING!!! The following you are about to read is meant to be fictional,this is not cannon to the original Fnaf story line. This was created for fun and is not meant to be taken seriously. Rules!First:No child x readerSecond:No OC'sThird:No spamming (I admire the love but pls no :,))That's pretty much it. I'll explain more in my first part.Thx guys and I hope you enjoy. -w-

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CTW Funtime Freddy x Reader

book started April 4, 2021**PLS READ**Greetings fellow Funtime Freddy simps..assuming that y'all are, I mean, why else would you be here 👀 This fic features the version of Funtime Freddy from Count the Ways, one of the Fazbear Frights stories.I've also got some random one shots and headcanons going on between chapters so that's somethingAnd last but not least, IF YOU ARE RETURNING TO THIS FIC, I made Y/N 19 years old. She's in college now and is living with her parents 🙃

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Multifandom Oneshots-Read Desc

COVER ART BY _jxitrash ON INSTAGRAM!!!The majority of these (at least at the beginning) ARE fnaf oneshots, but I plan on doing a good bit of Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss along with other fandoms

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𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙚~||YAN!Evan/CC Afton x FEM! Reader||

*DISCONTINUED/DELETING*You are just a 12-year-old girl, who went to Freddy's with your parents. You just wanted to enjoy yourself but ended up in the back of Freddy's and ended up finding someone and claiming to be theirs.What would you do?I own this story, I don't own FnafArt, not mine!!!

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Night Guard x fnia girls

Bio: you have to find a job but you grab a Newspaper and you Found an ad and it says Freddys anime convention is looking for a new night guard  12 AM to 6 AM pay $400 Four hours later You arrive at the convention and then you saw The girl in purple Purple girl so your the new night Guard I'll give you a Tour of the place this is the Main stage These cute Animatronics are Freddy Bonnie Chica And over there is foxy the pirate fox She's out of Order and hear we have the kitchen and over here is the golden Animatronics Fredbear  and springbonnie Spring Bonnie is my favoriteRight behind them is the parts and service room if they Breakdown or malfunction and you know we're the bathroom is so what's your name my name is Jim Miles nice name you will start tonight Jim: What happened to the last night guardPurple girl: you don't want to know

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Fnafhs  one shots (DISCONTINUED)

I take requests dats it

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Thefamousfilms Oneshots (ON HOLD)

THIS COVER IS SO COOL!It's not mine it belongs to I believe "idoartzz" I found it on Deskgram and I absolutely love it!Also yeah this is a book about you know ships in Thefamousfilms and you are allowed to make request if you want.So yeah that's about it so see yeah soon!

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Five Nights At Freddy's Oneshots

Feel free to give any constructive criticism in the comments on any story. I appreciate it.

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FNAF Oneshots And Scenarios!!!!!!!!!!!(I take Requests)

So you know what this is from the title but I don't and won't write LEMONS OR SMUT SO DONT EXPECT TO SEE ANY!!!! You can also leave requests and I will get them done as soon as I can!

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Crossing Wires - A Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location Fanficton

Y/n is a young man about to graduate college as an electrical engineer. Low on cash and looking for some easy experience, he took a maintenance job at a kids entertainment establishment. "Circus Baby's Pizza World". Doesn't sound too hard.

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FNAF Lemons/Fluff


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Fnaf x Reader!

Hi this is my new Fnaf book but i'm just gonna say this before anything if your gonna be rude about how i make this story then don't read this or comment please and thank you! :) But if you don't mind that then enjoy the book!

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Ask or Dare FNAF V3

The sequel to FNAF V2!Copyright of animatronics belong to Scott Cawthon.

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Fnaf and Fnaf Fan Games Oneshot Book (Requests Closed)

A One shot Book for all the fans of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.

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My Love ❥ Yandere!Human!Fnaf x Reader

⊱ ──────────── {°˖ ☽ ✎ ☼ ˖°} ────────────⊰A shy young woman named [Name], while trying to uncover the secrets of her past and face her demons, had bitten off more than she can chew. Now she has eyes constantly looking at her and is on the run... Will she be able to save herself? Protect her family and uncover their secrets, or will it all be for nothing? Not that it matters...I T ' S N O T L I K E Y O U H A D A C H O I C E T O B E G I N W I T H . ⊱ ──────────── {°˖ ☽ ✎ ☼ ˖°} ────────────⊰

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Yandere Molten Freddy x reader (TheFamousFilms)

This is not going to be following the recent story. It's taking place after Funtime Chica, Happy Frog, and the others died and after Bryan's freak out. It won't follow the rest of the story because it doesn't work with what I have planned. This is more for myself than anything, and it's also my first Fanfic.

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Fnia x male reader

Send me all of your fnia ideas for a x male reader

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The Famous Films Ships  (One Shots)

these are some of my favorite ships.

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Magic In My Eyes (Fnaf Edition) (A random book I made when I was Grade 5 or 6)

Y u still reading this book?

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Ask or Dare FNAF V2

If you're wondering why it's V2, it's because I did one before but t barely got views so here it is!The sequel to "Ask or Dare Springtrap, spring bonnie and Plushtrap" and Ask or Dare the Bonnies"Copyright of animatronics goes to Scott Cawthon.

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