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Can love be calculated//Kaebedo//

Jean received a letter with a secret information that makes her worry.Can she safe her dear people of mondstadt? Can she safe them with the help of Venti the Anemo Archon and the Knights and what will happen if she looses the fight against the Abyss?Warning ~Kaebedo~smut~contains spoiler ~...?English is not my first language if there are any grammatical errors feel free to correct me!Have great day✨

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*insert cool title*

Hello! This is a Kazuha x Gorou storyThis was made at 00:23 lol(Note) the characters and images are not mine

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My Soulmate Died

A red string, a doomed fate. A string bound to be cut, a fate coated in red.------------------I PROMISE you the title is not as much of a spoiler as you think it is. Originally, I was planning on a dark ending, but I fought off those impulsive thoughts and my self-restraint won. (•α΄—•)

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Reincarnated into MHA as Tartaglia. [Old]

"So I get two wishes?" "That's correct" "Hm, I want the abilities and looks of Tartaglia from Genshin Impact as my first wish; for my second wish, I want to be reincarnated in the world of My Hero Academia."

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Genshin School AU - Loveless

Okayy so, this is gonna be my (slightly) first fanfic. I made some 2 years ago (bnha😭😭) and i unpublished them, but ive got way better and i love genshin nowShips; Kokorou / gorokomi (kokomi x gorou)Kazugorou (Gorou x Kazuha)Ittosara (itto x sara)Kazumiya (kazuha x yoimiya)Shinozou /Heizinobu? (heizou x kuki)Scaramona (scara x mona)OH ALSO if you are a Tighnari enjoyer, this may not be for you because he's kinda a bitch in this story bc hes jealous of the better doggo Gorou 😲😲😲 /hjI'll probably add some makeouts but not like smut or something. ANYWAYYYSSS feel free to make requests or comments! ENJOYYY#1 in Kokorou 05-29-23

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✧ο½₯゚: *✧ο½₯゚:*there are leaves around - and i know just the tune to accompany them, if you wish to hear it.✧ο½₯゚: *✧ο½₯゚:*─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ───kazuha kaedehara, a wandering samurai without a cent to his name. he lost everything he had including everyone that ever meant anything to him and everyone he loved. having a bounty on his head he had to leave inazuma and leave everything behind. luckily for him, the crux fleet with beidou as their captain took him in and gave him the chance to start over.─── ο½₯ ο½‘οΎŸβ˜†: *.☽ .* :β˜†οΎŸ. ───deciding to visit inazuma again he encountered a peculiar fatui member that caught his eye~✡ !lower case intended!kazuhaxgn!readerartwork isn't mine! all credit goes to their rightful owners✡ enjoy the story!: Μ—Μ€βž›Bee

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Feelings of Love

Kazuha x GorouModern AUFluff only!!!!!!!Art is by ryu_genshin77 on Twitter

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School sucks

Gorou's red face tried to hide the gentle tears that dropped down."I didn't expect it to end up this way. I thought..." he looked at his hands and thenturned them into fists."Sangonomiya..."A bunch of your favourite ships in this Inazuma Highschoo! AU:Ittosara Kokorou Thomayaka Yaevato Kazumiya hehehe

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my love was for you.

Kazuha works and works all the time, but someone makes him happy all the time even when he hears his voice, and that boy is Gorou.

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Hi ! This is just a random ship fanfic I just made, just to warn you there might be bad grammar, like right now I guess and the story is just Kazuha who is an Idol that meets Gorou through discord because of our lovely bard Venti that created a group chat lmao.ships in the fanfic (I think) : Kazuha x Gorou (obviously πŸ™„)Xiao x VentiKaeya x AlbedoAyaka x YoimyaSara x Baal (not sure of it)Keqing x GanyuEula x YanfeiChongyun x XingqiuTartaglia x ZhongliJean x DilucBennett x Fischl (I don't see a lot of these so yeah)

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Springtime Festivities

"I feel my sorrows being lifted as these feelings surface, the burning flames of passion igniting in my heart. A welcoming feeling of fondess beginning anew. One can only hope they shall be reciprocated."_________________________________________This one shot will be short since I wanted it to be a cute little idea. Nothing too complicated!!(Contains minor spoilers for Inazuma's Archon Quest)

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Genshin Impact Oneshots

Oneshots relating to the game Genshin Impact. I am excepting requests for anything except smut. I mainly only write fluff and considering most of these ships and characters are my comfort characters and ships it will most likely be this entire book. Angst will be a rare occurrence.

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Kzgr Short Stories | A Collection

Just a bunch of short stories. One for each chapter and the word count for each will be however much I feel like writing at the time :))Updates rare bcuz I'm a lazy ass and also suffering from a chronic illness called "lack of kazgr content"Cover Art:

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Reincarnated In MHA As Tartaglia

{{Don't expect fast updates.}}"So I get 2 wishes?" "That's correct" "Hm, I want the abilities and looks of Tartaglia from genshin impact as my first wish, for my second wish I want to be reincarnated in the world of My Hero Academia."

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My Mistakes, Your Pain (Kazuha x Gorou)

A betrayed and deserted soul has a lot of bottled-up emotions. Whether they like it or not, it will one-day breakthrough. This will never cause a good ending. There are severe consequences.Hero of the day Gorou isn't getting the recognition or acknowledgment that he deserves for his deeds.He's corrupted by a certain mind-master and manipulator. He can't help it. No one can. Does it really make him a bad guy?Is he really on the bad side?Blaming yourself for the mistakes someone else created results in you burdening yourself with the other's pain. Even the individual who committed the actions will be led to believe that you are the cause of their wrong decisions.Kazuha can't help but wonder if it's all his fault. Would Gorou not have made these harsh conclusions if he had been there for him more often?He works day and night to get back what he and the nation have lost.He can't accept that it's too late.There's got to be a way.But as everyone knows. There's no undoing the wrongs of a betrayed and deserted soul. There's no Good Ending to such stories. Scaramouche AngstGorou Angst

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rebuild what I loved so much

When you want to move on, it's gonna be hard. You clearly take time to make decisions and are trying to get through this mess.There are maybe spoilers for all inazuma quests (from arriving there to the Kokomi part probably) !!All the art I used were found in pinterest, I will put the link in the chapter where I used a specific one!!I apologize if I make any grammar mistakes, I try my best and I hope whoever reads it enjoys it! :>Link for the whole cover: saw that someone wrote it too so just to make this clear: the characters belong to mihoyo!

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The UA Trio / GMK (Godzilla X My Hero Academia X Kimetsu No Yaiba)

3 warriors, born and raised in the world of quirks. Ishiro, Kyojuro and Izuku, three students who would become prodigies of a new generation. Ishiro, the boy who emerged from an alleged atom bomb, Kyojuro, the boy who lost it all as a kid, and Izuku, the boy who was discriminated for years, see how all 3 become the big 3 in UA, and try to changed the world for the better, and see how their lives will change forever.This is GMK (Godzilla x My Hero x Kimetsu No Yaiba)OC Kyojuro owned by me. This story will be a bit different from the other one.

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A new life || Bnha Mha x Genshin impact ||

Mha x GenshinHu tao had died during a fight against Celestia, she died along with Kazuha, Bennett, Xingqiu, Chongyun and many others she couldn't see.She was upset, she couldn't properly send off the dead, let alone have a successor. It came to a surprise that she woke up in a hospital with the friends that she died with. Then this weird man with a severe case of dry eye came along and took them in. Letting them live a new life.---"Stop bullying Izuku!" Hu tao yelled at the blonde spikey boy."Shut up, quirkless loser""Want me to bully you instead!?" Sparks started to fly in the kid's hands. "I'm going to tell Miss Midoriya about you bullying Izuku." the girl threatened. the kid lowered his hand and started to walk away."I'll get you next time. Quirkless losers." the blondie left along with his friends."Thanks Chikako-san" Hu tao's good friend thanked."Us quirkless people need to stick together!" Hu tao smiled. . . ..TWSWEARINGGOREANGSTALL THAT STUFF FROM THE SHOWSPOILERS. UH YEAH

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Monkey King:Jaecheondaesong

Izuku Yagi Was the most happy child With his family until He was diagnosed quirkless Being Powerless He was Neglected And bullied Until..

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Izuku Jin Jaecheondaeseong's return

Izuku is going to be a Jin but its not gonna come out for a while but just anticipate it i will work on this as a side project (cover image isnt mine)

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Los Mil Y Un Romances

Los malentendidos forman parte de las personas, así como los errores que cometemos o las decisiones acertadas que tomamos, lo que importa es el momento y el contexto, y de esto podemos sacar muchas anécdotas, ¿no creéis?(Una pequeña aclaración, en principio las historias no seguirán la línea argumental de las otras, cada una llevará el nombre de la pareja y constará de las partes que considere oportunas, espero no enrollarme demasiado, por lo que procuraré hacerlas de máximo 2 hojas.)1 - AstaxYuno2 - Bakudeku3 - ChildexZhongli4 - DilucxKaeya5 - Bakuxdekuxbaku6 - XingqiuxChongyun7 - KazuhaxGorou8 - SettxAphelios

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I... I Really Love You.... (Goggles X Aloha)

(Cover will be updated soon!)In this story, Goggles and Team Blue, along with Rider and the S4 meet some new people! The more they hang out, the more Goggles starts to slowly develop feelings for a certain pink inkling. Elle and Bobble Hat seem to notice and want to help Goggles. As the story goes, everyone meets some new friends along the way. Will Goggles and Aloha ever be together? You better start reading or you'll never find out!

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Heroes And Titans

Awakening in a world that is not his own. Gojira, the King of The Monsters finds himself in unfamiliar territory, where 80% of the world has powers called Quirks.But there are those that seek to control him.They will fail.For the King bows to none.

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Deku New Life Form

this story including some of my OC so this maybe will including ship but idkWhen allmight takes ofa again Deku has done it than ran to the forest then met a new friend and he get a new quirks?

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Unafmilair (MHA x HxH)

Killua's head hurt. He sat up with a groan, looking around and then shielding his eyes at the intense brightness. Where the hell am i? he noticed that he was in a city. Yorknew? No, it wasn't Yorknew. Suddenly he heard muttering and he glanced over to see that there was a crowd of about 30 watching him. why are they on their phones? Suddenly he heard something that made his heart beat faster, they were sirens. Why's the goddamn police here? He immediately stood up, squinting at the buildings and trying to figure out where the hell he was. The sirens got closer and he bolted up the nearest building, landing on the top and panting, looking down as the police officers tried to locate him. That was way too damn close.

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The dragon and the kaiju (MHAXGodzilla:DAM)

After the events of Destroy all monsters, the monsters continued to live out their days in peace. Meanwhile, quirks begin appearing and soon the hero system was born. Ryuko tatsuma was a little girl with a unique quirk. Her parents were killed during a villain attack while they were on a cruise. She was presumably killed off like all the other passangers aboard the cruise but someone, or something found and saved her.This is my first ever fanfiction so it might be pretty bad but please enjoy.Since this is an AU, nothing is cannon.One more thing, other pro heroes will get adopted by kaijus as well Anyways, enjoy reading

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