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Good Enough?!

Izuku Midoriya had enough from life, everyone was telling him how useless he was. His mother stopped looking at him. His best friend bullies him. He had no one who cares about him or so he thought."Thank you for saving me, you are a great hero, I won't do this again. I promise! Can you unbind the scarf now?"He chose his words carefully and gave the sleep-deprived hero the brightest fake smile he could offer."I am really fine! You can now go and continue your hero work.""You don't look fine!"....This is a suicidal Deku story combined with Dadzawa.A/N:Be warned mention of suicidal thought and attempts as well as cutting. I do not make any waning beforehand in the story so consider yourself warned. This is a mha fanstory and I have no idea where this is gonna go ... hope you enjoy! Please also feel free to correct my bad writing.I was inspired by an Ao3 story I read, I wish I could remember the title of it, but I don't I am sorry.Rights on the pictures go to the artist.I do not own mha, rights to the owner.Highest Ranking:07.03.21 1 in Suicid07.03.21 5 in Suicidalizuku26.03.21 1 in depressedizuku26.03.21 1 in abusedizuku26.03.21 3 in suicidaldeku26.03.21 2 in dadzu30.03.21 2 in izukumidoriya

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Golden Hair? More like golden Voice!

Izuku is quirkless. His parents take advantage. He just so happens to be good at singing. His parents take advantage. He is 'weak'. His parents take advantage. He is gullible. His parents take advantage. Nobody is on his side. Nobody is ever on his side. Until a certain blonde loud mouth manages to snag an interview with the newly found popular singer. peepeepoo

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Questions to Live By

Midoriya Izuku was ambitious. He always pushed until he fell. He never gave up, not once did he fall and stay down. Not even when his idol told him that his dream was illogical--that in reality he will only get in the way.So he made a set of recordings and set up an anonymous channel.He approached many people and asked them variants of the same question: "Can a quirkless person become a hero?"No matter the answer though, he was broken inside. His dreams and hopes were shattered a long time ago. But he isn't ready to take a swan dive just yet. He wants to meet one person who will tell him that he is not useless. That he can be a hero. And after that moment, he will decide if he's ready to take a swan dive off the roof of a building or not. Some of the chapters will be quite triggering. I will put a warning beside each chapter title that includes detailed descriptions of triggering topics. The characters do not belong to me, only the plot. Characters belong to the anime Boku No Hero Acadamia and it's creator. I did the drawing up at the top, it's not the full image though.

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BNHA chatfic But With Angst And Coronavirus

I see no reason not to click on this story and read it right now. Go on...(Tododeku) (dadzawa apparently) WE. LIVE. FOR. ANGST.This has gots some a b u s eAnd stuff. And yeah. Its a messWith a wierd plotAnd messy writing. That no one is gonna read 😍Finished :-)

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Baby deku (a dadzawa ua)

What would happen if, when izuku is barely 2 Inko, his mom, leaves without a trace? No note, no nothing. Find out in this story! Things to mention about the story-AbandonmentAizawa x MicThis is a FanFic, so the characters, settings, and world do not belong to me.I got inspired by multiple story's so, while this idea is new and belongs to me, I'm not quite sure if there is anything similar to this anywhere P.S-- so whenever I read a story where I like the plot, I sometimes write things similar to it. If you like this story and do this too, I would love to read it! I'm not saying that this story is good at all, and I'm open to criticism! I can only grow as a writer and... yeah!

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Split (Villain Deku Mha fanfiction)

Use to be called his new petOk so basically Izuku is kidnapped by the LOV and brought to there base/bar. Idc, whatever suits you ig. ANYWAYS Izuku is tortured, but never breaks. Soon a new villain joins the league with a quirk like Shinso's . Izuku is forced against his will to fight his friends. Thats all you get, so please read.OH BTW earlier I said he dosent break, but ima change that, because I changed the plot a bit.......... Thank youWARNINGS: Trigger, blood, violence, goreDISCLAIMER: Not mine, all characters except my OC's belong to Kohei HorikoshiI am new and this is my first story so back off haters :)

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Spider's Vengeance

Formerly titled 'The Symbiotic Hero: Klyntar'Izuku Yagi was beaten down every day for dreaming of being a hero even though he was powerless. His sister, the only person that cared about him, was put into a coma by the actions of villainous organization. 3 years later, the same organization kidnaps him in order to turn him into a weapon.When he meets an extraterrestrial god, he finally gets a chance to take his revenge. Now his enemies shall know the wrath of 'Void'.Artwork does not belong to me.MHA belongs to Horikoshi.

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izuku faster than light

dont own dc, mha or the art they belong to their respective owners it was a stormy day the sky had opened and was unleashing its wrath upon the people of japan leaving none untouched by the unrelenting down pour but there was a figure standing atop a roof top alone watching and waiting the figure questions"do you need something eraser head or just here for a chat"eraser head replies " im here to take you in for unauthorized quirk usage "the figure responds " we both know thats not the real reason they sent you here im a threat to their way of life and im also hurting their pride anyway ill be going " electricity and shadows began dancing around the back of the figure " hold on you cant go your --"and with a sonic boom cracking the cement on the roof he was gone in a streak of black and red gone in a FLASH"awe hell this is such an annoyance whyd it have to be me task to find him the fastest man alive im going to get an earful from the higher ups but that doesnt matter this was the first time ive met him and now i know why he's the most wanted man in the world the RED DEATH" the scene leaves eraser heads face with his shit eating grin as we see he's on an island off the country of Ireland one in which would take him a day before being able to leave as the time was late " he really lives up to the title of being a flash doesnt he principal "" yes he does how intriguing hahahahahahaha" and the scene fades

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My Anti-Hero Academia (working title)

What if on that fateful day of The Sludge Villain attack, All Might did not make Izuku Midoriya his successor? Despite their chat on the roof, and Midoriya's bravery in the face of the villain in the alley, he still was told his dream of becoming a hero was just Too Unrealistic. That he'd be better off living a "simple life"?And what if on his walk home a few weeks later, he learned that was all a lie. Everything was a lie.He overhears All Might give his successor speech to another kid- a student with a quirk, also dreaming of U.A and being #1.What if he met someone else, with connections that could help him reach his goals? Except now, fueled with anger and hatred for the hero he once admired, he uses his newfound power and friends to take down the #1 Pro-Hero, All Might?Will he regret his decision to overlook Midoriya?Izuku will make sure no one ever overlooks him again. ✨✨✨xxVillianDekuxx- DabixDeku-**AgeChanged**This is not my personal ship for the series!But I came across some FanArt that sparked an idea... Here is the aftermath 😅!!! TW ⚠️⚠️⚠️Mentions of suicidal thoughts / attempt Be wary of the Trigger Warnings! Mentions and Chapters will be marked [⚠️] for triggering content!

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Izuku-kun is always listless!This is a MHA fanfic that is inspired by "Tanaka-kun is always listless"*I do not own, or do not claim to own either of these franchises.*Cover credits: Art: https: // and cover edit: Xen_02On to the opening:In a world full of superpowers, that are called quirks, there are many things. These things vary from good or to bad. We have diligent heroes, mischievous villains, sly vigilantes , and our little listless Izuku!Izuku Midoriya used to be a hardworking student, always tying for top marks on tests with his troublesome friend Katsuki Bakugo. Katsuki often causes trouble, and is very loud. Most people would assume he is dumb, but no. Katsuki is highly intelligent, a genius, the same with Izuku. They were the smartest in their class, and like everybody else, they wanted to be heroes! However, just a few days before he became 4, Izuku changed suddenly. He became tired, and started doing sloppy on schoolwork. He still got high grades, but he had sloppy handwriting, and he fell asleep in class multiple times. The teachers assumed it could have been a side effect to his quirk manifesting, as it normally happens around the age of 4. Therefore, they allowed his tired attitude in class, assuming that it would either become more controlled, or disappear entirely. by next week. But oh boy were they wrong.Izuku, was in the car on his way to a doctors appointment, on his 4th birthday. Why? TO find out what type of quirk he had of course! He was really excited, but for some reason he didn't have the energy to jump up and down like he wanted, he was out of motivation to even get up, but his excitement allowed him to. He had just arrived in front of a large white building, and walked through the door with his mother. And that, is where our story starts...

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My Art, Photography And Story Book

I do art and photography.I like doing them.Here is a book of my art.It will, probably, mostly be fanart of a cool friend i have.

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A multiship fanfic that im making up as i go!

This is my first fanfic so give feedback pls . And i love harsh criticism so if its really bad let me know , it wont upset me that much . Cover art isnt mine Characters arent mine Credits go to the ownersHEY ! This story is basical a series of unfortunate events and over dramatic things happening. ( A bit of comedy is in the story)Did i get your attention? Ok there is a trigger warning, ill let you know when they show up in the story EnjoyThis slightly inspired by a creator on here but the account got deleted .They made a story called "Deku , you okay?"And i took a but of inspiration from it . If you're reading this , thanks for making that story , it was awsome while it was still up !

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Drawings and Junk

Just to past the time

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Ready for the Task | Book 11

Ah yes new book, where kindergarteners are being targeted :D viewer discretion is advised =~=

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