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"So I was just a pawn in your game.""Why did you choose politics over me and mummy?" "Aisha that's not true." "Then what's true? Tell me what is true! The only truth here is that you've been feeding me lies all my life! I thought you loved me, turns out it's all politics." "I do." "I see. That's why you got me married based on lies, separated me from my maternal family based on lies and took Abulkhair in, based on lies." *Politics is a dirty game, but you won't know that this is true until you're in the center of it all, until you're a pawn in its wicked game, until you're the queen in its crazy twisted game of chess. Eesh didn't believe the saying, heck she didn't even know the saying existed, until she was surrounded by it, until she became the queen in her father's wicked game of chess, until she realized that her whole life was a sick game of politics, a sick lie! *Politics is a game full of secrets. Secrets can't be kept hidden without the use of political tactics, and politics can't be done without having dirty secrets. Alhaji Muhammad knew that, which was why he fed his daughter lies, why he kept everything a secret from her, why he pushed her into a marriage she wasn't supposed to be in. *Politics, lies, deciet, secrets, love, heartbreak and more politics, all for the CLASSICAL MUSLIMAH. STARTED: 1st December, 2020.COMPLETED: 27th March, 2023#3 watt9ja 15th December, 2020.#1 watt9ja 17th August, 2021

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classical love

story of a student who curious about ancient cultures and find herself to other word, she was morden but all things around her are from many years ago and then met the man who she famous in her history books, the boy was Royal but the girl was from another word how can there love will possible

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Dusttale. A Korean Undertale AU.Sans completely has lost his mind and there is no way of stopping him. Unless you kill him for the second time. At first you didn't feel regret until this particular incident happened. Chara is even intimidated and scared. Sans isn't normal, and everyone is dead. But you didn't kill them.LV 19. V.S. another LV 19.

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KOTLC After Stellarlune-A Sokeefe Story

"Keefe. Even if I hadn't been unmatchable, even if Fitz and I had been on each other's match lists, I need you to know that eventually, it still would have been you." -Excerpt from "Triumphant"All she knew was that this time, she and Keefe were scared and broken together. This time, it wasn't just one comforting the other. This time, they had to draw strength from each other and simply be glad they weren't going through it alone. -Excerpt from "Ro(part 2)"And then, he was kissing her. And everything that had happened between them, all of the near misses, all of the heartache, every memory they shared--the good and the bad--was replaying in both of their minds as they shared this one perfect kiss.-Excerpt from "Ro(part 5)""I learned that day that Fitz may have filled your head, but I was in your heart... I didn't know if you'd ever make the connection, but knowing I was in your heart kept me going. Because Sophie, for me-even back then-it was all you. You filled my head and my heart. You still do. And you always will."-Excerpt from "Head vs Heart"All headcanon. All characters and settings belong to Shannon Messenger.

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King of Classical Music

Thirty-year-old Lu Zi Wen was born into poverty but, after struggling for a lifetime, was finally about to perform in the Golden Hall that symbolized the highest honor. An hour before taking the stage, he was killed by his lover.When his eyes opened once more, he had unexpectedly been born again in the body of Qi Mu, the classical music circle's fallen star.Who controls the world with his notes?Who is the king of classical music?Qi Mu: I have conquered you, I am the king of classical!Min Chen: . . .So long as you are happy.See translated updates first on

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KOTLC Sokeefe One-Shots, Alternate Endings, etc

Just a few moments from KOTLC where I wanted things to end differently, some one-shots for ships that didn't make it in my main story, and some chapters/ sections of the books from Keefe's POV. All characters, settings etc belong to Shannon Messenger.

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What a Classical turn of events!

edit(Now that I think about it a bunch of random crap is gonna happen) Error (the FGOD) is wounded badly in a fight between him and ink. and randomly portals to the original Au Undertale.will classic call ink??Will everyone find out the truth??find out next time on DBZ- uhhI mean "what a classical turn of events."

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Classical Band Camp

Freddy Chopin, "Shroom" Schubert, Franz Liszt, Wolfie A. Mozart, Ludwig Beethoven, and Tony Salieri didn't expect to spend their summer away at Crappie Lake Band Camp, but somehow they all end up in the same boat. Or, the same cabin to be precise. There, the boys forge new friendships and uncover new mysteries. Why is Freddy so scared of everything? What's making that weird noise in the woods? What do Constanze and George do when no one's around? What's really in Bach's terrible cooking? There's only one way to find out: make it through the summer.

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Book Two: KOTLC One-shots and More

Just a continuation of my eclectic collection of one-shots, Keefe POVs, other character POVs, alternate endings, and more. My writing is nearly always canon compliant.

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Classical/Historical Aesthetics n' Things

My music, art and weird history dump lmao. A place for lovers of history, art, music, etcPlenty of Romantic/Classical era pieces and composers, and Impressionist artRequests always open for new stuff, my fellow nerds!Disclaimer - None of the stuff in here is mine unless stated, all credit goes to their due creators/publishers

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well this is new ( laughing jack x jeff the killer)

it was all happening too fast. yes he love lj , but he didn't want a baby.. how is this even possible?!( this story involves mpreg if you do not like don't read)

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Classically Unconventional | Sungjoy

What would you do when you've been fixed into an engagement with someone whom you truly despise for certain reasons? It's classically, yet unconventional.

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A little fanfic I made dedicated to one of my favourite animes. you guessed it, it's classicaloid! a comedy show featuring famous dead composers coming bach(pun) to life! ((cover is not mine!!! Credits to the artist)

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hidden love ( masky x ticci toby)

they were part of the team called creepy pasta and toby was in love , but with who? toby had never seen the mans face because he always wore a mask. But when the person he loves gets hurt he may find out he already knew the guy, and maybe his love would change forever.

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Ash (A Marauder Era HP Fan Fiction)

My name is Ash and I'm a muggle. Why am I here in Hogwarts school for freaks? My sister is in some Triwizard Contest thing. My sisters are witches, I'm normal. Yeah. So anyway, come join me as I make friends with freaks known as the Marauders.

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classical music on crack

dedicated to @Schneeball08none of this is to be taken seriously. i do not intend to offend anyone.

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Classical Poetry From Today And Yesterday

A repertoire of famous works created by impressive poets throughout history.

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The vampire that changed my life, a kou X reader. ( vampire knight crossover )

This story is being worked on by SinonShai and Cats_Are_Adorable enjoy

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I Will Save You All.. This Time..

[DISCONTINUED] Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, only the plot of this story/fanfic, along with the art I used as cover for this fanfic. I had stumbled upon it on Pinterest and could not find the owner, if you are or know the owner in any way please credit them.....(I'm not good at making story description, so yeah..)The ground had been filled with blood, the stench was horrible. There were only four people left standing against Madara Uchiha. The others had died either fighting along side them, or protecting them. But a secret Jutsu that the Nine-Tailed Fox had learned from his old man, Hagoromo a Jutsu that travels back in time! Naruto, Shikamaru, Sasuke, and Gaara are back in the past, and they'll have to make sure that the future won't turn out as before.

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The Classical Modern Love Story (The Classical Modern Finale)

We are back on the final season of The Classical Modern Love Story! On this final season, will the Redoncy succeed in bringing back the whole Sivillia country in one peace or the Holocausts specifically Rio will find the way to take over the whole Monarchical land silently and surely and make sure he gets the control of the people in Serona, Unoria, Dosias and Terampole and open the borders and start taking over the modern lands??? who will spread change to the whole country??? The Modern or the Classic?? Be ready because this is The Classical Modern Love Story on its Classical Modern Finale!

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Always You (Strange Aeons x Classically Abby)

Teya does Youtube for her career. Abby is a modest woman. However, they seem to be drawn to each other for one reason or another. Not only that, but they keep running into each other as well. Is this the start of something magical?

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Short Horror Stories

A collection of stories that I wrote. Worked pretty hard on them but they were taking to much of my time. So, I'm going to try to quit writing them

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ClassicaLoid 3rd Season

¡Vuelven los ClassicaLoids! Pero... ¿Quienes son los que acaban de llegar a la mansión? ¿Acaso son dos inquilinos más?(En parte esta historia es mi afán de tener el fandom del anime aún vivo y darle un final con las respuestas necesarias)Notas:- Se compondrá de tan solo 25 capítulos, como las temporadas canónicas- Intentará ser lo MÁS canónico posible- Se aceptan sugerencias de capitulo, mandar estas por mensaje privado- Contiene Spoilers de la primera y segunda temporada- Los "FanLoids" (ClassicaLoids creados por fans) que estarán en esta historia no fueron creados por mi, Vivaldi, Paganini y Salieri les pertenecen a Reni Doodles, Julius Micromegas y Monochrome Flower, respectivamente- Actualizaciones periódicas.

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The Sun And The Moon T•M•R

Tom Marvolo Riddle was the moon. Aurora Dahlia Blossom was the sun. His sunshine. well that's what he liked to call her because of his extensive knowledge on her name."Did you know Aurora means the dawn? quite surprising since you are really not a morning person" "oh sod off Tom""whatever you want Sunshine" Aurora was the whirlwind teen romance Tom had always scoffed at as a pewny 14 year old. But as their time progessed at hogwarts he found himself utterly infatuated with her. And her, likewise. Clouded by the adoration of first love and smitteness of an early relationship Aurora had been blind to the ominous workings of Tom and his strangely devoted friends. Until one day the heinous truth of her so called benevolent lover was revealed. She left him. He never truly recovered. 4 years later Aurora wakes up in a unfamiliar room in Riddle Manor. Tom has began to question if his plan was full proof. and to make his plan full proof he had one rather odd request.An Heir.#1 in Tom Riddle 11th Jan 2022#1 In wolfstar 17th Dec 2020#1 in toxicrelationship 7th Dec 2021#1 in wizardingworld 6th Feb 2021

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From classical to rap

She began a life as a classical pianist what happens when the est. crew take an interest in her musical ability

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