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❛ please understand that's i'm trying my hardest, my heads a mess but i'm trying regardless ❜ ✧. ┊Mariah has been in love with Malachi for a long time but when it turns out things may not be one sided, will they be able to admit their feelings. fem!oc x malachi bartonno smut
I Alone Am The Honored One (RWBY X GOJO)

What Would Happen If The Strongest Man Alive Were To Be Born In Another World. A World With No Curse Spirits But Creature Of Grimm. What Allies Will Satoru Make And Who Will Be His Enemies.
Levi x Reader Oneshots

A collection of oneshots of your favorite Corporal, Levi Ackerman.Disclaimer: Attack on Titan is created by Hajime Isayama. All characters mentioned belong to Isayama, but (Y/N) of course. ((Please do NOT copy or repost my work))source of inspiration is by none other than @ReiaBritannia (ilysm)
Wrong Number, Right Girl/ The Avengers & Peter Parker Fan Fic

After a long day of patrol, Peter Parker contacts his mentor, Tony Stark for a Daily update. After a long day of school, Delilah Johnson gets a call that would change both her and the Avengers lives, including Peter's, as they know it.
Ishq Ki Dastaan

♕︎𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐎𝐟 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐭 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬♕︎
Your're My Cure Bun

Kim Taehyung the ceo of Kim cooperation have everything anyone ask for loving parent, understanding friends, a big company which he stand it on, his own without someone's help which is at number one but one accident change (was it actually a accident) his whole life become paralyzed his legs don't move. He became depend on other but it not effect his company but him he became cold not the smiley bear anymore Every night he cry on his own conditionon other side A bunny looking human name Jeon jungkook who is a. fashion designer. Who loved by everyone around him But what happens when he fall for cold CEO Kim Taehyung. Will Taehyung love him. Will they able stand for each other will Taehyung will know reason behind his condition For knowing read the story share your opinion*No cheating *No abuse*Paralyzed*Slow burn*No skinship of Taekook with someone else*Fluff*Angst*Smut Story by : TaekookevergreenlovePlagiarizing won't be tolerated, I don't allow translation or reposting of my story.
Jungkook mature oneshot

🔞This book will contain extreme mature darkshots🔞🔞🔞 of Jeon Jungkook so if you feel uncomfortable or don't like this type of content please don't read it...
The Vampire and His Hybrid ManxMan ON HOLD

~Second book to the Hybrid series~ Fucked up witches dabbled in forbidden magic and thus an abomination is created. Half witch, half vampire. A hybrid of the two.Gabriel has had it rough. Well, being a freak of nature will do that to you. Oh and not to mention he can't drink any kind of blood even though he's a vampire. After meeting a fellow hybrid Gabriel began to question a few things. For example; how he was cured by the blood of Sven when he was bitten by a werewolf. He also bumps into the last person he ever wanted to see. Hopefully he'll never see him again-wait- did he just jinx that? MalexMale Relationship~Cover made by @DanielleRo ~

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Used Allegra X-14 Benchtop Centrifuge

Buy Used Allegra X-14 Benchtop Centrifuge online at cheap prices from Certified Genetool. It is convenient, hardworking, reliable, and will speed up your process, cycle after cycle. This 120-volt package delivers maximum performance and cost-effective versatility through a wide variety of available rotors, tubes, bottles, and accessories. Request for Quote or visit:

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So, remembering it makes me even more desperate to return to Dale Woods- the place I was born, the place where everything happened that changed my life.It was 3 years ago; I had a friend named,ElliotDisclamer: NOT EDITED. i wrote this when I was 15 so please bear that in mind while you proceed.;)

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A boy with super powers will mysteriously and accidentally fall in love with his friend and tell the truth about the powers he had. A perfect love story for you that some can be related to. Enjoy the story of supernova that tells that "EVEN THE FARTHEST GALAXY CAN NEVER CHANGE A MAN'S TRUE LOVE".

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Good People Are Everywhere

Perhaps that's the challenge in life: living with damage, being suspicious when necessary, but never losing sight of the fact that good people are everywhere.

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Time Is Love || Jung Wooseok

I sighed irritably, kicking the sidewalk, "All I'm saying is that he's no good for you. Stop going back to him, (y/n), can't you see what he's doing?" When I turned to look at her, I saw that her head was down and her eyes were shadowed. And, despite the pouring rain... I saw tears trickling down her cheeks.

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عندما تتفتح أزهار الياسمين /when The Jasmine  Blooms

عندما يحل فصل الربيع يبدأ كل شيئ من جديد .. لكن من كان يدري أن هذا الربيع سيكون بداية لتجربة مختلفة عندما تظطر ياسمين لترك المزرعة والعودة للمدينة حيث ينتظرها قدرها هناك ستتقاطع طرقها مع جلنار وسوف تبدأ قصة جديدة تحمل في طياتها الحب والأمل النضج والألم والتفاهم. ومختلف المشاعر.

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Skywalker Family Tree

Just who's kid is who's

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Blind Stocks

A 1930's mother goes on an adventure to find her missing father while reflecting on the past that got her so far.

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