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Su Su and Ye Hua: Our Own Fairytale

Bai Qian and Ye Hua fan fiction. All characters are strictly from the drama but the plot is my own. Enjoy :)

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" Both of their hearts were beating so fast that they were in sync with each other. Feng Jiu could not help but smile when she saw him. He looked good and more handsome then before."

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Hold On To Me

One night of passion lead these two to forever be tangled intricately. Mo Yuan (Mark) is rich, perfect, and arrogant. A handsome millionaire who doesn't like to be forced or tie down.Bai Qian (Mimi) is a simple girl with big dreams, plenty of talents, and brave. An elegant, classic beauty who lost her precious first time to him. After their forced marriage due to misunderstanding she disappeared without any contacts. He searched for her without success. She erased everything about that night and the consequence days that followed. He tried to forget her, as if it was just a bad dream. Five years later by a twist of fate....they meet again. Follows these two as they navigate life, love, and second chances.This is a modern day love story using the characters from Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

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Blood of a Fox: Coming back to Life

" May you live a life that you could not live Mo Yaun"

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Between two lifetimes

[completed] A reimagination of the 3 years when Ye Hua was dead. Based on Chinese drama - ten miles of peach blossoms.This story starts at the end of episode 56. Ye Hua is already dead and his body has been claimed by his family. That episode at the fox den between Le Xu and Bai Qian really did happen. The story starts about a week after that scene, Bai Qian is already having problems separating reality from dreams and she has not been back to the nine heavens since she got her eyes from Su Jin. Su Jin has received her extended punishment from the heavenly lord and is already mortal. This story will focus on Bai Qian and her support system. It's about forgiveness and strength in the face of grief. There'll be a few surprises, Ye Hua will be part of it in some form.

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[KaiQian] Bạn Gái Của Em Đang Nhòm Ngó Tôi Kìa.

Fanfiction KaiQian (Done)Au: dot_Truyện tự viết có thể sẽ không hợp gu nhiều bạn.DO NOT RE-UP. Cảm ơn đã ghé đọc.

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Classroom of the elite (Cote Reaction) DISCONTINUED

What happen when Cote react to their characters profile? This include fandom and wiki to make an accurate profile.This is set after volume 3 and will also react to video and Anime and LN.I don't own Classroom of the Elite, it own by Cote.

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Pheromone Addiction  ( Chinese Bl MTL Novel)

"Pheromone Addiction" Author: Hu BuguiDescription Xin Chen, a freshman who had just been cut off from water and food at home, suddenly moved with the stars of the red luan, and luck fell, and he was matched with the alpha Lu Baiqian who was waiting for Omega to save him  This alpha is a bit crazy except during the febrile period. Normally, he is gentle and polite, personable, rich in money, good-looking, and tall. He couldn't be more perfect.  However, this excellent and perfect Mr. President used his gentlemanly demeanor, tenderness and consideration to weave a big net, and when Xin Chen plunged into it, he packed the net and threw Xin Chen out of the house neatly.  Lu Baiqian: "I'll stay with my son, you can go."  Xin Chen: "???"  Good, good, don't regret it, I'll give you the big cub, I'll take the small one away, buy it and let it go, whoever turns back is the dog.One year later  Lu Baiqian: "Wang."  Xin Chen: "..."  Lu Baiqian: "Wow, woof"FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY (MTL) DON'T READ IF YOU'RE UNHAPPY WITH THE STORY, NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO READ IT ANYWAY!! ALSO, DON'T CRITICIZED ON HOW I TRANSLATED THIS STORY CO'Z I KNOW THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION SUCKS LASTLY, FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME PEOPLE, DON'T VOTE ON THE STORY IF YOU DON'T WANT IT TO BE TAKEN DOWN I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE STORIES. ALL RIGHT BELONGS TO ORGINAL OWNER.

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Conversations - TMPB series

A follow up on how the lives and love would go in the world of Ten Mile Peach Blossoms. I have always felt that our main loveable characters dont communicate properly often. What if they did? Will their love stay strong? I DO NOT OWN the characters or the story. This is just my take on our beloved couples BQ/YH and DJ/FJ. Inspired by the many stories out there. This canon follows the combined timeline of the Drama and Books, and also contains references from the PBOuttakes that have been recently released. The aim is to keep the references as close to the original material. coverpic belongs to rightful owner

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After Eternal Love ( original Fanfic )

The second period life of Bai Qian and Ye Hua, that takes place after Eternal Love ( 3 Lives, 3 Worlds, 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms ) and right along side Eternal Love of Dream and elongated to sometime after and ofc with a few patches to make the chronologic timeline align perfectly. Also, just to clarify, the storyline is my original storyline but, alot of the characters including the main characters aren't my original made characters. But, even with that i hope that you guys that are fans of Eternal Love and Eternal Love of Dream can read this and be satisfied but, if you guys have any thoughts or feedback, please feel free to message me or just comment. None of the images of the cover are mine and they are the cover not for any bad purposes. If any of these images are yours, i'll credit you 💖💖Sincerely,~ The Author ~

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Eternal Love Fan fictions

Note: This is not a true story. All characters are from the drama except some which are a figment of my imagination. Enjoy!! :)

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What If...I Remember?

This story is a TMOPB Adapted plot Fanfic, as well as a mainly YH/BQ story, and it begins about when Ye Hua and Bai Qian meet at the East Sea though with a bit of tweaks, and excludes their brief meeting at Zhe Yan's peach grove, meaning that later on in the story, when they meet, it'll be their first time meeting as Ye Hua and Bai Qian. What happens if Bai Qian remembers Ye Hua and Su Su after they meet at the East Sea? What will happen then? What will happen after? Read on to find out :)More about the author: Hi guys, Z18M9 here, but just call me Z :) I drew both the dragon and the fox on the cover myself hahaha so it might not actually look that nice oop-1st in #susu {27/7/20 ~ 17/7/20}1st in #eternallove {8/11/21}Word count: ±143,000 words

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protector of love; a Dong Hua Dijun and Bai Feng Jiu story

"I apologize for my way of take an appointment with your majesty.... as I said I'm the only remain nine tailed fox. My spirit is created as the guardian of heart, as the protector of true love. our power is our magic of charm, which the core is our nine tails.Our love is the true and unique kind, Our kind mate only once and for a life time, we never fall for someone who is already in love with others, so we are taking as the protector of love."

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The actor is actually a milk-flavored Omega [Female A Male O]

In the first week of employment, the unkind boss asked Ming Xiangfan to photograph the "rumored girlfriend" of actor Zhou Aiqiao within one month .Ming Xiangfan was miserable, squatting downstairs of Zhou Aiqiao all day long, wishing she could turn into his pants and take pictures to the breaking point.As the January period approached, Ming Xiangfan didn't get any farts. In her opinion, Zhou Aiqiao is a fairy, with a pure heart and ascetic desires, wishing to burn incense and worship Buddha every day, kowtow all the way from home to the film crew.On the 30th day of filming, there is no unparalleled road!Zhou Aiqiao in the susceptible period unexpectedly appeared in front of Mingxiang Fanche.Seeing that the actor was about to fall, Ming Xiangfan picked him up.?Why is the actor an Omega? !?Why is it still milky? !help!Ming Xiangfan couldn't hold back...A contract was printed, andthe two had a half-baked love affair.Falling in love with all kinds of things eventually turned into ashes, and they fell apart in one shot.Ming Xiangfan, a popular female star, has a well-known secret-before joining the film and television industry, she was a paparazzi.There are rumors: When Ming Xiangfan was a paparazzi, she even fell in love with actor Zhou Aiqiao! Then break up inexplicably! So after five years of debut, the multiple trajectories of career and life have not overlapped with the actor!Because of this, when the character makeup of the TV series adapted from the current popular IP was announced, not only the two fans exploded, but also the people who eat melons eexploded(...) 影帝竟是奶味儿Omega[女A男O] The actor is actually a milk-flavored Omega [Female A Male O]作者:没收星星Not Mine

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" There are times that the emotions we keep in our hearts, no matter how abundant, are better left unexpressed." Jourdane Erasquin

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Fate Changers (FengJiu/Donghua fanfic)

Many years after Bai FengJiu ascended to Queen of the Fox Clan she meets DongHua after a long time unexpectedly. A powerful child is born of a Princess and an EmperorA/n-Im actually ending this because the drama has come out alas😩👏🏼Anyways thank you to everyone who enjoyed and kept up with the chapters☺️❤️

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His Royal Highness

After six years since Wei Wuxian's death, an unknown entity had brought the world of cultivation to view what secrets was held behind the doors of heaven. Is he actually dead, or is he alive... ?currently being rewritten

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The Fate of my Soul.

The second book I ever wrote. It is amateur writing so not really all that great. Still, it is what it is, though please read my more recent fics, I think they're way betterMo Yuan has just returned from his deep slumber, but without his memories. Both of them are in arranged marriages to others.Su Su does not exist in this storyTold through Mo Yuans eyes, though there will be times when parts of the story will not be, these parts will be in italics.Note of interest. Di Juns name will be changed to Jun A, which is a name Mo Yuan, Zhe Yan and Bai Zhi gave him when they were children. It is a mocking name given in jest and one that stuck, but they only call him that in private, never in public. Based very lightly on the Chinese Drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms三生三世十里桃花All Poetry and Quotes are my own compositions. Please ask first if you wish to use any of them. I do not give my permission to use my work for personal gain, you may however apply to me via private message to use my work for non profit use only. *Disclaimer* So, I guess it goes without saying, but for those who need to read it for themselves, then here is is.The main characters are from the drama series Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, I do not own any part of their characters, the story or the drama, the rest is a complete figment of my imagination. Any similarity to a real person or event, is purely coincidental.

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The Universe Around Us

A portal disguised as a bright light took her to a universe she didn't know existed.Disclaimer: This is only fanfiction. I do not claim ownership over all the characters from 3L3W Universe as they are created and owned by Tang Qi Gong Zi. Happy reading, Dong Hua Dijun x Bai Feng Jiu shippers!

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Fate play

Rocks don't melt but they breakThey were ill-fated or were they? Why would fate make two people meet and fall in love when they were not meant to be. Dong Hua Dijun thinks he wrote his fate himself all those years ago, but fate has pride that she has to keep it intact. Now Bai Feng Jiu is a queen and a strong High Immortal everything is changed in the last three hundred years, but what is not changed is Feng Jiu's Love for that old rock.Eternal Love of a dream/pillow book is over and Our old kid Dong Hua Dijun and his Xiao Bai got the happy ending they deserve but I still think that the old Rock and his Jiu'er happy ending of Eternal Love/Ten miles of peach blossom are still due. And I am just continuing my version of their love story if they choose to fight fate.

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TMOPB One Shots - MY and BQ

One shots for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms for My and BQ only. Most are mature content, though there are some that are not. Even though I am no longer writing full stories, I might add a few more to this in the near future :-)

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This Alpha Is Little And Sweet

Title: 这个小Alpha有点甜Author: Shake Rabbit (摇摇兔)Status: CompletedDescription: Chu Yiqiao, 28 years old, born in a wealthy family. He's an abstinent president, rich and exquisite. Everything is perfect but a sense for pheromones failed the omega.On his birthday, Chu Yiqiao received a huge gift. When he opened the gift, it was a teenager.The boy was very good-looking, with a bow tied around his neck, he looked at Chu Yiqiao with a flushed face."Brother, my name is Luo Qingye and I will be your little alpha from today on."Chu Yiqiao knew who sent it when he thought about it. He had sent countless alphas before to test his sense of smell, but his sense of smell already has failed.Therefore, he decided to keep the little thing, it doesn't matter since he can't smell any alpha pheromones anyway.......This little alpha is young and loves to be coquettish, he also has a sweet mouth and is also very capable."Brother, do you want Xiao Ye?""Brother, Xiao Ye likes you so much."He watched the little alpha grow up day by day, getting taller and taller and finally he couldn't hold him in his arms.......Six years later, the little Alpha took over the Galaxy Group and became the top executive, all thanks to Chu Yiqiao.He stepped into Chu Yiqiao's room, saw that he was still sleeping, pulled off his tie and said in a hoarse voice, "Brother, is the baby bothering you again?"______JUST IN CASE, THIS STORY IS:✓ PURELY MTL(means this is not edited, so expect the incorrect pronouns, indents, and grammatical errors. :D)✓ FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY ( just uploaded here for my smooth offline reading)✓ Do Not Report, Do Not Vote, Just Read✓ DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover nor the story, this is all for offline reading.✓ All Rights and Credits to the original author (摇摇兔), google translator, and link(s)

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The Water Sprite

Bai Qian, the young Princess of The Fox Clan flees the Den in search of peace and quiet after an argument between her parents leaves her tearful and confused. Never could she have imagined that their argument would set in motion a series of events that would lay the path to her own destiny.Mo Yuan the God of war, Taoist monk, Master of Kunlun Mountain and the Supreme Overlord of the Celestial Heavens is the most revered and respected Deity ever to exist. His name is so sacred, only those who know him personally dare to repeat it for fear of Lightening Bolt Punishment. When he meets a little girl with a very big dream, he too will find himself on a path that he unwittingly lays out for them both. Strictly Mo Yuan and Bai Qian.No love rivals, no wars, nothing but a simple love story Ye Hua does not exist in this story. Sorry, no twinship here..All characters and places mentioned have been borrowed from the Chinese Drama Series Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, however the story is an original.This story may contain characters that do not belong to the original Drama, book or its author. The additional characters (if any), songs, poetry and all plot lines including invented scenarios, visions, magic, dialogue, ideas, creations and descriptions belong solely to me. I do not give permission for all the above mentioned that belongs to me, to be used, sold, altered, borrowed, reproduced, trademarked or copyrighted in any form without my express permission.*Disclaimer* So, I guess it goes without saying, but for those who need to read it for themselves, then here is is.The main characters are from the drama series Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, I do not own any part of their characters, the story or the drama, the rest is a complete figment of my imagination. Any similarity to a real person or event, is purely coincidental.

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A Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms SHORT-chaptered fanfic.Before regaining consciousness after her jump from Zhu Xian Terrace (episode 26), her memories as Su Su came crashing down and Bai Qian was left with one definite goal. Previous events aligned with the canon. I'm a newbie writer that fell in love with Three World Three Lives Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.I love everything bout the series. I especially love their 3rd meet starting from episode 30, which wouldn't have happened the way it did if BQ did not take the amnesia potion. But I also hate that part. So being a newbie, I write this just because I want to get it out of my head.

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After escaping from marriage, she was taken in by the president gl MTL

逃婚后被总裁收留了glAuthor: 听絮 Zhiqian was unwilling to obey the marriage arrangement and fled from the engagement ceremony.In a hurry, she entered a room with an open door, and only after she breathed a sigh of relief did she realize that something was wrong.Wait, why are there two people in the room?Wait, isn't this the famous President Chu and Queen Zhao?Wait, why is Zhao Yinghou holding President Chu and crying? Are the Lily rumors true?Ning Zhiqian was embarrassed: "I'm sorry..."At this moment, President Chu said,"Honey, here we come."From then on, Ning Zhiqian's luck changed and she hugged Jin Thigh. DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership over this story. I only MTLed it. No edits done.

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Meant To Be.

What if Ye Hua actually met Bai Qian when she came back to return the wine at Kunlun? In the drama, this scene always made me question at their missed opportunity to reunite. They missed the chance to meet each other by a split second.This is my first attempt to write fan fiction for my love bird Ye Hua & Bai Qian. English is not my first language so please go gentle on words. I appreciate all your feedbacks. Many thanks and appreciations to all 3l3w fan fiction writers, especially Unni YeGenMo, Moosesforgooses, SuninTaurus, Lemoji61, Siona, Anne and City Sparrow who all inspire and keep the love for 3l3w going since 2017. Much love 💕💕💕💕.Disclaimer: These characters, pictures and songs do not belong to me. However, the plot is my own imagination and the love for Ye Hua & Bai Qian. Ten miles of peach blossom always has a special place in my heart 💕💕💕💕.

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