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Enemies Can Be Soulmates | ᵗᵏ ✔️

[COMPLETED]"I fucking hate you Kim!""Aww,then do you think I love you to the core? I also fucking hate you Jeon!"Taehyung and Jungkook hated each other's guts.If they maintain eye contact for even a second, there will be chaos among those two.But fate had decided another path for them. Things changed when one of them turned 21, the age at which one can find his or her soulmate.#1 In kookie on 06/08/2022#1 In angst on 28/10/2022#1 In enemiestolovers on 30/03/2024©etherealtekoo

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𝐁𝐨𝐝𝐲𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐉𝐞𝐨𝐧 - 𝐉𝐤

Enemies to lovers-----"So if I can't call you Ms. Y/N, what can I call you?", Jungkook randomly asked. "Just Y/N", you shrugged your shoulders. "Hmm, I think I'll choose better words like a brat or princess", he smirked. And he's back, a total jerk who was supposed to follow you around for God knows how long! -----Start: May 1st 2020End: January 30th 2021--Highest ranking:#1 in Jungkook!!!#18 in BTS!!!#8 in fanfiction!!!#7 in series!!!#11 in jeonjungkook!!!#38 in Kpop!!!#26 in Jungkook!!!#154 in fiction!!!#29 in enemiestolovers!!!-Recommend reading this in dark mode! 😙

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Unknown Affection  || Jk Ff [COMPLETED]

"You like him right?!? " The guy questioned. "Does it matter to you??!? " You questioned back but the answer was unexpected. Blankly he replied: "Yes, it does! "................ ....... ........... ......... ........ ....... ..... *drum rolls*Presenting a story of love :Unknown AffectionJk ffHigh school AU#1 in jkbts#2 in jkff

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Falling for my enemy

Jungkook fan fiction: Enemy's to lovers story, but with a twist. Why can't things seem to make sense for y/n? Everything is just weird.. He is weird. Weirdly enough to attract y/n, to him."You hate me so much, don't you?" "I do." He pauses. "But the view is just too nice."Rankings: 1# kpopfanfic 1# jeonjungkook1# Weirdromance 1 # ynstories2 # plot 9# bts

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Enemies to Lovers  [ Kth ff ]

Enemies : yn and Tae but Tae changed and yn missed him now.By the way why he changed suddenly ? that's the question roamed around yn's mind.let's see what happen ......

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 𝗠𝘆 𝗝𝗲𝗿𝗸 𝗘𝗻𝗲𝗺𝘆 (𝑻𝒉𝒗 𝒇𝒇)

(Currently under editing so the story line might seem messed up) ⚠️Y/n: I hate youTaehyung: i hate you more then you could imagine!!Taehyung and y/n are childhood enemies, wherever they go, they fight, what happens when their life takes weirdly unexpected U turn, where both of them are arranged to get married without any idea, did their relationship will last long?

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As two childhood enemies find themselves bound together in a marriage that could either break their families ties or perpetuate it for generations to come.It explores the transformative journey of two individuals who, against all odds, find solace and strength in each other's arms.Trope: Enemies to lovers.Genre: Romance

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Arranged Marriage KTH FF.

What happens when a cold ceo gets married to a kind, but sometimes savage girl? Will they be friends? lovers? enemies? Can she melt this cold heart and turn him into the child he is on the inside?Only fate knows....Started- 25th June, 2022Ended- 21st April, 2023Author: Mehersingh13

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| Married Hearts | JJK✔️

Jeon Jungkook, who was then a senior to Y/n in college, now gets married to her under certain circumstances but he loathes her sight. Well, that's what he believes!Join in to witness the journey of their married story where love finds him by surprise and her by destiny.

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Enemies Sister

Y/n has six overprotective, loving, caring brothers. They would do anything to keep her safe. Specially from BTS. Though they hate Kim Taehyung the most. V aka Kim Taehyung the most feared mafia. Kim Taehyung the cold hearted soul whom you Won't dare to mess up even in your wildest dream. The fate will play a dark game when Kim Taehyung and y/n will cross path.

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"It's not easy to make me fall in love!" ----Kim Y/n❝For Kim Taehyung everything is easy!❞ ----Kim Taehyung[ A small KTH Series ]❗Note: the series used to be in my YouTube account 'Taevyafanfictions' ❗DO NOT COPY ❌

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Enemies or Lovers? || K.TH

"I didn't want to fall for her.. and she didn't want too.. We wanted to stay enemies..but then, we became lovers..""I guess I know my real feelings towards him now.."'Do I really like him?''Yes, I do'"Taehyung said that he liked you today, I got jelouse because you're only mine..""I like yo--No..I love you Y/N..""I love you too, Tae.."

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Truth Or Dare | P.JM FF ✓

Jimin made a dare with his friend to woo Y/N, Jimin's ex-best friend and enemy, a girl who is far away from relationships.Will Jimin be able to fulfil his dare? Will Y/N be able to change her view towards love?"And without me even noticing, I fell in love with my enemy..."Status: Completed~Hi guys! Minha here! And I'm back with another ff!! Hope you guys like it!! So look forward to this one!!

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[enemies or lovers ??] bts ff JIMIN FF ( jimin X reader )

helloo guys this is the first ff here i write it long time ago but now i have the courage to upload it and hàpe you guys like what i imagine in my shitty brain hahahsoo about the story i will just tell you that it talks about two bestfriends who became ennemis ..... that 's it i will leave it a surprise for youudon't forget to comment and help me or giving me ideas pls show some support to me hehe i will let you read ok heheh i love youuuu

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Marriage of Royal Inconvenience [Jimin x Reader]

"Hold me for real... Just once."Prince Jimin needs to keep his younger brother away from the throne. There's only one way to do that: marry you. But marrying the famous Playboy Prince is more difficult than you imagined, and when his cousin - Prince Jungkook - tries to steal you away, the opportunity seems overwhelmingly tempting...Do you follow your heart? And if so, which way is it actually leading you...?Random Ratings ~#1 - Jimin x Reader (June 2019)#41 - Jungkook (July 2018)#8 in Fanfiction - Dec 2019

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My Sweetest Revenge [COMPLETED]

"STRANGER turns to ENEMIES,ENEMIES turns to FRIENDS,And FRIENDS turns to LOVERS!?"It all started by an accident.An unexpected and unpleasant thing happens that made your life change.

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My Beloved Rival [Kim Taehyung FF]

A challenge which completely changed the lives of two highschoolers

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why you? | jjk soulmate au

"Why does it have to be you?""I didn't want this either"In a world where soulmates exist, what happens when two high school enemies end up having to be lovers?jeon jungkook fanfiction

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the devil skates on thin ice ∙ myg ✓

➵ winter sports / enemies to lovers au ∙ min yoongi ;the ice is what tore them apart five years ago, but can it bring them back together again?

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Enemies To Lovers💖(BTS RM Imagine FF)

This is a story on Namjoon X Reader FF. So, it's about the story from being enemies to lovers .✨I'm a newbie in writing , so I'm not a good writer. So please do read my books.This is just a fan fiction don't take it seriously... the names, places must be true but it's just fictional. Pics and music are not mine, credits to the rightful owner! I only own the storyline ,so please don't try to repost it without my permission!⚠️ (No, 18+ content safe to read for all age)ENJOY!Borahae ARMYS 💜💜

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We can't be enemies forever...//Jungkook FF  [Completed]✓

"I hate you...""how could you do this to me?""Is there still a space in your arms for me?"A girl named y/n enters a good university in Korea just, to her horror, to meet her long lost best friend and enemy, Jeon Jungkook. Read on to see how the meaning of friendship has the hidden meaning of love.........

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Memories (Taehyung FF)

It was all started in My Memories Then turn into enemies And turn into Lovers To Exes And Lastly It turn into Married couple with two Children Family is more than Important Than killing innocent lives

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Hate That I Love You || J.JK

"Yah, wake up!" (I hear someone yell in my ear as I act on my reflexes and smack the person, jolting awake) "Ouch!" --Kim Aera met a guy in an app called Meowtalk, @jeonbunny was his username, and @basicteen was hersShe got into it pretty heavily, but also developed feelings for him, not even knowing his real name, or how he looks like9 normal students, end up in summer school for what they did in school, Aera, also ending up in it as well, because of the one and only, Jeon JungkookBoth of them are high school enemie- no no, arch nemeseses, although everyone rooted for them both to date, they hated each other's mere existenceBut what if, Aera's internet mutual friend (crush) and her arch nemesis, are the same person?A fanfiction filled with love, jealousy, confusion, laughs, secret admirers and misunderstanding-- High school~ A J.JK ff

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CUPID's LOVE STORY | taejin ✓

『 MODERN GREEK GODS AU 』❝ And what do you know about love? ❞Son of Aphrodite, Jin, strikes innocent people with his arrows of love. Son of Apollo, Taehyung, strikes guilty populations with his arrows of death (someone has to spread the plagues). Both are mortal, er, immortal enemies, always managing to pick fights or start petty arguments with each other.So when Jin accidentally pricks his finger on one of his arrows and the first person he sees is none other than Taehyung, he denies all possibilities of hidden feelings. Because a Cupid can't fall in love with his rival, right?< MINI-SEQUEL OUT NOW > 『 STARTED: 1.20.19 ENDED: 6.6.20 』© dreamyyglow | 2019

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Enemies To Lovers | BTS And JJK

This is a story about a girl who's age is 20 and her brothers name is kim Taehyung the heartthrob of the University but the thing is that her brother's best friend is her enemy............what will happen next stay tune ........

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