Yandere! Rin Tohsaka x Male Mage! Reader

Created on: Sept 4 2019

Finished on: Sept 7 2019

(Your clothes look like this:

I asked permission by an author named DarkenedChris to remake this story, So he said that he will link me the story to the original. I hope you will enjoy this one

Credit by DarkenedChris (The original Story)

- In the Evening from what happened -

You are pushing the closet to block the door from the entrance and trying to escape from your former friend Rin Tohsaka. She stalked you for like a few days and somehow follows you home, You went to the window and open it and you got out to the window and went to the Emergency Stairs (Or exit whatever you call it).

"Damn, I knew I should've stay away from her! But I need to find a way to get away from her" You said to yourself as you started to go down to the stairs and jump down to the basement while its open then you close it as you fell in and you discovered a magic circle as your eyes widen as you saw it.

You started to think about why your friend, Shirou Emiya was killed by something no one knows anything about it, you remembered when you visited his house to find some evidence about what happened to him. You walk to the circle and started to summon a servant, which your mother taught you about the magic circle to summon any servant and it was complete and you have summoned a Saber Class for the next Holy Grail War.

- Meanwhile from the Outside -

Rin and her servant Archer were walking around, trying to find you at night while you are still hiding from them with your Servant. The black-haired girl started to get furious that she was so careless as to give you the chance you had just taken to summon Saber.

Rin: Augh! Damn it! I tried to stop that summon to protect him and now He's the one that summoned Saber!"

Archer: Well, it's your fault that you were careless, Rin...


The both of them senses your location while they are walking around, Rin started to smile creepily as she knows where did you hide and she started to find your place and said.

Rin: Looks like it's my lucky day

- Back to you -

You are sitting on the bed, unware that Rin and Archer is coming to your home as Saber senses them, Your sevant looked at you on the bed and went over you.

Saber: Master, I feel something dangerous...

"Huh? Why?" You got up to the bed and stretched.

Saber: Someone is coming to us...

"Oh no...Saber, Let's go" You got off the bed and went downstairs with your servant and started to run outside.

"Where are they?!"

Saber: I can feel them getting closer to us, we need to find a place to be safe!

- You noticed that there is a red top and a black hair fluttering around the corner, you stopped running before it disappeared, Saber held you back and warned you against it and followed her advice.

"Hmm...Is something wrong, Saber? Or is this how normally you are?"

Saber: There's nothing wrong with me, Master, I'm fi-

Before she can finish her sentence, she uses her sword to slice the arrow out to the air and glared to the direction of where did the arrow came from.

"Saber, what was that?"

Saber: Get behind me, Master! I'll have to deal with Archer!

You nodded as you get behind her, but you heard a familiar and a agravatted voice to the front and you saw Rin and Archer.

Rin: That was supposed to kill Saber in one hit, Archer! Can't you be less useless?

Archer sighed and his Bow changes Into two blades and gets ready to attack again and his blade points at you.

Archer: Kill the Master of Saber, Right Rin? He looks very weak...

Rin: If you really have to kill him, Archer. Try to kill Saber only, I only want (Y/N) to live.

You started to growl at her and getting ready to fight her as you rolled up your sleeve and it shows your glowing crest on your arm. Rin started to fire a Red shot at you and you dodged it quickly and then she fired an another one at you and dodged it again.

Rin: Hey! Can you make this easy for yourself? And stay still so I can hurt you!

"Like hell I would not stay still!"

In response, You fired an explosive one, straight to the ground and it exploded, then you ran away from her, leaving Saber to Deal with Archer by her own to protect you. Rin started to chase you, while you didn't noticed that she is more faster than you and athletic too, then she started to fire the black ones at you while you are running away from her. You tried to fire the blue ones at her to freeze her, but she dodged it very quickly as you started to feel exhausted from running away from Rin.

Luckily, You found an abandoned building and managed to avoid her as you go behind the building and hide from her, But you felt a pain on your hand and not before she got a lucky shot. It was already enough to leave a bruise and a cut as well.

"Dammit...it hurts...it f*cking hurts...She could've killed me, but she didn't killed me instead...I'll have find out why after I escape from her, but...Ngh!" You feel a sharp pain runs through your mind and you already knew that Archer managed to kill Saber quickly, due to your lack of energy and then you sighed.

"Damn...Archer did really killed her so quickly" You set your mind to your current task, you listen for any sounds, but there are no sounds can be heard and you smiled and then you came out from the behind of the building that you were hiding, but you were tackled and pinned by the one you had hoped not to be found by Rin.

"I...I guess I'm about to die, Huh? Well, Go ahead and kill me...Rin" You closed your eyes shut as Rin tilted her head as her Magical Circuit glows and it was ready to fire at your face and you waited for your fate. Her magical circuit Stops glowing and she leans closer to your ear and whispers something.

Rin: I'm not gonna kill you, (Y/N). I'm just protecting you from the other mages...you won't talk to anybody except for me...so now...

You looked at her eyes that looked almost demonic as she started to grin at you.

Rin: Y O U B E L O N G T O M E N O W

Epilogue (A Few Days later):

Rin and Archer moved to your house to stay, She was always watching you sleep at night, stalking you when you go outside, kills every girls that you've talked. Rin also keeps an eye on you to make sure that you will never escape from her.

You woke up as you felt a weight on your chest, you opened your eyes as you see Rin sleeping on top on you with her Pajamas, snoring cutely and you sighed.

"I have one crazy girl..."

((A/N: Well that took me for like 4 days and many hours to remake this story, Anyway you should check the original story by DarkenedChris. I hope you like the remake)