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(Discontinued) Yandere! Fate: Grand Order x Male Reader

Well, just like I told you on the Yandere! Abigail Williams x Male Reader (Remake) book about the Update that I was going to make a Yandere! Fate Grand Order book and now it's here. So get your requests ready, so I can write some of your Servants as a Yandere. Enjoy the book9/15/23: This book is now discontinued

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Hyperdimension Neptunia X Male AU Sanses! Reader (Discontinued)

This Is The First Time I Made My Own Male Reader Insert Of Hyperdimension Neptunia And For The Reader As The Alternate Universes Of Any Sanses So I Hope You Like By First Male Reader Insert!Edit 12/23/18: This book is about the reader will be any AU Sanses in this Hyperdimension Neptunia one-shot book. So feel free to request (Also, Advance Merry Christmas)Edit 4/16/20: This book is now discontinued, I'm losing interest of Neptunia stuff.

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Yandere! Abigail Williams x Male Reader (Remake) + Update

(So, I asked permission of my friend Named YourPalManny or Manny, if you want to call him. I told him that I want to remake the book to make it better, because in the book where he said if it wasn't really much of a Yandere vibe and stuff. So I decided to remake the story and probably show him, I hope you enjoy it!)Update:(So, I will be making a Yandere Fate Grand Order book on Wattpad, I hope your requests are ready, because I will be planning to make the book so I can make your requests.) + (And it's December now, the Padoru Army is now here, so get your hats ready and sing the song)Abigail Williams belongs to Fate Grand OrderFate Grand Order belongs to TYPE-MOON

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Fate Stuff and some Crossover Shorts

Well, since I'm almost out of ideas. I just made this one because I just feel really bored now, This also contains some Crossover Stories too- Fate Stay Night and Apocrypha- Team Fortress 2- Street Fighter- Etc

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Yandere! Rin Tohsaka x Male Mage! Reader (Remake)

So I asked permission to the author named DarkenedChris to remake the story and I will credit him for remaking the story. I hope you enjoy the remake.The remake is made by MeCredited by DarkenedChris

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Rainy Days (A Rainy Crossover Story)

This is a Crossover Story where everybody in their weather is raining. So this might be the longest story that I will make...and It's almost 2019 too. So enjoy the story!Tags: youtubers, hyperdimensionneptnia, undertale, blazblue, tekken, left4dead, rain, crossover, story, relax, street fighter, melty blood, fatestaynight, youtube, cafe, deltarune, jjba, tsukihime

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Video Game Characters As Youtubers

I Could Feel The Others And Even Bobberts Can Like This So ThisAbout This Book:Why There Is Going To Be A Two Crossover Stories In One Book In This One? Because Some Of The Video Game Characters Will Be As Youtubers (Well It's My Idea So Yeah...) I Hope You Like This

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Love For Yanderes (Yandere! Blanc x Male Author! Reader)

I asked for permission from the author named "BlueCruelty123" or BC123 for short to remake the story where there are so many bad grammar from the story (According to the story that I read), so I will try my best to remake it. So enjoy the story!

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