Wrong Pond, Empress

Wrong Pond, Empress

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[If you like Death is the Only Ending For A Villainess-]-this story contains similar characters with a little twist]

I, Aurora Lepiliondel was the second eldest daughter of marquess Elex Lepiliondel. I spent all my life seeking my family's love or a spec of acknowledgment. Until my twenty-three-year birthday. A foolish day in which I believed my little sister Adelina, the adored saintess. She had now poisoned me as red blood poured through my mount as she confessed to being the fake saintess with the help of the fake empress. It was I all along. As I lay on the garden grass my blurry vision caught a glimpse of my father and eldest brother Arian running to Adelina who had poisoned herself for the play. Except for one man...

"Lady Aurora don't close your eyes" - Dorion (Age 25)

"Stay with me"- Dorion (Age 25)

Dorion was the illegitimate first prince, that was given the title of Duke by the emperor. He was a man who I had rejected to marry all to stay close to my family.

'Why is he looking at me with such a hurtful and angry face?'- Aurora (Age 23) (Inner thoughts)

This man was begging me to open my eyes when suddenly all the pain was gone. I opened my eyes and found myself three years into the past. This time I will cut off my family and seek revenge. I will marry the only man that ran towards me, I will give him love. Now that I know I'm the real saintess I will take away my sister's title. But what happens when I'm not the only one who returned?

"You choose me in this life so you can't run away now" -Dorion (Age 23)

"You are mine, even if I'm a cursed monster, you will stay by my side Aurora"- Dorion(Age 23)

With Dorion by my side, we shall unmask the fake empress and the fake saintess. We will step on those who dared to cross us.




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