Until The End

Until The End

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Category: Romance
Nadia Hayden has never been one to open her heart to people. Abandoned as a child and forced to spend a major part of her childhood in foster care, Nadia was always wary of letting people into her life. However, when her best friend's cousin turned out to be the one person whom she had always admired and the owner of the one corporation, she always wished to work for, Nadia let her guard down for once. And regretted it instantly.

Dylan VanAssche, a ruthless businessman who runs the biggest security company in the country, has power and resources. A man who is respected and feared even beyond the business world. Reading people effortlessly as a part of his job, he was never wrong about them, not until he met his cousin's best friend.

They started on the wrong foot but what will happen when they meet again, two years later? What happens when the past comes tumbling to haunt their future?

Vacant roads.
Empty cars.
Missing people.
A quest for truth.
And lives at stake.

Will it all drive them apart? Or will they stay together until the very end?

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