Trapped (X F Reader)

Trapped (X F Reader)

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Category: Paranormal
Not all rumors are true..
Sometimes bad things happen to good people

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Breaking Boundaries (5th in Breaking Series)

**Be aware that this is a manXman story so if that bothers you then please don't read! 5th in Breaking Series. There are certain things that make a man a man in late 1870's Texas. Being able to rope, ride and handle cattle to name a few. Shooting from the hip, playing poker and throwing back whiskey never hurt either. Nick could do all those things but none of that would matter if anyone knew the truth about him-if anyone knew his secret. So to protect that secret, Nick keeps to himself as he works on the ranch at Atkinson Spread. He likes his job and the bosses are decent but Nick is lonely. Covered in scars, both of the physical and emotional variety, he longs for one person he can truly be himself around. That one person he can love. Aiden is running. He's been running since his family realized what he was, called him an abomination and cursed him to death. Bakerstown Texas is where his legs and his will to run finally give out. Somehow he finds himself hired on to work at Atkinson spread though he knows nothing about cattle. He has already resigned himself to a life alone but that thought goes out the window when he lays his eyes on a ranch hand named Nick. Even then, Aiden knows he can't have Nick. Nick doesn't seem to suffer from the same condition that Aiden was born with and so there's not a lot Aiden can do about his attraction to the other man. Until a night at the saloon goes a bit too far......Can these two men be together or will their secret be found out and their disease dealt with the frontier way?
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The things that my mind thinks of at midnight when my mind can never sleep.The reality and the dreams, emotions and thoughts all wrapped togetherIn this collection of poetry I let you see what's inside of my mind and life.Enjoy reading these words.
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What if Levi Ackerman had a son that he doesn't know about in the Underground before Erwin made him join the scouts? How would it affect the story? Finished. Enjoy.
The Villainess Will Live a Good Life

Nana wasn't someone who could be called ambitious. In fact, her mom liked to constantly remind her that she was too lazy. It wasn't that Nana was lazy. Really, she wasn't. She was unmotivated. There was a difference. So what will happen when the unmotivated (lazy) Nana finds herself stuck in the body of a antagonist from a webnovel she read? Maybe she will actually feel inspired enough to make goals. Or maybe she will live achieving the bare minimum as usual. Either way, she wasn't going to take this too seriously. Well, aside from avoiding her bad end. The threat of death was quite motivating, even for Nana. Warning: This novel does not contain explicit content, but it does contain highly suggestive material and mature themes that may be inappropriate for readers under the age of 16. Few scenes of non-graphic violence (no gore) and light cursing are also present in this story. This is an original novel, not a fanfiction. All rights reserved.
7 doctor brothers |BTS FF|

This is surely going to be an long series it is about BTS who are 7 doctor brothers and their 13 years old sister Y/n who is intelligent and stubborn and youngest in the family. She is sacred of injection and hospitals. Each member is specialized in different field. Some of them are strict, while some are lenient but all of them gets worried and concerned when it comes to her health and she gets sick. This story focus on each and every character not just on Y/n. Also it involves her school life and classroom scenes too. So if you are interested in high school friendships and school drama you are most welcome, Thank you...Started on 15 November 2023Status: Ongoing...#5 in bts out of 383k 29-12-2023#2 in army 36.6k 13-1-2024#37 in Btssuga 38.5k 5-12-2023#1 in doctor ff on 14-12-2023
Wife, Please Stop Running Away!/Жена, пожалуйста прекрати убегать!

[Предупреждение: это BL (boys love). Если вы не хотите читать его, Пожалуйста, игнорируйте историю. 18 + имеет содержание для взрослых (NSFW). Пожалуйста, читайте на свой страх и риск.]Лин Миан Миан, 23 года, погиб в автокатастрофе. Он был переселен в мир, где есть три пола: мужской, женский и гер. Гер-мужчины, которые могут носить детей и рожать, как женщины. Чтобы отличать мужчин от геров, геры имеет эту красную метку, называемую киноварью, которая соответствует их плодовитости: чем темнее красный, тем выше способность зачать. Линь Миань Миань был перенесен в тело гэра со светлой киноварью. Его первый раз после переселения, Лин Миан Миан был атакован красивым извращенцем!- Давай сделаем это, детка. Пора делать детей, - незнакомец убрал пальцы, оставив широкий зазор к выходу.Lin Mian Mian:???!
Boyfriend Imagines

So... I have ideas and they don't fit in my stories. I thought well I can just do this! I hope you like and please give me feedback. I do take request! Thanks❣
Never-Ending Nightmare|Yandere!Smiling Critters x Male!Reader

Y/n L/n was just a normal orphaned child but doesn't have many friends in his life and his only friends are the Smiling Critters gang made by Playtime Co, a family friendly toy company that made amazing toys like Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs and the one and only Poppy Playtime herself.Y/n had a really hard time sleeping at night as a dedicated and talented scientist decided to let Y/n test out their latest new toy known as Catnap, a purple cat plushie that emits sleeping gas from his mouth that can put anyone to sleep, which actually worked really well as Y/n gets to keep the toy from the scientist as a gift and became best friends with Catnap as they both played together in Dreamland along with the rest of the Smiling Critters. Y/n could never been happier until the Catnap toys were recalled and Playtime Co. was shut down after some "incidents" that happened behind closed doors.But then, many years later after Y/n reached to adulthood, he was dared by his so-called friends that were completely drunk as hell to go into the factory and stay there for a whole night as Y/n soon found himself back at the Orphanage, completely run down and abandoned.He eventually found the Smiling Critters in the factory that are all filled with so much joy to see their old friend back and now they don't want him to leave as they are determined to turn him into a Smiling Critter like them so he can be with him....Forever.

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Completed on: Janurary 4, 2024Highest Rank:#1 in native as of 12/26/23 woooooooooooooo!!!!!! #1 in aztecmythology as of 11/10/2023#2 in aztecmythology asof 10/26/2023 #12 in native as of 10/26/2023Kalia Malinalli was always the least favorite child of her father. So she has done everything to get away from him, including having on the very risky job of being a Hunter. She loves her job- that is until she lands an apprenticeship under Ronan Stoneblood, an Elder Hunter who has a habit of making his apprentices quit or they end up dying. Now Kalia will have to adapt to him and learn from him to save her own skin- and maybe his own.

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what if the society we live would change into one based on anonymitywhat if the word "Beautiful " is used to describe every single personwhat if this world can be changed with one single personA #BeautyandtheBeast entryby Liese23

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The manufacturing company Kemry is the biggest manufacturer of Luster Dust in India. Luster dust is a famous enhancing Glittering Pearl utilized in desserts and confectionery shops to add a shimmery or metallic completion to different sweet treats. It is a non-harmful, colouring powder that arrives in various colours, including metallic shades like gold, silver, bronze, and pearl. To visit our website:- Here are a few normal purposes of radiance dust in confectionery: Cake Embellishing: Kemry's Luster dust can be brushed or enhanced with Designs onto cakes to give them a sparkly, metallic appearance. It's generally expected to feature explicit subtleties, like fondant designs, blossoms, or many-sided designs.Chocolate Enhancements: Our Luster dust can be utilized to add a metallic sheen to chocolate embellishments, like multiple chocolates, truffles, or chocolate-covered natural products. It sticks well to the smooth surface of chocolate. Treats and Cupcakes: Kemry's Luster dust can be sprayed or painted onto treats and cupcakes to make a glittery impact. It's frequently utilized for unique events like weddings, birthday celebrations, or merry festivals. Sugar Blossoms: While making sugar blossoms for cake improvements, Kemry's Luster dust can be applied to the petals and passes on to make them look more sensible and outwardly engaging. It's critical to take note that Kemry's Luster dust is viewed as a decorative purpose, yet it's generally expected to be utilized in little amounts for embellishing purposes. To Buy our Luster Dust check this link :- We are also available on E-Commerce platform like:- AMAZON & Flipkart To Contact us :- +91 99902 99766 Email us on :- [email protected]

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In your homeland Germany you were known as one, if not the best all rounder in volleyball. You were even good enough to play in the Germans U18.But to your dismay your mother wanted to move to her homeland, which was Japan. Don't get it mixed up, you liked Japan and were happy to see your family again but therefore you had to leave your friends and teammates behind.Of course you all plan to stay in contact but who knows if that works out.So now you move to Japan with your mother, let's see what awaits you there...A/n: Hi, so this is my first story hope you enjoy.Disclaimer: -English is not my native language so I'm sorry for spelling mistakes-Haikyuu and it's character do NOT belong to me-This is a 'x male reader' story if you don't like it please don't read-Probably boy x boy (not sure yet)

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This is a serious book.Just refer to the title.✩✩✩✩This takes place where you also decide to get a snack at a late hour and meet the cashier. Together, you both get to know each other better and discover unknown feelings.✩✩✩✩Cover by @Aazoren on twitter

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𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐲, 𝐀𝐩𝐨𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐲𝐩𝐬𝐞 𝐛𝐮𝐭 𝐢𝐭 𝐰𝐞𝐢𝐫𝐝 (discontinue and rewrite)

"welp how am I gonna take a shit anyways"y/n just having a usual normal day when suddenly the news of toilet apocalypse coming. would they survive? would they fine other survivor or join weird electronics with body to fight em? just read the story. (p.s: if I ran out of idea u can comment to suggest something. plus q and a)

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(COMPLETED)Wattpad NA Featured NovelAfter ordering a Robotic Boyfriend from an anonymous website on the dark web, Ivy Fisher goes to many length to free him from the strange company.****With the help of Roman Huxley, a computer genius, Ivy Fisher is out to find out the reason why her Robotic Boyfriend had little to no identity of a Robot, but a human. Together, they come across a shocking discovery that earth might have another dimension within. But Despite the warnings from Ethan Murray, her Robotic Boyfriend, she is determined to find his dimension and free him from their clutches, but on a mission to save all the subjects forced into the dimension, Ivy Fisher finds herself in big trouble, as an unfortunate incident causes her life to change for the worse._YA-SCI-FI

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