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Tiger's Mate

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Category: Werewolf
When a young werewolf finds himself unable to explain why he feels so much hate for the new mysterious classmate, curiosity and claws get the better of him and soon secrets that neither of them thought to have seen coming are revealed - along with a flood of questions, unexplainable feelings, and dangerous truths.

* * *

Cold hearted werewolf Ethan Drayre was unrivalled with his cold intimidating personality and reputation for being one of the most dangerous guys in school. He never backed down from a challenge and never lost a fight. Almost everyone in the school knew not to mess with him.


Because when new student - and rising talk of the school - Katski Black shows up one day, seemingly out of nowhere, there's an undeniably challenging aura about him that Ethan can't ignore. And quickly enough, a mutual feud is formed between the two of them that quickly brings problems on both sides.

But why does Ethan have a feeling there's more to Katski than he lets on?

And what happens when discovering Katski's secret ends up dragging Ethan into more trouble than either or them ever bargained for?

It seems tigers and wolves aren't the only thing on the hunt...

[Temp. Title > still trying to think of something more creative ;D]

* * *

Includes: Werewolf/action/romance/humour/adventure/fiction/lgbtq/and swearing < blame Ethan (mostly)

This is more so just a story to vent fluff + plot XD

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