The Soulmate Mark (Bruce Banner/The Hulk)

The Soulmate Mark (Bruce Banner/The Hulk)

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//"Sometimes I feel like Radha, not because I had a relationship signified with an eternal soul but because of the curses of not being able to be with my Lord Krishna"//©zeelparmarI hope someday when I am gone.someone, somewhere, picks my soul up off of this pages and thinks,"I would have loved her"My every unspoken word!! ©all rights reservedby Zeel Parmar
Reincarnated as Sans twin brother

The reader wakes up to a new life as a monster skeleton. In a new world, that's filled with monsters, humans, and magic. But instead of living their new life to the fullest, they will have to survive Gaster's experiments and war with humans. Just because Asgore became mad for absolute control over his citizens and the humans. Will the reader and his brothers find their freedom and a place to call home or die trying?

I never wanted her.I never liked her.I never loved her.I despised...loathed...hated her.But it only takes one night and my feelings for her changes forever .I thought, I will have my forever now...But...I'm too late...........Book cover credits to: Wonderer Forestdamn
Fri(end)  ( I Can Fly Tomorrow) Uni+Zg

Alpha နဲ့ Omega တွေ ပေါများနေတော့ ဇာတ်အိမ် အေးအေးလေးကို စီမျှောကြမလားဟင် မာဖီယားလည် မပါသလို ဘေးလူတွေလည်မပါတဲ့ ခပ်အေးအေးနေတတ်တဲ့ စာအုပ်ကြီးသမား🐰နဲ့ fashion ပေါင်းစုံ accessories အစုံနဲ့သွက်လက်လွန်သော happy virus 🐥 Are you ok😁😁??????S 2 မှာတော့ Family ပုံရိပ်လေးတွေကို ခံစားရမှာပါနော်

-COMPLETED-13 years ago the Romano manor was filled with the young mafia princess's giggles as her 'brothers' chased her around the house. Little did they know their piccola farfalla would be sent away to live with her mother for protection, but that went south the moment when Katrina, her mother, became a drug addict and took her anger out on poor Isabella, who only tried time and time again to prove that she's not a disappointment to her mother. When Bella's mother dies in a car crash she gets sent to live with her 'brothers'. Are they who they seem to be? Are they even her brothers? Come along as the truth is revealed alongside things that may change her life forever... _______________________________ Started - 1/6/2021Finished - 14/7/2021Best Ranks - Mafia Boss | #1 | 31/7/2021Mafia Brothers | #1 | 1/8/2021Only Girl | #1 | 2/8/2021Italian | #1 | 3/8/2021New Story | #1 | 28/8/2021Isabella | #1 | 14/10/2022Italian Mafia | #2 | 11/8/2021First Story | #2 | 15/10/2021Sisterandbrother | #3 | 12/8/2021Plottwist | #3 | 5/1/2022Romance | #93 | 5/12/2021Teen Fiction | #73 | 10/2/2022All rights reserved © -gabbyy-™

**Third book of the Gift Chronicles. Direct sequel to the Alpha and the Vigilante. Takes place during the same time as ONYX**••• When the Moon Goddess created the first werewolves, she split one soul between the two of them, thus creating a perfect soulmate for every werewolf thereafter, known as their mate. Upon the birth of a werewolf, she assigns them with a supernatural ability, known as their Gift•••Three months after the scarring events in "The Alpha and the Vigilante", Ares and Cain struggle to return to normalcy. Ares' trauma is fresh, as is Cain's thirst for vengeance. While they deal with the threat of impending war and old enemies, they also grapple with being the challenges that come with being mates.
Enhypen Imagines

- Enhypen × Reader!a collection of enhypen's imagines
Hold Me Back | Queen of Tears | Soowon Fanfic (Completed)

In which Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Ji Won actually a couple in real life... or not?

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A 14 year old girl finally gets adopted, at the same time as her best friend, which is great. She gets adopted by one of her friend's parents, Darrien. Ever since the adoption, she has been a complete homebody. She meets Darrien's friends, and feels something that she never has.

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[Continued] Now Different Lives I Lead

This is a continuation of the time travel fanfiction "Now Different Lives I Lead" by @ReynDay The original description of the fanfiction as follows:---He had long accepted his fate.He knows that he's living on borrowed time.Regrets.Thank yous.Apologizes.Too many to say, too little time.Then the darkness claimed him, wrapping him in a cold embrace.He had long accepted his fate.He knows that he's living on borrowed time.Regrets.Thank yous.Apologizes.Too many to say, too little time.Then the darkness claimed him, wrapping him in a cold embrace.His eyes snapped open. ~~~Before you read this fic, there are a lot of TWs in this fic. From depressive thoughts, self-blaming, foul language, and gore, to suicide attempts. Please proceed with caution.This is time travel fanfiction. Inspired by a lot of other fics and it drives me to write one. If there is any misspelling or I miss a detail, please let me know.Characters in this fiction are owned by Moxiang TongxiuComments and votes are very appreciatedMature for swearing, TW (Trigger Warning), and some explicit jokes (no smut. My skill is not sufficient yet to write smut).Title from: Chlorine by Twenty One Pilot

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Project Xx-Max-The Beginning.

The second book in the Project Xx series. Max dreams of a career in fitness and bodybuilding. She worked hard, trained hard, and competed hard, building a championship physique. But after a tragic event, everything changed.Becoming a cop to make a difference, that's what she told everyone but she wanted revenge.Her no-nonsense approach caught the eye of the C.S.A., a covert organisation. The director had his own agenda.The C.S.A. offered Max an opportunity which would change her life. She wouldn't be able to turn it down. But they didn't tell her that she would be the strongest human alive.Double-crossed by her boss, she made her feelings known, and she got fired. They kept an eye on her but at a distance. She was dangerous.Now they need her back... The trouble is you don't often get second chances with Max!

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Tales of Cray: Blaster Blade

Join Blaster Blade as he begins his breathtaking adventures on the planet Cray! In order to survive the harsh, dangerous planet, Blaster Blade must find the secret behind the Royal Paladin's most sacred treasure-the Blaster Blade itself. As him and his friends journey on, they will meet new and various clans, with different attitudes-hostile, peaceful, territorial. In between all these, will he be able to uncover the desired knowledge about his weapon? And after the first, will his actions prevent a second world war from happening?

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Halloween Series Discussion

In this new Book I'm going to discuss every film in the Halloween Series. I love horror movies and wanted to start to talk about them more here on Wattpad.

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Loser - Michael Mell x Reader

Player 1: ReadyPlayer 2: ...

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The importance of real time | phone number list | mobile number list

#cellphonenumberdatabaseThis new context in which companies and brands must move has also had an impact on the management of information and services. Now, companies have to be able to follow in real time what their consumers are doing and what they want, in order to keep pace and meet their expectations. The customer experience cannot [...]

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The Beauty Of You // Lams Soulmate AU

Alexander Hamilton. The boy who was born in Nevis by his mother and father. The boy who watched his mother die. The boy who survived a hurricane.The boy who was moved to New York to start a new life. The boy who is abused by his father. The boy who is bullied.The boy who would rather just forget that he has a soulmate. Because no one should get stuck with someone like him.

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Flayn and Mercedes: The Revival of Evil (Flayn and Mercedes #7)

Just when they thought everything was good, another conflict arrives! after being doxxed, will Mercedes face up to her actions...I don't own any of these characters and they belong to their respective ownersRankings178 in goddess58 in fire emblem84 in urban fantasy29 in inhuman28 in madoka magica16 in 7ds189 in danny phantom536 in dragon

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