The Obsidian Marks ✔️

The Obsidian Marks ✔️

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Category: Fantasy
Hated by her lineage, Iliya Dalaminai dwells in self isolation, awaiting the day her cousin marries so she might escape the Throne.

Feared by the Gods, Sorein Chakrine's crown is mainly a relic put on display at royal ceremonies to ward off evil.

When Souls escape the Aphyre and wreak havoc in the streets of Chiori Faire, the Solstice Festival becomes a haunted front line for the undead. With the Royal Guard struggling to gain control, Iliya and Sorein find themselves thrust in the middle of an ancient investigation.

Constantly at each other's throats and lost in the conspiracies beginning to corner them, the race to seal the Afterworld and return the Souls to rest quickly morphs into something much darker.

A trial to prove their innocence.

As more and more evidence surfaces against Sorein, the irreverent Fae Prince might just wish he had never stepped foot on Chiori's shore.

Leaving Iliya to pick up the pieces of her crumbling country the only way she knows how.

Stowing away.

| Cover By Starrdust |
| Hades and Persephone meets Cloak and Dagger |
| 2023 Wattys Shortlist! |
| 6× Featured |

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