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Category: Teen Fiction
After a car accident leaves Riley Perez in a coma, she wakes up in the hospital a year later. With the absence of the memories of her loved ones, she continues to live her life, but nothing is ever the same again, especially with a gaping void in her heart.

To start her life afresh, she enrols into a new school. What happens when her locker ends up right next to a cold-hearted guy's, one who claims that he is her ex-boyfriend? What happens when she finds out there's something more to her past than it lets on?

Completed: 30/9/2021
(Current word count: 70,000 - 80,000 )

Highest rankings:
#11 in Teen Fiction
#6 in ChickLit

Copyright © 2019-2023 by Kim_Knights

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[COMPLETE](Y/N)(Your name) (L/N)(Last name) is a special agent who travels through worlds to complete their missions. What is the mission? Help the original body survive a yandere. No problems there.[Yanderes From Different Worlds x System Agent Reader][They/Them pronouns for reader][ARC 1 is complete: "Dear cousin, if blood is thicker than water, then doesn't that mean that we are bound together by blood forever?~"][ARC 2 is complete: "It's not true. I spent two lives loving you, there's no way your not mine.~"][ARC 3 is complete: "Isn't it obvious? I want you.~"][ARC 4 is complete: "You saved me. You're my hero. You are MINE!!!~"][ARC 5 is complete: "Once again you reject me because of blood, but if I found you once, I can find you again.~"][Spelling and grammar may be incorrect][Love interests alternate through ARCs(male, female, male, etc.)][Story told mostly in third P.O.V][My art][Book 1 of the System: series(System: Survive The Yandere, System: Escape The Yandere).]Started: 2-4-2022Finished: 5-30-2022#1 in yanderexreader 2-10-2022#8 in survive 2-15-2022#8 in obsession 2-16-2022#1 in yanderes 2-16-2022#1 in survive 2-26-2022#1 in originalstory 4-1-2022

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Este es un trabajo practico para Comunicacion, sobre los Startups.Posee una introduccion, su historia, ubicacion, problema y solucion, funcion y funcionamiento.Te queremos Max :)

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