The Mafia's Hijabi ... (Obsession for a Muslimah) (Completed) ✔✔✔

The Mafia's Hijabi ... (Obsession for a Muslimah) (Completed) ✔✔✔

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Category: Romance
"Leave me"...I struggled hard ...but his grip was too tight around my waist..
"Never in a million you are mine"he said...

"I'm not your property....that you can claimed as yours...."..I replied with anger in my tone...
"Oh babe..... I know you're not my property.. but you're definitely mine..don't you dare to deny that. you know that what I'm capable of.... right Darling!!????
That was enough for me to understand.... that what is he talking about!!

This is the story of a Mafia who is obsessed with a Hijabi.. ..

Sorry for the grammatical errors!!

Not only Muslim... But also anyone can read my story....

Cause it's a story for everyone....

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- Last updated at 22:21 25-11-2023

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